rating: 8.3, reviews: 13
Country: Philippines
Panels: cPanel
Working: 35 years is a hosting company that offers outstanding customer assistance and a commendable uptime guarantee. They have a user-friendly interface and easy WordPress installation. However, their prices, especially for renewals, may be higher compared to other providers. Their basic plan may also not be suitable for larger websites with heavy traffic.

Some reviewers have mentioned the need for instant chat support for immediate assistance. However, they appreciate the flexibility in bandwid.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Starter PlancPanel--30 Gb$6.5
Professional PlancPanel--60 Gb$15
Deluxe PlancPanel--120 Gb$35

MiddleWeight VPS-2 Gb2 pcs200 Gb$175
CruiserWeight VPS-4 Gb2 pcs500 Gb$325
HeavyWeight VPS-8 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$650

MiddleWeight VPS-2 Gb2 pcs200 Gb$175
CruiserWeight VPS-4 Gb2 pcs500 Gb$325
HeavyWeight VPS-8 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$650

Reviews on dot.PH


Abz is a dependable hosting company that provides outstanding customer assistance around the clock. They have a commendable uptime, guaranteeing your website will always be accessible to your visitors. The interface is user-friendly and they offer.. Read more »
I believe the Dot hosting service is excellent, but it would be beneficial to have instant chat support for immediate assistance. It has been crucial in aiding the development of my personal project because it allows me to have the flexibility to use.. Read more »
I was quickly directed to a helpful Agent through an easy-to-use automated phone system. This Agent enthusiastically worked on fixing technical issues with the new website. Later, I was transferred to another Agent who was equally determined to find .. Read more »
DotPH is the authorized organization responsible for managing domain names in the Philippines and is also a well-known company that registers domain names. In my opinion, my encounter with DotPH has been mostly satisfactory. They have expertise in pr.. Read more »
I have been using dot.PH Hosting since May 2021 and, overall, I am very pleased with their support and quick responses. I would give them a 5-star rating in this regard. However, I do think they need to work on improving their shared hosting service .. Read more »
For over 11 years, I have worked as a Senior WordPress Developer and recently discovered a Hosting service that offers excellent compatibility with WordPress. Additionally, it provides a user-friendly experience for customers by offering numerous pre.. Read more »
I found dot.PH to be a challenging endeavor as I faced difficulties understanding the complexities of website development. The platform's lack of user-friendliness caused significant stress for me. Furthermore, I encountered problems navigating .. Read more »
I have a few clients who are currently using service for their local domain name and hosting. In my experience, their hosting server is both fast and reliable. Additionally, it is a great option for obtaining a local .ph domain name at a low c.. Read more »
Alex's ticketing system is easy to use and understand. While I did experience improved speed after using the speed-up service, there were issues with the plugin setup causing problems with page loading. I had to fix this problem myself. Howeve.. Read more »
The service provided was excellent and dependable, and the customer support was also very helpful. The price is reasonable for what you get. The website interface is truly impressive, it is the best interface I have seen. Up to this point, the site h.. Read more »
I had a very negative encounter with this hosting service. To begin with, their performance is extremely slow, even after optimizing my site. This results in an unacceptable loading speed. Additionally, I consistently face difficulties in reaching th.. Read more »
If you are a resident of the Philippines and in need of a hosting service, I highly suggest dotPH. Additionally, obtaining a .ph domain name is a hassle-free process through their platform. Their customer service team is knowledgeable and provides ex.. Read more »
For businesspeople based in the Philippines, dotPH is a highly recommended option due to its convenient access to .ph top-level domain as a local host. Additionally, the server speed is notably faster compared to other providers. However, it is impor.. Read more »