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Working: 15 years is a highly recommended website that specializes in enhancing the security, speed, and reliability of websites. It offers both free and paid features that cater to a variety of needs. Users have praised the website for its ability to protect client websites and pass penetration tests, providing additional security features. The setup process is described as effortless, with straightforward instructions that make it easy to connect to your website. Cloudflare's free plan is highly .. Read more »

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We utilized this website to protect a client's website and it successfully fulfilled its purpose. The website successfully passed the Penetration Tests and provided additional security features. It is an excellent solution for enhancing security.. Read more »
I am currently utilizing Cloudflare as a safeguard for my website, and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. The setup process was effortless and the instructions were straightforward. I had no difficulties in connecting to my website.. Read more »
Cloudflare is undoubtedly one of the top CDN services available. Their free plan is sufficient for most websites, but subscribing to their service offers an array of additional features at a very affordable monthly price. Their free CDN service is hi.. Read more »
I have been a customer of CloudFlare for a few years and primarily utilize their DNS and CDN services. One aspect I appreciate is the ability to secure my account with 2-factor authentication, which is particularly valuable in the present times. The .. Read more »
I haven't used cloudflare recently, but they were quite user-friendly once you become familiar with them. They offer excellent security features and appear to be at the forefront in that aspect. However, we don't have a rating system for th.. Read more »
Cloudflare is possibly the only service I have encountered that provides a free service without any hidden costs. Despite being free, their security measures are still highly reliable. The speed they offer is exceptional and their user interface is e.. Read more »
I had my initial encounter with hosting a Saas solution through Cloudflare. Although their interface is highly technical, it is also user-friendly. If you have a SaaS or any Web application, this is the ideal platform for hosting it. They offer SSL f.. Read more »
I appreciate the fact that Cloudflare offers an excellent free hosting plan that is ideal for small websites such as personal blogs, hobbies, or small start-ups testing out their services. This plan includes a shared SSL certificate and the best part.. Read more »
Cloudflare is impressive and I utilize its free version for all my websites. It offers excellent protection and faster performance, and I appreciate its seamless integration with various hosting providers. Enabling it is as simple as a click. Additio.. Read more »
Let me express my admiration for Cloudflare. I appreciate their well-designed products, although I find their pro plans slightly costly. I currently use Sucuri for firewall, which costs me approximately $15 monthly, whereas Cloudflare charges $20. Ho.. Read more »
If you offer various services for a website, such as hosting and security, it is crucial to provide efficient and timely assistance. Relying solely on sending tickets and waiting for email responses is frustrating and unproductive. To cater to intern.. Read more »
Cloudflare is a service that offers both free and paid features. While the free features are beneficial, the Pro features are worth the cost. They specialize in enhancing the security, speed, and reliability of websites that are hosted elsewhere. It .. Read more »
Cloudflare is a top-tier CDN provider that focuses on domains rather than hosts. Their services are designed to enhance performance and security for configured domains by acting as a proxy to the host server. The free plan offers a global CDN with ex.. Read more »
There is no question that it is essential for every website to be connected to Cloudflare, even if it is just their free plan. Both my own websites and the websites of my clients have been connected to Cloudflare in order to enhance speed and securit.. Read more »
I have been using Cloudflare for several years, both for my own websites and for my clients' websites. I believe it is currently the top service for preventing DDoS attacks and other types of attacks. The pricing options vary depending on indivi.. Read more »
I have been utilizing cloudflare for the past three years. Despite having my hosting elsewhere, I consistently direct my domain name system (DNS) to cloudflare due to their highly secure service. Additionally, they enhance the speed of my websites be.. Read more »
Our image-heavy ecommerce website relies on CloudFlare for its content delivery network. While we are generally happy with their services, the cost is a concern for our small business. Additionally, we have experienced occasional Error 5xx issues tha.. Read more »
I have only used Cloudflare CDN from their range of services. It is essential for any website that receives global traffic. Their network is extensive, spanning over 200 cities. They offer three plans: Free, Pro, and Business. I have personally util.. Read more »
Cloudflare is often underrated and deserves more recognition. It offers excellent protection against hackers by concealing your actual IP address and allowing you to enhance the security of your websites. It provides the ability to effectively block .. Read more »
I had the opportunity to try out Cloudflare's hosting for one of my websites, and I am highly impressed. Since many of us already utilize Cloudflare CDN, hosting your website on Cloudflare seamlessly integrates all aspects. I can verify that my .. Read more »
Cloudflare is the ultimate choice for a CDN. Occasionally, when my server becomes overloaded, I turn it off, but Cloudflare ensures that my websites remain accessible to the public effortlessly. Additionally, they offer a complimentary SSL certificat.. Read more »
Our blogging website utilizes the Cloudflare CDN service to enhance the speed at which the site loads. Additionally, Cloudflare offers Firewall rules that provide an additional layer of protection if no other rules or plugins have been applied. Setti.. Read more »
CloudFlare offers a dependable content delivery network (CDN) service that improves the speed and optimization of sluggish websites. After switching my domain name DNS nameservers, they promptly provided efficient service. Their customer support was .. Read more »
I have a deep appreciation for the Cloudflare services as they provide immense benefits to online enterprises. With Cloudflare, concerns about attacks are obsolete, eliminating the need to worry. Undoubtedly, they are the leading content delivery net.. Read more »
I have been a long-time user of Cloudflare and their service is exceptional. They excel in Reverse Proxy and DNS management, and I also utilize their security services such as activating a "shield" to safeguard my website from DDoS attacks .. Read more »
Cloudflare is an excellent solution for improving the sluggish loading time of your website. They provide a free content delivery network (CDN) that enhances both speed and security without any cost. While they do offer a premium plan, it is unnecess.. Read more »
CloudFlare offers a highly dependable content delivery network (CDN) service, which I have personally utilized for nearly two years. They offer both free and paid plans suitable for various use cases. CloudFlare is particularly effective in safeguard.. Read more »
Cloudflare is a highly effective content delivery network that I have been using since it was established. It initially provided basic accelerator services and has since evolved into a load balancing content delivery network with multiple datacenters.. Read more »
I have been a Cloudflare user for approximately 5 years. Despite increased competition, they continue to provide an excellent service. Their combination of a reliable CDN and security solution is highly effective. It significantly enhances the speed .. Read more »
I have been utilizing CloudFlare for over five years as a content delivery network (CDN), domain name system (DNS) manager, and for safeguarding my website against distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. All these features are available for fre.. Read more »
The main reasons I use Cloudflare are for delivering static assets, obtaining SSL certificates easily, and managing DNS efficiently. However, Cloudflare offers many additional benefits beyond these features. The free plan of Cloudflare is more powerf.. Read more »
I highly suggest using Cloudflare for anyone who needs a fast and free performance boost for their website. While Cloudflare is not a hosting service, it is considered one of the best CDN solutions available. CDN stands for content delivery network, .. Read more »
Cloudflare provides a range of services such as CDN, protection against DDoS attacks, and DNS resolution. They excel in these areas. However, it's important to note that they do not offer actual web hosting. To host a website on Cloudflare, you .. Read more »
I have a deep appreciation for Cloudflare's provision of free CDN services for every website owner, regardless of their website's traffic or hosting provider. This is an excellent opportunity to familiarize oneself with the concept of conte.. Read more »
I was employed as a cPanel administrator and many of my clients utilized cloudflare, which piqued my curiosity. Initially, I assumed it offered typical hosting services like others. However, upon using it, I discovered that it primarily focused on cl.. Read more »
The cloud hosting service is reliable and effective. The free version has all the necessary features and the statistics tool is powerful. However, there are some limitations for free accounts, such as the statistics being updated only once every 24 h.. Read more »