rating: 8.6, reviews: 37
Servers: USA, Germany, Canada, India, Singapore, North America
Working: 12 years
Testing: 3 days is a cloud hosting service that offers a range of hosting options using top VPS server providers such as Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. They are known for their exceptional speed, reliability, and excellent customer support. Their pricing structure is favorable, although it may be slightly higher compared to other hosting companies. However, the high quality of their features justifies the cost.

One standout aspect of Cloudways is their comprehensive plan without an.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

DO1GB-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$14
DO2GB-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$28
AWS Small-2 Gb2 pcs20 Gb$38.56
DO4GB-4 Gb2 pcs80 Gb$54
DO8GB-8 Gb4 pcs160 Gb$99

DO1GB-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$14
DO2GB-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$28
AWS Small-2 Gb2 pcs20 Gb$38.56
DO4GB-4 Gb2 pcs80 Gb$54
DO8GB-8 Gb4 pcs160 Gb$99

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I have been employed as a Senior Web Developer for over 11 years, and in my experience, this hosting service is both dependable and reasonably priced compared to other options. They offer a comprehensive plan without any hidden fees, and their custom.. Read more »
I have used Cloudways multiple times in the past whenever customers requested it or were already using it. However, I must admit that I never fully grasped the concept of this managed service/control panel. Cloudways takes pride in taking away your c.. Read more »
Cloudways is a top-notch managed hosting service that I have personally used for my own websites and my clients' websites. Their customer support is always available, 24/7, and their server optimization techniques are truly remarkable. I am par.. Read more »
I am generally satisfied with Cloudways. They offer reliable speed and uptime, with issues occurring very infrequently. The interface is adequate for working with. The prices are reasonable, although not particularly inexpensive for the level of serv.. Read more »
I have utilized this website during my time working with a Company in Johannesburg. I discovered them through the service and did not encounter any difficulty in learning their solutions as they are user-friendly. I have employed it for both Wordpres.. Read more »
Cloudways is one of the leading hosting providers. They offer a multitude of built-in free features such as automatic backups, Cache plugin, Varnishing, and many others that other companies charge for. The price of Cloudways is slightly high, but co.. Read more »
I use Cloudways for managed hosting services for my clients. They have great support. In my opinion, they are a bit expensive, but compared to other providers, their service is more affordable. Despite being managed hosting, I still handle most thing.. Read more »
Cloudways offers a fast and reliable service. Every plan includes free SSL and migration, as well as the ability to host an unlimited number of applications. The support was good and helpful, but it took them a few days to solve my problem. Their off.. Read more »
Cloudways is truly fast, reliable, and has great support. If you are looking for a "cheap" host, cloud hosting may not be suitable, despite being really fast. Compared to other hosting companies, it is complex for users who are not tech-sav.. Read more »
I have used them for test deployment in cloud hosting services and find them very convenient to manage. Once I had an issue with my SSL and thanks to their support team, they showed that they could resolve it within a few hours. I believe their suppo.. Read more »
I have been using Cloudways services for over 5 years and have never encountered any major issues. Cloudways offers multiple hosting options such as AWS, Digital Ocean, Vultr, etc. Support is provided through chat and is available 24/7. The team is c.. Read more »
Cloudways is a leading hosting provider that offers several free features, such as auto backup, Cache plugin, and Varnishing, which other companies normally charge for. Even though their price is slightly higher, it is justified by the high quality o.. Read more »
Cloudways is a managed hosting service that I utilize for my clients. They offer a strong support system, but I find it to be somewhat expensive based on my experience with the service. Despite being a managed service, I am still responsible for hand.. Read more »
Cloudways provides a speedy and trustworthy service. You have the ability to host an endless number of applications on any plan, and they provide complimentary SSL and migration services. The support team was effective and supportive, although it too.. Read more »
Cloudways is known for its exceptional speed, reliability, and excellent customer support. However, if you are seeking an inexpensive hosting option, Cloudways may not be the best choice for you, despite its impressive speed. One drawback of Cloudway.. Read more »
In summary, my experience with Cloudways initially seemed positive with responsive support and easy setup. However, complications arose and I had to spend a significant amount of time and money contacting support. I encountered a severe database issu.. Read more »
It all started well, with responsive support and ease of setup. But there were many difficulties, and more than half of the time and money went into contacting support. Cloudways offers functionality that allows setting up multiple applications on on.. Read more »
In my experience, Cloudways is an excellent cloud hosting service that offers a variety of options for hosting VPS or servers using infrastructure from companies such as Digital Ocean, AWS, and Google Cloud. The user interface is intuitive and easy t.. Read more »
In my experience, Cloudways is an excellent cloud proxy server that offers multiple hosting options for VPS or servers with the infrastructure of companies like Digital Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, and others. Their user interface is intuitive and simpl.. Read more »
My experience with this hosting provider was positive. I utilized their cloud hosting services for a test deployment and found it to be well-managed. I encountered a problem while implementing my SSL, but their customer support promptly resolved the .. Read more »
I have been a satisfied customer of Cloudways for over 5 years and have never faced any significant problems with their infrastructure. They provide a range of hosting options, including AWS, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. Their support team is accessible.. Read more »
While Cloudways provides various features in its plans, I find them to be expensive in comparison to other hosting companies. For a small website that doesn't require excessive resources, the hosting cost should be lower. However, Cloudways may .. Read more »
Although Cloudways offers a variety of features through different plans, I find them to be expensive compared to other hosting companies. When you have a small website, you don't require too many resources, so the cost of hosting should be lower.. Read more »
When it comes to managed VPS servers, Cloudways stands out as the best option. You have the choice of top VPS server providers such as Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, Linode, and Vultr. While the cost may be slightly higher compared to going directly wi.. Read more »
Cloudway is a great option for individuals who have experience with Linux hosting but are not familiar with Linux commands. I highly recommend it for such users. It offers easy integration with Git and allows you to retrieve files using the user inte.. Read more »
I have been utilizing their service for a year now and I am extremely satisfied with the customer support they provide. The live chat feature is excellent and their speed surpasses that of other hosting providers.
One of the top choices in the market. The advantages include incredibly fast speed, exceptional reliability, outstanding customer support, and data centers situated in seven different countries to enhance speed. The client portal is well-designed.
CloudWays, although not the most affordable hosting provider with prices starting at $10 per month, offers excellent performance and fast website speeds. However, they do not provide domain name registration and have a complicated setup with a custom.. Read more »
This hosting service truly lives up to its promise of speed. When compared to other smaller hosting providers, they are exceptionally fast. I have consistently had positive experiences running Google PageSpeed Insights reports on all of the websites .. Read more »
Cloudways is an exceptional option for managing WordPress hosting. Not only does my website load incredibly quickly, but the price is also extremely affordable. For just $10 per month, anyone can host their site on Cloudways, which is fantastic. They.. Read more »
Cloudways is a hosting company that perfectly meets all of my requirements. The process of setting up servers, applications, cloning, transfers, SSL, GIT, CDN, scaling, and other features is incredibly simple and quick. Additionally, they provide rou.. Read more »
If you decide to purchase a server from cloudways, you will find that their prices are higher compared to other cloud service providers. However, if you choose to go directly to digital ocean or other providers, you can obtain the same server specifi.. Read more »
Cloudways is a top-notch cloud hosting platform that successfully fulfills its purpose and is willing to provide additional information upon request. It is particularly suitable for startups and small businesses. The platform offers excellent custome.. Read more »
Cloudways is not a server hosting company, but rather a managed hosting solution that works with various cloud service providers. With their service, you can host and manage servers from providers such as DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Linode, and AWS. .. Read more »
Currently, I am utilizing Cloudways, specifically one server for five different applications. I have opted for the 2GB server, which has proved to be reliable, even with the current monthly traffic exceeding 400,000 hits. The user interface is remark.. Read more »
Looking for fast cloud hosting options? Consider giving cloudways a try. They offer managed cloud hosting, albeit at a higher cost compared to other hosting providers. They also provide round-the-clock dedicated customer support, making it worth cons.. Read more »
The decision to use this web hosting service was uncertain, but ultimately I chose to use it and I was not disappointed. The price is fair and the range of options they offer is valuable. One of these options, the Application Upgrade Add-on, allowed .. Read more »