rating: 7.9, reviews: 24
Servers: USA, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 21 years is a hosting provider that offers both affordable and quality services. They have a wide range of options including VPS, web hosting, and email hosting. Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the affordability and performance of Contabo's services.

One customer mentioned being highly impressed with Contabo's service while developing an application on a virtual machine. They praised the exceptional experience and effectiveness of using Docker containers for client-se.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Webspace Package McPanel-20 pcs50 Gb$3.99
Webspace Package LcPanel-50 pcs100 Gb$6.99
Webspace Package XLcPanel-100 pcs250 Gb$10.99
Webspace Package XXLcPanel--500 Gb$12.99

CLOUD VDS XL2.8 GHz64 Gb8 pcs480 Gb$137.99

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Good, affordable, high-quality provider. I haven't encountered any drawbacks. Some people mentioned that there might be communication issues with specialists on weekends and holidays since the provider is German and follows German rules. As som.. Read more »
The customer service is simply abhorrent, the servers constantly crash, and the prices are made up. I wouldn't wish anyone to work with such a hosting service. It's just the bottom of the barrel.
I have been deceived out of nearly 1000€. Despite my usual habit of reading and understanding the terms and conditions before making a purchase, I find myself in a situation where I cannot obtain a refund for a product I no longer require. The c.. Read more »
The hosting is technically good and reliable, with very attractive prices, good speed, and so on. But in late autumn 2022, it was blocked due to passport issues. They justified it by saying that it was too difficult to verify clients, but they did gi.. Read more »
I am currently developing an application on a virtual machine provided by Contabo. I am highly impressed with their service as I am utilizing a pair of Docker containers for client-server operations, and the experience has been exceptional.
For the first time in my 15-year career in IT, I have come across a provider who is so indifferent towards their clients. I was lucky enough to pay for the setup, an amount equal to the monthly tariff (which they seem to have cancelled now). Here.. Read more »
I have been with them for over a year. The flight is excellent. Everything is satisfactory, including the price! I highly recommend it.
Diolis is an effective option that offers affordability and quality. It provides a great service at a low cost, which is hard to find elsewhere. However, Contabo does have some drawbacks, such as slow performance and a lack of live support. I am.. Read more »
I appreciate this hosting service because it provides great flexibility and comprehensive assistance to developers. It is particularly suitable for VPS servers and users who plan to install panels like Cpanel, Plesk servers, and Vesta panels, as it f.. Read more »
If you are considering purchasing a VPS from them solely because it is extremely affordable, I would advise against it. The low price reflects the fact that they are excessively selling their plans, resulting in significantly lower quality compared t.. Read more »
Contabo provides a cost-effective and effective solution, with their support team being prompt in addressing inquiries. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest them to those in need. I have been a customer of theirs since they replaced Gigabit.
Contabo is a reliable hosting provider that offers excellent performance for various services such as VPS, web hosting, and email hosting. If you are looking for affordable web hosting, Contabo is a great option. However, I have personally experienc.. Read more »
Their service is exceptional and their prices are incredibly impressive. Whether you require a Dedicated server or a small VPS, I highly recommend them. I want to mention their snapshot feature, it is truly astonishing and saved me in a difficult sit.. Read more »
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this affordable hosting service. I was in need of a cheap option for my personal project and was impressed by their fast speed and wide range of services. The VPS setup was convenient with a one-click opti.. Read more »
On the surface, their VPS servers appear to be excellent, but in reality, they do not live up to expectations. The reason for their affordability is that they oversell their resources. The extent of CPU steal time can vary greatly depending on the sp.. Read more »
I would like to share my thoughts about Contabo Company. They are a German company known for their strong and consistent approach. This gives me the feeling that I am working with Germany, which I find appealing. There are several advantages to cho.. Read more »
The VPS hosting service is highly regarded for its exceptional quality and the affordable prices it offers in comparison to other hosting companies. The support provided is excellent and they also accept payments through Paypal.
Contabo is a highly regarded unmanaged hosting provider that I have personally found to be one of the best options available. I have been using their VPS servers for a year now and currently have multiple VPS machines and a dedicated server with them.. Read more »
Contabo offers highly dependable and cost-effective VPS services. Their allocation of resources for the price is hard to match, and their technical support is excellent. I have been a satisfied user for the past two years and highly recommend their u.. Read more »
They extract money under ridiculous pretexts. They refuse to refund money for services not provided. Customer support does not work on weekends and non-working hours, so if something happens at night or during holidays, expect delays.
I have been a customer of Contabo for over 3 years and I am extremely happy with the services they provide. The prices they offer for their services are excellent. I have not experienced any downtime since I started using their hosting. The only slig.. Read more »
I have tried various services, such as VPS and hosting, from different companies. Among them, Contabo stands out as one of the best options on my list due to its fast and excellent technical support system. Although there is a small problem with thei.. Read more »
Contabo is the top unmanaged hosting provider I have tried so far. I have been using their VPS servers for a year now and have expanded to include multiple VPS machines and a dedicated server. The price they charge for the resources provided is very .. Read more »
We were searching for hosting for our online jewelry store for a long time and almost by chance, a blog admin recommended, which later became our site migration specialist. You see... it's simply incredible to get .. Read more »