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Country: Ukraine
Working: 24 years is a colocation and hosting service that has been in operation for approximately 10 years. It offers a range of price plans, with the availability of the ImageMagick package included in all plans, distinguishing it from its competitor, Mirohost. The reliability of Colocall's performance is highly praised, with any issues that arise being promptly resolved.

The hosting service offers a mid-range option priced at 60 hryvnas, but the quality of the service is the top priority .. Read more »

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I strongly do not recommend this data center, as it is very weak and underdeveloped. Compared to other websites, it is like a dinosaur. I hosted my servers with them for over 4 years, paying over 3800 UAH per month. When attacks started coming, they .. Read more »
Katya Tishkina
I have been using Colocall for a significant period, around 10 years. It specializes in colocation and hosting. Although it is more expensive than Mirohost, which is highly recommended, there is a notable difference in the availability of the ImageMa.. Read more »
Aleksandr Kulakov
Mid-range hosting is available for 60 hryvnas, and although I am willing to pay more, the quality of the service is my top priority. The interface is user-friendly and practical, which is why I chose this hosting based on recommendations from friend.. Read more »
Sergey Verhovtsev
Our website is functioning properly and the restrictions are reasonable.
Dmitriy Marmolyukov
The hosting service was excellent. I had four projects hosted there, although I unfortunately had to switch for reasons that are not worth mentioning.
Medium level hosting. Virtual hosting for 60 hryvnias. Personally, I am willing to pay more, price is not important to me, quality of work is what matters. I like the interface, everything is convenient and practical. I was originally inclined towar.. Read more »
I have been using Bell's services for a long time, probably around 10 years. They offer colocation and hosting in large portions, of course, it's more expensive than Mirohost, which is recommended here as one of the best. Once, a client tri.. Read more »
We had a good working experience with favorable parameters.
seo blog
The hosting was decent. I had 4 projects on it, but unfortunately, I had to move due to... well, it doesn't matter :)