rating: 8.6, reviews: 18
Country: Pakistan
Servers: Pakistan
Panels: cPanel
Testing: 15 days is a hosting and domain provider based in Pakistan that offers a wide range of services at affordable prices. They have received positive reviews for their online support, professionalism, and prompt response times. Many customers have praised their user-friendly interface and the variety of tools and options they offer. However, there have been occasional issues with downtime and slow loading speeds, as well as some limitations in customer support. Despite these drawbacks, i.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

li One--2 pcs1 Gb$1.06
li Two--4 pcs3 Gb$1.95
Unl. PluscPanel---$3.19
li FourcPanel-15 pcs10 Gb$3.55
li FivecPanel-20 pcs-$4.44

cv One-2 Gb2 pcs25 Gb$19.17
cv Two-4 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$31.94
cv Three-6 Gb4 pcs100 Gb$47.92
cv Four-8 Gb4 pcs150 Gb$56.79

cv One-2 Gb2 pcs25 Gb$19.17
cv Two-4 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$31.94
cv Three-6 Gb4 pcs100 Gb$47.92
cv Four-8 Gb4 pcs150 Gb$56.79

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As the owner of an agency, I highly recommend to all of my clients. However, I must mention that I have given it a four-star rating due to a recent decline in telephone assistance. It has become more difficult to reach someone on the phone .. Read more »
I have been a dedicated customer of for more than three years, and I want to emphasize that their online support is truly exceptional! Their level of professionalism, knowledge, and prompt response times have consistently made a positive im.. Read more »
Overall, performs well with a user-friendly interface and offers a wide range of tools and options that are not typically found with other hosting providers. However, there may be occasional performance problems, although they are usually a.. Read more »
A few months ago, I chose to use to host my client's wordpress site. The pricing plans are reasonable and the interface is visually appealing. However, I have experienced occasional downtime issues which have negatively affected the si.. Read more »
I used as the hosting platform for my website for around six months. Throughout that period, I faced a recurring problem where my website would frequently experience downtime and struggle to handle high levels of traffic. Although Read more »
Usama is a great choice for small Minecraft servers, but it comes with pros and cons. Despite being a shared hosting, it doesn't suffer from excessive slowness. However, its Live Chat feature is not accessible round the clock. On the positiv.. Read more »
I collaborated with a friend who used for managing their WordPress websites. This allowed me to become acquainted with the service and ultimately decide to use it for myself. provides a user-friendly interface, affordable plans, a.. Read more »
Having been a loyal customer of for a long time, I can confidently state that their domain registration services are excellent. They offer a wide selection of domain extensions at affordable prices, and their customer support is quick and h.. Read more »
I have been utilizing this hosting service for the last half-year, and to be frank, my opinion of them is fairly neutral. Occasionally, I have experienced periods of downtime, which is quite common. However, they promptly address and resolve these is.. Read more »
Rabia is a hosting provider from Pakistan that offers affordable services. Throughout the two years that I have been using it, I have never experienced any downtime. The customer support is exceptional as they respond to queries within a few minu.. Read more »
The hosting service offered by is extremely professional and reliable. As a web developer with more than ten years of experience, I can confirm that this company is the first one to fully meet all of my hosting requirements, including their.. Read more »
I have had the opportunity to work with several hosting companies and, having a strong technical background, I can confidently say that it has been quite a comprehensive experience. Among all the companies I've utilized, stands out as .. Read more »
Maz offers excellent services for users who are technologically advanced. While I am not a fan of the FTP unlocking after a certain time, the expand control panel is still fantastic. The security measures may be a bit excessive. I have had grea.. Read more »
Iqbal is satisfactory for functioning, as their pricing is reasonable. However, their customer support is not efficient or prompt. They experience occasional server downtime and slow loading speeds. Consequently, I am not impressed by their hosti.. Read more »
I have conflicting opinions about On the one hand, it has several positive features such as an easy-to-use interface, reliable 24-hour support, a highly affordable price, seamless integration with WordPress, and a straightforward email ser.. Read more »
I have chosen to utilize because of their affordable rates, however, I have been thoroughly dissatisfied with their customer support, particularly when it comes to addressing technical or payment concerns. Their customer support is extremel.. Read more »
Muhammad is a hosting provider company located in Pakistan that offers top-notch hosting plans at affordable prices specifically for Pakistani customers. They also provide shared hosting plans and have a user-friendly interface along with exceptiona.. Read more »
Ayesha is a company based in Pakistan that provides domain and hosting services. I currently have a few websites hosted with them. However, I have had negative experiences with their services. They have several hidden charges and also require addi.. Read more »