rating: 7.7, reviews: 37
Servers: USA
Panels: vDeck
Working: 26 years is a web hosting and domain name provider that offers competitive pricing options and a user-friendly interface. They cater to beginner programmers and small businesses who do not require extensive database capabilities or fast loading speeds for their websites. However, they may not be suitable for intermediate or advanced level programmers who need dedicated support and more advanced hosting services.

Some customers have experienced frequent downtime without explanation and.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Basic-1 pcs10 pcs-$3.75
Deluxe--25 pcs-$6.75

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The prices for domain and hosting at are similar to other companies I usually use. However, the servers frequently experience downtime without any explanation, and they do not provide Windows-based servers. Whenever I reached out to their .. Read more »
The pricing was fair, but the shared hosting service was extremely slow and often unreliable. The customer support team usually shifted the blame to the website not being optimized.
In the past, I have utilized the services of for my freelance projects. However, I found their hosting services to be quite unsatisfactory and their website interface is not as user-friendly as other similar services. When I encountered is.. Read more »
This service guarantees an excellent user experience with its user-friendly interface, competitive prices, and round-the-clock technical assistance. Furthermore, the server speed is impressive, although it is more suitable for small businesses. Overa.. Read more »
There is a specific reason why I have only one client using this service - it lacks any noteworthy positive aspects. Their pricing is similar to other providers, but they frequently face downtime issues. Moreover, they used to reset their servers eve.. Read more »
The perfect platform for building a website is one that is fast and has an inviting appearance. It allows you to easily create multiple pages at an affordable price and offers several helpful features. They suggest using wordpress and shared hosting .. Read more »
Eliza is a highly recommended web hosting provider that offers a user-friendly interface and affordable pricing options for small businesses and SaaS. We have obtained our Gsuite from them and have had no problems utilizing it as an administrato.. Read more »
Avoid purchasing hosting or domain services from this particular company. Firstly, they are considerably more expensive compared to other competitors. Additionally, they raise prices upon renewal without providing any prior notice or formal communica.. Read more »
I chose for a complimentary domain and also opted for their WordPress Hosting Plans. In terms of the web hosting service, I found it user-friendly, although there were occasional delays, possibly during peak hours. I did not experience any.. Read more »
In 2019, I began utilizing as the hosting provider for my website. However, I eventually had to switch to another provider. offers reasonable prices and all plans include a complimentary domain. Additionally, they provide free m.. Read more »
This service offers strong internet connection, ample storage capacity, a user-friendly environment for important customers, and specific servers for exclusive clients. It is particularly suitable for ecommerce enterprises, although it may not be sui.. Read more »
One of the top domain hosting services available, likely giving tough competition to GoDaddy in terms of quality and choices. Upon purchase, you receive immediate access and complete control through their user-friendly dashboard. The prices are not e.. Read more »
I have registered and currently manage a total of 10 to 13 domains on this hosting service. Overall, I am very pleased with the whole experience. Regarding the Domain Control Panel, I find it to be excellent and have encountered no issues while using.. Read more »
I had a negative encounter with that hosting provider. The customer support is unhelpful and more interested in trying to convince you to purchase unnecessary items. Additionally, the hosting service is quite slow when accessed from different countri.. Read more »
I bought my first domain from, which was a smooth experience and significantly cheaper compared to other similar websites. However, as time passed, many new companies emerged offering similar or even better prices, so I have not consistent.. Read more »
The website is organized and straightforward, with clear information. It includes a comparison feature that allows you to see how their plans compare to others. However, I realized that the focus of the website is mainly on buying domain names and sh.. Read more »
Kiairra provides a user-friendly experience and is currently offering a 25% discount. It serves as a convenient platform for purchasing domains and building websites. Its web design software has been enhanced for ease of use, surpassing many other.. Read more »
Md. is a leading provider of domain names and website hosting services globally. They offer various plans, including VPS hosting, but their main focus is on affordable shared hosting. Additionally, they provide options for e-commerce, VPS, and.. Read more »
I utilized for my personal website and also experimented with their other offerings, such as taking advantage of the discount for a 1-year GSuite subscription. In my experience, the website is well-designed and allows users to quickly find.. Read more »
Narender is a reputable domain name provider, although their hosting and website builder may not be my preferred choice. However, they do offer good services that are worth trying. I personally bought multiple domains from them for my Private Blog .. Read more »
After extensively researching different hosting sites, I ultimately chose They provided me with everything I needed, including a domain name, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and even an SSL certificate. The interface and control panel th.. Read more »
One of the reasons why I decided to use is because it offers various freebies, including a $100 Google Adwords bonus, easy-install scripts, a drag and drop website builder, SSL certificates, and more. These features are beneficial for any .. Read more »
Sheena has a cost-effective hosting package available. They include a complimentary domain name, limitless storage, bandwidth, and SSL certificate. Their primary dashboard is simple to use, and you can effortlessly install applications such as Wo.. Read more »
Primarily utilized for their registrar services, I appreciate their interfaces and control panels. Although I had a positive experience with their VPS hosting, their prices are relatively expensive compared to other providers.
I appreciate the user-friendly website setup offered by this host, which is especially beneficial for someone like me who is not tech-savvy. Additionally, the security features and exceptional support are commendable. However, the downside is the slo.. Read more »
When I set up hosting for my clients, I usually choose as my preferred option. This is because they offer a free domain with their hosting plans, which is a great deal when using the DOMFREE coupon code. Instead of directing my clients to .. Read more »
I have been a long-time user of and have found their speed and SSL certification to be flawless. However, the main issue I have with is their high pricing. Additionally, their performance could use some optimization. Despite the.. Read more »
I have had an excellent experience with If you require assistance, they provide prompt help. Their servers utilize the latest technologies and offer exceptional speed and network performance. I have not encountered any website downtime. H.. Read more »
I work as a developer and recently encountered a problem with the hosting platform's file upload limit. However, I was able to quickly resolve the issue by speaking with their support team. In contrast, with a different hosting provider, I had t.. Read more »
Advantages: Affordable initial prices A comprehensive platform for various website products Numerous choices for registering domain names Disadvantages: Performance may not be ideal for larger or resource-intensive websites Lacks cPanel functional.. Read more »
Arnel provides a free domain name with all of their plans, including their cheapest shared hosting plan. They offer unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth starting at approximately $3 per month. While they do not have phone support, their l.. Read more »
I wanted to acquire a new domain for a website I planned to create, and I found that was a suitable option. The process of purchasing the domain was smooth and relatively uncomplicated. Additionally, I decided to utilize their hosting serv.. Read more »
They offer affordable hosting packages with the added benefit of an inclusive SSL certificate. However, they should focus on improving their 24/7 Live chat support, as it is slow to respond. It would also be beneficial for them to introduce a 30-day .. Read more »
Adeel is a well-known provider of domain registration and web hosting services. I have personally utilized their service and found their packages to be highly affordable. Their offerings include unlimited storage space and the inclusion of SSL a.. Read more »
Advantages: - They provide a complimentary SSL certificate with all their hosting plans. - Their hosting packages are affordable. Disadvantages: - They do not offer monthly or quarterly billing options, which means if you decide the hosting is not s.. Read more »
Anastasia is a web hosting company that offers affordable prices. They also have premium services such as purchasing expired domains or reserved VIP names. Additionally, they provide full-service design and marketing to assist with site creation and.. Read more »
I have not been using this hosting service for a long time due to switching to VPS, which used to have extremely high prices (although they have improved now). Overall, I was satisfied with everything, except that the support team sometimes took a lo.. Read more »