rating: 8.5, reviews: 4
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Ukraine, USA, Germany, Canada, Netherlands
Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin
Working: 17 years
Testing: 7 days is a reliable hosting service that offers excellent support and a user-friendly experience. With the inclusion of CPANEL, it provides a convenient solution for website management. The pricing is fair and there are no specific issues encountered during the process of hosting. This hosting company is highly recommended for any project, as they offer extensive knowledge on website construction, theme selection, and site management. Their affordable price, flexible payment options,.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Host 25cPanel15 pcs-25 Gb$4.95
Host 50cPanel40 pcs-50 Gb$7.95
Host 100cPanel--100 Gb$10.95

Сapacious-3 Gb-150 Gb$18.4
Simple-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$21.85
Maximum-4 Gb-200 Gb$25.3

D01 i7-3770-16 Gb-6000 Gb$69
CS2 E3-1230-16 Gb-4000 Gb$79
NL5 E3-1230v-32 Gb-480 Gb$119

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Oleg Treskunov
A pleasant hosting service with friendly support. No significant issues were encountered during operation.
Oleg Treskunov
The hosting was pleasant and the support was friendly. There were no specific issues encountered during the process.
In comparison to modern hosting services, the usability is lacking.
Usability is lacking here when compared to modern hosting options.
Great hosting, the huge plus is CPANEL, reasonable prices, no issues in 3 years of working with the company.
The hosting service is excellent, and one of its biggest advantages is the inclusion of CPANEL. The pricing is fair, and throughout my three-year experience with the company, I haven't encountered any problems.
Technical and any other issues are resolved 24/7. Throughout the years of usage, there have been no problems whatsoever. The majority of technical specialists solve any arising issues instantly and provide helpful advice.
Gal Sergey
I couldn't access my website from my computer. Even after speaking with support and realizing that the issue was with my computer (after using OpenServer) and closing the ticket, I was preparing to scour the internet for a solution. However, sup.. Read more »
Olesya Vlasova
I have been using this hosting service for several years and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with it. It is really great!
Roman Markin
I have been using this service for many years now (I can't even remember how long exactly). Throughout this time, I have had no complaints. The technical support team has successfully resolved many issues. Once, my website was lost and remained .. Read more »
Pavel Evdokimov
I have been using it for over a year and I am very satisfied with this excellent hosting service. The technical support is available at any time of the day or night, and the team is knowledgeable and helpful. The prices are reasonable and I have no c.. Read more »
Maksim Balashov
Great hosting service, the quality far exceeds the price and the support is top-notch with such responsiveness that you rarely see. I definitely recommend it.
Vitaliy Zub
I have been working with for over 5 years. I manage several of my own commercial and social projects. Prior to this, I had a negative experience working with other companies. They have real 24/7 technical support (I even worked wi.. Read more »
Ihor Khodakivskyi
The best hosting I have ever used, the support team responds quickly and efficiently, there are very few unclear clarifications, and websites run smoothly. I am grateful to the hosting company for its excellent service.
Daniil Bogdanov
I have tried several different hosting providers and ultimately switched to based on a recommendation. The company has a good position in the ping-admin rating, they use SSD disks, the server works reliably and continuously, they h.. Read more »
Dana Dana
Since 2010, our website has been serviced by a company. We are very pleased with the promptness of the technical support team's work. Any questions are resolved within a day. If there are any disruptions in the operation, they ar.. Read more »
Andrey Zbarzhevskiy
We have been working with Domain-Hosting since 2012. They are a company with a "human face" :-) When you have a problem, they don't put you on hold, but solve it by providing high-level consultation. And even if everything is going smo.. Read more »
Excellent hosting! I've been working with them for 7 years and they stand out among many others with their fast performance, powerful resources, and competitive pricing. Their pricing policy is fair, without compromising the quality of web proje.. Read more »
Andrey Lakey
Great hosting, low price, top-notch quality! I've tried many other hosting providers, but this is the one I stuck with! My websites have been running smoothly on this hosting for several years now, without any glitches or issues. Thank you for t.. Read more »
Dmitro Pelehatiy
I highly suggest them for any project. They have provided me with extensive knowledge on website construction, theme selection, and site management. I opted for this hosting company due to its affordable price, flexible payment options, and the assur.. Read more »
Zhenya Ryabushkin
Thank you to this hosting service for providing excellent conditions and low prices. It is the best in terms of affordability, stability, and responsive customer support!
I have been using it for many years - reliable hosting, good specialists, 24/7 support and most importantly, it's fast! In general, working with Domain-Hosting is very pleasant and effective. I recommend it!
Thank you! Reliable hosting. Quick response from customer support!
Definitely recommend! I spent a long time figuring out website development, the topic of choosing a hosting provider, and finding people who can help build and maintain a website. I noticed this hosting provider because of the price and the variety .. Read more »