rating: 6.6, reviews: 7
Country: India
Servers: USA, Germany, France, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Singapore
Panels: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin
Working: 11 years is a hosting service that receives mixed reviews from its customers. While some users have had negative experiences, others have found the service to be reliable and efficient. The pricing offered by is higher than average, which may deter some potential customers. Additionally, the user interface of the platform is poorly designed, making it difficult for users to navigate and utilize the service effectively.

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Plans and Pricing

BasicPlesk1 pcs3 pcs1 Gb$1.39
PersonalPlesk1 pcs--$2.49
SilverPlesk3 pcs--$3.49

VPScPanel-L2-2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$28.22

VPS-L22.6 GHz2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$8.22
VPS-L42.6 GHz4 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$12.39
VPS-L82.6 GHz8 Gb3 pcs80 Gb$22.39
VPScPanel-L22.6 GHz2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$28.22

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They are quite average. My experience with them was very negative. I frequently encountered speed and SSL problems with their service. They are unwilling to address these issues. Their prices are higher than average. I strongly advise against using t.. Read more »
I opted for domainracer to create a basic wordpress site, but unfortunately, their litespeed with SSD disk did not deliver the promised fast loading speed. There are other hosting providers offering better services at a similar price range. Whenever .. Read more »
I have relied on this hosting service for both my clients and personal projects. The server is dependable and offers excellent speed. In comparison to other servers, their pricing is also reasonable. Their customer support is outstanding, available a.. Read more »
Using Domianracer was a typical and unremarkable experience that did not provide a high level of comfort. The speed and loading were average and did not meet expectations. Additionally, their packages are comparatively expensive compared to other pla.. Read more »
I chose DomainRacer as the host for my small business website, but I soon discovered that they did not deliver on their promises. While their pricing for all packages was reasonable, the speed, uptime, and reliability of their services were average a.. Read more »
I have been using DomainRacer as a customer lately. While the scale of my projects was not extensive, their services surpassed my expectations in terms of speed, uptime, and reliability. They were on par with more expensive options available in the m.. Read more »
DomainRacer offers budget-friendly plans starting at less than £1 a month. I was excited to try them out for a customer, but they ultimately did not meet my expectations. Despite utilizing SSD with LiteSpeed servers and LS Cache for WordPress p.. Read more »