rating: 8.5, reviews: 8
Servers: Poland
Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin
Working: 23 years is a reputable domain registrar and hosting provider based in South Africa. They offer a range of hosting options including cPanel-based shared Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, and self-managed VPS hosting. One of the standout features of is their swift server, which provides a competitive advantage over rivals with slower servers. In addition to their speedy server, their customer service for domain-related matters is exceptional. The helpful team promptly addresses.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

DA STARTERDirectAdmin5 pcs5 pcs10 Gb$5.71
CP STARTERcPanel5 pcs5 pcs10 Gb$6.29
DA BUSINESSDirectAdmin10 pcs10 pcs20 Gb$8.6
DA BUSINESS PLUSDirectAdmin25 pcs25 pcs40 Gb$12.06
DA ENTERPRISEDirectAdmin50 pcs50 pcs60 Gb$15.52

EPYC VPS 1-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$8.6
EPYC VPS 2-2 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$16.67
EPYC VPS 3-4 Gb4 pcs125 Gb$32.82
EPYC VPS 7-24 Gb12 pcs1000 Gb$155.69
EPYC VPS 8-32 Gb16 pcs1300 Gb$213.38

EPYC VPS 12.6 GHz1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$8.6
EPYC VPS 22.6 GHz2 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$16.67
EPYC VPS 32.6 GHz4 Gb4 pcs125 Gb$32.82
EPYC VPS 72.6 GHz24 Gb12 pcs1000 Gb$155.69
EPYC VPS 82.6 GHz32 Gb16 pcs1300 Gb$213.38

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I find it advantageous to utilize a swift server as it grants me an edge over my rivals, who are perceived by Google to employ a sluggish server. Moreover, not only is the server speedy, but the assistance for domain-related matters is also exception.. Read more »
I have a strong preference for and its services, but I would prefer if my domains and hosting were on the same platform. Unfortunately, falls behind in the domain market due to two reasons. Firstly, their domain prices are.. Read more »
If you are a reseller in search of a budget-friendly hosting option that is simple to configure and provides numerous standard features like cPanel, is a suitable choice. However, it may not be suitable for extensive websites as it sole.. Read more »
I have tried as one of my initial hosting options. What I really like about it is the affordability combined with its impressive functionality. Finding a 10 G SSD for just R100 is quite uncommon elsewhere. However, the only downside is .. Read more »
The price options offered by are not appealing. They only offer monthly subscriptions without any discounts for long-term contracts, which is uncommon. Additionally, it is necessary to make payments consistently, as failure to do so can res.. Read more »
The service provided is not satisfactory, as it took a long time for the domain and hosting to become active. Additionally, the team's response time to resolve issues is prolonged, despite repeated attempts through tickets and phone calls. Howev.. Read more »
Marius, which is part of Diamatrix, is a renowned domain registrar in South Africa. They offer shared hosting on the cPanel platform starting from R89/m (approximately $4.80), providing 5Gb of SSD disk space at this price. They emphasize the u.. Read more »
Since 2014,, a subsidiary of DiaMatrix CC, has been hosting my South African websites. They offer various types of hosting, including cPanel-based shared Linux hosting, WordPress hosting, and self-managed VPS hosting with different oper.. Read more »