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Working: 26 years is a web hosting provider that offers reliable services and excellent customer support. Their pricing is fair, even for long-term commitments, giving customers confidence in their investment. With a year of experience using their services, many users are satisfied and would recommend Cybersmart to others in need of a new hosting provider.

One customer had initially switched to Cybersmart due to frequent downtime with their previous server provider. After conducting rese.. Read more »

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I changed my server provider because my website was frequently experiencing downtime. When I was creating an account for a friend, I came across Cybersmart. After doing some research and talking to them, I made the decision to switch to their service.. Read more »
I was very impressed with the customer service at Cybersmart, as they were honest and helpful. They successfully helped me transfer both of my domains to their website. However, I faced some difficulties while transferring my second domain. Despite m.. Read more »
For the last year and a half, I have been using Cybersmart as my web hosting platform. I found it convenient to transfer a website I created on my personal computer to the Cybersmart platform. Additionally, they provide an FTP option, allowing me to .. Read more »
While I found the performance enjoyable, it was not properly optimized and the issue of limited "bandwidth" was not adequately explained, resulting in me having to pay to fix it. Furthermore, there were frequent server lock-ups that forced .. Read more »
In 2018, they received the highest rating among internet service providers in South Africa. The fact that their founder is still in charge is a positive indication. However, some of their systems, such as billing, seem to lack the professional touch .. Read more »