rating: 8.4, reviews: 119
Country: USA
Servers: USA, North America
Panels: cPanel, Custom built
Working: 21 years
Testing: 30 days is a web hosting service that has been in operation since 2004. In the early days, their service was exceptional. However, after being sold to EIG, their service quality declined significantly, according to some users. Many people have complained about Bluehost shutting down websites and claiming they have infected files, only to offer assistance through a third-party vendor called SiteLock, who charges high prices for their services.

Customers have also reported issues wit.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

BasiccPanel1 pcs-10 Gb$10.99
Choice PluscPanel--40 Gb$19.99
Online StorecPanel--100 Gb$24.99
ProcPanel--100 Gb$28.99

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I joined BlueHost in 2004 shortly after they opened, and at that time, their service was exceptional. However, things changed when they sold to EIG, and in my opinion, their service became unusable. Recently, BlueHost has been shutting down websites .. Read more »
In my experience, Bluehost is suitable for business sites and small ecommerce websites. However, I have found it challenging to use anything other than WordPress. Like many shared hosting accounts, there is a limitation with cron jobs, which can only.. Read more »
I chose Bluehost as my hosting service for WordPress because it was highly recommended at the time. The cpanel it offers is packed with features, which is beneficial for beginners. Although it was not the cheapest option, the comprehensive cpanel is .. Read more »
For the past seven years, I have been utilizing bluehost shared hosting for my business. Initially, I chose it due to the discounted price they offered. However, after experiencing their services, I decided to renew my membership each year. As time h.. Read more »
Bhavin is an extremely unsatisfactory hosting service. They lack reliability and deceive their customers. I experienced a devastating loss of my website, containing six years' worth of user data. Instead of assisting in the recovery proces.. Read more »
I have utilized Bluehost for my WordPress clients around the world. Installing WordPress was a simple one-click process, and the platform itself was user-friendly. Additionally, Bluehost offers a complimentary SSL certificate and CDN service to enhan.. Read more »
I am sincerely impressed with Bluehost as the most exceptional hosting service I have ever experienced. Their pricing is reasonably affordable and includes remarkable features and functionalities. They excel in server uptime and their support system .. Read more »
Bluehost is a great choice for affordable web hosting and they also provide specialized hosting services for Wordpress. In addition, their customer support has been consistently helpful in resolving minor problems quickly. However, the speed of thei.. Read more »
Currently, I am collaborating with this provider on behalf of one of my clients. They had previously purchased a plan from them, so I had no choice but to work with it. To my pleasant surprise, the setup process was very easy, with WordPress being in.. Read more »
BlueHost offers affordable and dependable hosting services, although they may not be the fastest provider available. Their support is surprisingly good given their pricing. Additionally, their hosting plans typically allow for unlimited websites, whi.. Read more »
I had the opportunity to utilize the WordPress Hosting for a client and I must say it is highly underestimated. It is fast, reliable, and most importantly, always accessible online. The pricing is very reasonable considering the features and services.. Read more »
Bluehost is a highly recommended hosting option for businesses of any size. It offers a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners, with great features and fast performance. The servers are reliable and offer budget-friendly security features. Fo.. Read more »
Without a doubt, this hosting company is among the top contenders in the industry. Their dependability and exceptional support have earned them a strong reputation. The technicians are highly skilled and always willing to go above and beyond. Their n.. Read more »
Since 2013, I have been a user of Bluehost and can confidently attest to its high reliability. As a competent service provider, Bluehost offers excellent advantages. However, its remarkable support team, who possess great technical skills and are con.. Read more »
I have assisted numerous clients in resolving issues with their WordPress websites, and the majority of them rely on Bluehost as their hosting provider. The pricing is reasonable and the features are clear-cut. Their support team is available 24/7 an.. Read more »
I have tested various web hosting services and, as I have multiple WordPress websites, it is crucial for me to have uninterrupted services. Bluehost, a well-known name in the hosting industry, caught my attention and I decided to try it for two of my.. Read more »
Bluehost is the preferred choice for me when it comes to domain providers due to their excellent features and affordable prices. They particularly cater to individuals hosting a small number of websites, offering an alternative to pricey commercial p.. Read more »
At a certain period, I frequently utilized BlueHost for a client and encountered several issues. Their server appears to be overwhelmed, resulting in sluggish page loading. Every time I tried to access cPanel through the client area, I faced a bother.. Read more »
When I began my freelance career, I initially collaborated with Bluehost and highly endorsed their reliability, technical support, and user-friendly interface. Nevertheless, as their popularity grew, the qualities that I initially recommended them fo.. Read more »
Bluehost offers great value for its services. Although the hosted websites may be a bit slow, there haven't been any reliability problems. The backend is efficient and simplifies site management. However, certain additional services, such as bac.. Read more »
Bluehost offers excellent hosting for websites using HTML or CMS. Personally, I have utilized it for building WordPress websites for multiple clients, and I have not encountered any problems so far. However, it is worth noting that the price is sligh.. Read more »
Bluehost is considered more of a beginner's package, although it is quite expensive and lacks optimal speed. Despite being user-friendly, improvements in website performance are necessary. The 24/7 support team is always available to assist, alt.. Read more »
I have been working with Bluehost for around 6 years and have used it for a few clients. It is a cost-effective option, but it lacks the necessary resources for running a high-quality website. While it may suffice for simple blogs or in urgent situat.. Read more »
Bluehost is an excellent choice for individuals who want to establish or move a blog site. I am particularly impressed with their WordPress hosting packages. Their support staff is highly knowledgeable and often goes above and beyond to assist with c.. Read more »
The pricing is the issue with Bluehost, although the managed WordPress and support are beneficial. The interface is user-friendly and attractive.
I initially had a negative experience with bluehost in 2009, but recently, a client asked me to transfer their website to bluehost. To my surprise, their user experience has greatly improved and is now much better. One of the standout features of bl.. Read more »
I have used various hosting providers for a long time, and BlueHost has proven to be a reliable company for hosting some of my initial websites. Their pricing is reasonable, although they often try to sell additional services that may or may not be n.. Read more »
Bluehost is similar to HostGator in terms of specifications, but it stands out on its own. The pricing for Bluehost's hosting packages is reasonable and offers good value. While their support could be improved, they compensate with professionali.. Read more »
I have experimented with various hosting providers, but Bluehost stands out as my preferred option. It boasts exceptional customer support and impressive speed. However, my only concern is the price, as the renewal cost is nearly twice that of the in.. Read more »
I recently began utilizing Bluehost and luckily, it seems like I may have made a good decision. The uptime average is impressive and the provider includes ample storage and unlimited bandwidth. It is worth noting that the initial rates are affordable.. Read more »
Bluehost is suitable for those who are new to website hosting, but considering the cost, there are other shared hosting options available that offer faster performance. In my experience, Bluehost servers tend to be quite slow. The high recommendation.. Read more »
I have had a positive experience using Bluehost as the hosting platform for my travel blog. One major benefit is their round-the-clock availability, allowing me to contact them whenever I have questions or concerns. While the initial year's plan.. Read more »
If you are new to web hosting, Bluehost could be a suitable option. It is trustworthy and I did not experience any period of unavailability during my time using it. However, if you are looking to expand your business, Bluehost may not be the best cho.. Read more »
This hosting provider offers excellent customer support and caters to various customers' needs, including regular and premium customers, as well as ecommerce. However, their plans are relatively expensive and the website may load slowly. Additio.. Read more »
I have used other services to build websites, but I ultimately decided to use Bluehost for website hosting because they are extremely knowledgeable, especially when it comes to troubleshooting. I am confident that I made the right choice. Thank you, .. Read more »
During my time as a freelancer, I have had experience with multiple well-known hosting platforms, and I believe that bluehost stands out as the top choice. This is primarily due to its exceptional qualities such as speed, reliability, and support. Ho.. Read more »
I have previously used BlueHost and while I don't have any major complaints about them, I also don't have any outstanding praises. If you're looking for an affordable and decent hosting service, they would probably be a good option. Ho.. Read more »
I started using Bluehost as a hosting service in 2008 and used them for all my websites until mid-2011. They provided cPanel and were fast back then. However, I noticed that my sites would slow down at certain times, especially if I was running a Wor.. Read more »
Bluehost requires customers to commit to long-term contracts, starting at a minimum of 12 months, which can be discouraging. Additionally, they automatically include several add-ons, some of which may be unnecessary, potentially leading to the purcha.. Read more »
Without a doubt, BlueHost is a prominent figure in the hosting sector. However, I found their prices to be unaffordable for small businesses and individuals looking to start on a limited budget. On the other hand, their technical support is highly ef.. Read more »
Hello everyone, I have been a Bluehost user for a period of two years. During this time, I have utilized their hosting services for my PrestaShop store and have not encountered any issues. In my opinion, the pricing is reasonable considering the high.. Read more »
Bluehost is a good option for WordPress hosting, but there are some things to be aware of. The advertised price of $2.95 for the Basic package is only available with a three-year commitment, and there are additional paid features that are automatical.. Read more »
Advantages: 1. The hosting service has a high uptime rate of 99.95%, which is considered excellent. 2. It is recommended by Wordpress for a smooth and easy installation of Wordpress sites. 3. The hosting provides a user-friendly control panel UI, spe.. Read more »
Bluehost is a well-known company that I have been using for 8 months and have had no issues to complain about. Although the price is slightly high, it is justified by the quality they offer. I highly recommend them.
We offer a complimentary domain for the first year, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and constant customer support available around the clock. The customer support team is highly beneficial and provides quick responses. However, the prices are slightly.. Read more »
I decided to subscribe to this service because I believed it was of high quality. At the time, I was in the process of trying out various servers to accommodate my numerous websites for different projects and clients. However, I was extremely disappo.. Read more »
Bluehost, which used to be one of my favorite hosting companies, has gradually declined in quality except for its affordable prices. Despite their competitive prices, they no longer excel in any other aspect. Unfortunately, I was eventually compelled.. Read more »
Bluehost is a leading web hosting company globally, and for beginners, it is considered the top choice for hosting services. The user-friendly interface of Bluehost's control panel (cPanel) allows for easy navigation with just a few clicks. Blu.. Read more »
I am satisfied with my simple one-page website on Wordpress, which is hosted by Bluehost. I have received excellent support from them both before and after making the purchase. As my site is basic, I do not need many advanced features, so I cannot pr.. Read more »
I believe that Bluehost offers the best value for your money. Their regular prices, even after the promotional period, are fair and competitive. If you compare Bluehost's basic package with other starter packages from different hosting companie.. Read more »
I utilized their services for one year and then switched entirely. They provide a wide range of services at an affordable initial cost, but after the first year, I received a significantly higher bill that was five times larger than the original plan.. Read more »
In general, bluehost is a fairly dependable hosting website. Their packages provide various benefits, including a complimentary domain name for the initial year, PHP7, HTTP/2 and NGINX Caching, and a free SSL certificate. Additionally, Bluehost simpl.. Read more »
I utilized Bluehost hosting for one of my websites and found that it performed exceptionally well. Bluehost's Shared Hosting Plan offers all the necessary features for successful website hosting, some of which may go unnoticed. Recently, they ha.. Read more »
If you are in search of a hosting company with exceptional uptime, this is the ideal choice. Similar to other providers, they are known for their excellent customer support available 24/7, offering a free domain for the first year, a cPanel with vari.. Read more »
Bluehost, a popular Wordpress host, is known for its reliable uptime, backups, and fast page load speeds, even on shared hosting packages. However, one drawback is the significant price increase upon renewal after the hosting period expires. Many com.. Read more »
After being a customer of a well-known web hosting company that sponsors the Superbowl for almost ten years, I decided to switch to Bluehost. The constant email notifications about my website being down every night had become exhausting. Additionally.. Read more »
I have been using Bluehost for a year now after moving my website from another hosting service. Overall, it has been a good hosting option with an affordable price. I paid less for a better service compared to my previous provider. The advantages of .. Read more »
In most cases, I would advise avoiding any host owned by EIG (Endurance International Group) because their involvement tends to result in a decline in the quality of services and support. However, Bluehost is an exception to this rule. Despite being .. Read more »
Bluehost offers excellent value for money with its affordable Wordpress hosting that includes a free SSL, which is particularly beneficial for e-commerce. The support team is highly responsive and very friendly. Although my company no longer uses Blu.. Read more »
I chose Bluehost as a service provider for some of my websites because it is highly regarded. So far, everything has been going smoothly. The benefits of using Bluehost include fast servers, a panel with limited options but designed for necessary tas.. Read more »
I recently joined bluehost for their managed WordPress hosting and my website is currently loading very fast. The price is affordable and reasonable.
I had been using Bluehost for a year, and while its prices are more affordable compared to other leading web hosting providers, I found that its speed was somewhat slow and its control panel was not as user-friendly as others.
If you are considering hosting a WordPress site, Bluehost is a viable option. While it may be tempting to compare their prices with other hosting providers in India that offer lower costs, it is important to note that Bluehost has superior features. .. Read more »
BlueHost is my preferred choice for anything related to WordPress or blogging. I'm not sure if it's because of their marketing efforts or partnerships with bloggers in recent years, but when I decided to try it out, I was not disappointed. .. Read more »
When I started my small business with limited resources, finding a web hosting company that offered reliable support and was user-friendly was a challenge. However, I discovered BlueHost, which fulfilled all my requirements. Its straightforward inter.. Read more »
I was interested in Bluehost because of its affordable pricing and high-quality service. For as little as $3.95 per month, I was able to get an impressive package that included a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, and 50GB SSD storage. Blueh.. Read more »
Bluehost stands out as an affordable hosting provider that includes a complimentary domain and SSL certificate for the initial year, making it a valuable offer. Although their shared hosting plan for my WordPress site may not be the swiftest, it meet.. Read more »
I had a negative experience with BlueHost. I had an online craft store with significant file downloads, and they unexpectedly ceased backing up my site due to these files, despite being within my storage limit. I only discovered this problem when I e.. Read more »
Bluehost is a hosting provider that offers great value for your money. They have various free options included in their hosting, like a one-year SSL certificate and a free domain. Compared to other hosting companies, their plans are more affordable. .. Read more »
Bluehost is one of the initial hosting companies I have utilized, and they offer highly integrated and customized interfaces for all their systems. I have availed their VPS Hosting and Domain Registrar services, which have proven to be excellent. The.. Read more »
I am highly impressed by the offerings of this company. With their affordable prices, exceptional uptime of 99.99%, and a speedy load time of 406ms (0.4 seconds), it is challenging to find superior services elsewhere. Bluehost is particularly user-fr.. Read more »
Bluehost is an inexpensive hosting provider that includes a complimentary domain (for the first year) and SSL certificate. However, I found their server's speed to be underwhelming. Additionally, there is a charge for website migration. All in a.. Read more »
I have utilized this hosting service for my clients as a web developer for a considerable duration. It is incredibly user-friendly and convenient to navigate. I strongly suggest that anyone should take advantage of the services provided by this hosti.. Read more »
They provide a convenient 1-click installation for WordPress, which is especially beneficial for beginners who lack knowledge on how to install it. The quality of their customer support is satisfactory, but it is important to understand the root caus.. Read more »
This smaller hosting provider is highly regarded among web developers and designers, possibly even the top choice. They offer excellent features such as competitive pricing, free SSL, reliable uptime, and convenient one-click installs, making them a .. Read more »
I really appreciate how user-friendly BlueHost's control panel is, especially since it has extra features not found in cPanel. Additionally, their support team is quick to respond, which is a major advantage. While their initial hosting plan pri.. Read more »
I had a positive experience using Bluehost. I have personally used it and found that it worked well for many of my customers. Whenever I work with a customer, I always ask for their feedback on the services they are using. Bluehost is consistently ra.. Read more »
I have had experience working with clients who used bluehost for many years. They were satisfied with bluehost until they switched from simple HTML webpages to WordPress websites. The problems arose when I started deploying websites from a different .. Read more »
I have previously utilized the services of bluehost and found them to be highly satisfactory. In fact, I would consider them to be among the top service providers. Although there were occasional speed-related concerns, they did not occur frequently. .. Read more »
Initially, one might perceive them as a reliable hosting provider, but this is not the case. Their strong marketing department creates a misleading impression as they fail to deliver the services they promote. Their support team is ineffective and un.. Read more »
Advantages: Ideal for those new to website building, Initial prices are affordable (but they double upon renewal), Excellent customer support that assists with various website aspects, including SEO. Disadvantages: Initially appealing prices that in.. Read more »
If you are a startup seeking affordable and dependable choices, bluehost is the ideal selection. This option offers a free domain for one year and unlimited website traffic. The greatest advantage is the availability of 24/7 phone and chat support to.. Read more »
The hosting provider has affordable rates for their basic plan. Additionally, I have been using as my hosting service for several months now and can attest to its exceptional reliability. Nevertheless, a drawback is their su.. Read more »
Bluehost, an EIG brand, was highly regarded and popular among bloggers from 2013 to 2015. However, the quality of their services has declined since then. Initially, I was impressed with their fast servers, but by 2015, their service began to deterior.. Read more »
The package includes a simple and effortless WordPress installation option. They also offer excellent customer support, although troubleshooting WordPress problems can be tricky at times. It is more affordable than siteground, and they provide a comp.. Read more »
Based on my personal experience, BlueHost is commonly preferred by small businesses with low-traffic websites due to its affordable shared hosting. Their support service is average. However, one aspect that I strongly dislike about them is their prac.. Read more »
Bluehost is truly the most exceptional company I have ever come across. I am delighted that I made the decision to switch from my previous hosting provider. The support provided by Bluehost is unparalleled and truly outstanding. The prompt response a.. Read more »
The support provided is extremely inadequate. There is a complete lack of concern for resolving the reported issues. Once you have purchased the service, they consistently reject any requests. The teams responsible are incapable of providing any kind.. Read more »
BlueHost offers all the necessary features for a reliable hosting solution, including fast server response time, affordable pricing, high uptime, and useful features like a free domain name and easy website builder. Despite these advantages, the auth.. Read more »
In my personal experience, I have found that BlueHost is a cost-effective choice for beginners. However, if you pre-pay for multiple years of hosting and then find that your needs outgrow the service before that time period, it may not be as benefici.. Read more »
I have been a Bluehost customer for 7 years. The advantages include excellent speed, uptime, support, and interface. The only drawback is that Bluehost is comparatively pricier than other hosting companies.
Bluehost is an excellent hosting option for beginners launching their websites. By selecting one of their three-year plans and utilizing their support, starting your website is a breeze. However, while their support is helpful, it is important to rel.. Read more »
BlueHost is a well-known hosting provider that hosts millions of websites worldwide. This was the main reason why I chose them, and I am glad I did. I decided to go for their value-for-money plan, which is slightly more expensive than their starter p.. Read more »
Bluehost is highly impressive due to its excellent speed, uptime, and support. If you sign up for a three-year period at the beginning, you can benefit from a low introductory price. Moreover, they provide a free certificate and domain name. Users ha.. Read more »
Bluehost is a highly commendable company when it comes to VPS service and dedicated hosting. The dependability and swiftness of their service are truly exceptional, and their technical support, accessible through chat and phone calls, is highly satis.. Read more »
I am extremely satisfied with the customer service provided. The live chat feature is exceptional and the speed is superior in comparison to other hosting providers. The level of support is excellent and the Shared and WordPress hosting options are r.. Read more »
Bluehost is a great choice for affordable shared web hosting. The performance is decent compared to other shared hosting providers. However, their constant upselling can be bothersome since almost every feature comes with an additional cost. The cust.. Read more »
I believe Bluehost and iPage are associated companies, as they have very similar interfaces. I appreciate their services mainly because their prices are fair, they provide voice and chat support teams, and their packages include storage. However, the.. Read more »
I have named this Webhost as "tension free hosting" because it is my favorite. It offers various affordable plans suitable for users at all levels. It provides support for Let's Encrypt free SSL and SSH. The WordPress tool options avai.. Read more »
Advantages: - The prices for their packages are reasonable. - The support representatives are excellent and will guide you through the process, ensuring a positive customer experience. - Their WordPress packages are superior to those offered by othe.. Read more »
One week after acquiring shared server space from Bluehost, they unexpectedly suspended our access and all the progress we had made. In order to regain access, they are demanding certified translations of our incorporation documents, personal identif.. Read more »
I have been using Bluehost for approximately four years specifically for WordPress. Throughout this time, I have created numerous websites for my clients and consistently suggested Bluehost as a hosting option. Their WordPress hosting services are ex.. Read more »
Bluehost should be given the highest rating for its server speed and uptime, as well as its customer support, especially the technical customer support and 24/7 availability of live chat. I highly recommend it.
I decided to go with this company based on the suggestion of an IT specialist manager. What I appreciate the most is that the chosen hosting provider efficiently handles its responsibilities. The website and services are continuously enhanced, becomi.. Read more »
The hosting service is not very fast, and the speed may vary depending on the plan. While using the site, I frequently encountered 500 errors caused by server timeouts. The server settings are generally good, offering various applications for platfor.. Read more »
I wanted to recommend this hosting service, but after suggesting it to my client and experiencing their support firsthand, I have a lot of regrets. While their prices are reasonable, their customer service is incredibly terrible (at least that was my.. Read more »
Bluehost meets expectations with its fast hosting services and reasonable rates.
In my view, this is the top hosting provider in the United States. I have tried hosting my websites with iPage and Hostgator. The experience with iPage was dreadful, as the site frequently encountered issues. With Hostgator, they claimed that my site.. Read more »
Hey, I highly recommend this provider to everyone. I transferred 14 websites to them, and all of them are functioning extremely well. I only have one suggestion though – it would be great if their website could be translated into Russian, Spani.. Read more »
We had been using this hosting company for over 2 years and had a great experience. However, we needed a virtual server, which Bluehost did not offer. As a result, we have switched to VDS. I had to reach out to their technical support twice, and on b.. Read more »
I am experiencing an issue with the assistance provided. The technical support team is unresponsive, and I am unable to access the control panel. I am hopeful that they will resolve the problem.
I have been using this hosting company since 2008 and have not encountered any major issues. The only drawback is that the plan does not offer unlimited resources. There are limitations on the number of tables for SQL databases, which are typically s.. Read more »
The hosting service is stable and there are no complaints about its performance. However, there are some negative aspects related to its "unlimited" feature. For example, they can block a website without warning if it exceeds the server.. Read more »
After Russian hackers breached major websites, including American ones, it has become impossible to work from Russia. Support is unresponsive, and accessing the control panel is not possible. Hopefully, this issue will be addressed.
A fully reliable and fast hosting service with affordable rates.
In my opinion, this is the best western host. I have hosted my websites on iPage and HostGator. The first one was a complete disaster, with constant problems with the website. On the second one, they claimed that my websites (~200 visitors per day) w.. Read more »
Hello, I highly recommend this provider. I moved 14 websites to them, and each one is working perfectly. The only thing is, the English is just terrible! Why can't they translate the website into the main languages (Russian, Spanish, Italian, Fr.. Read more »
We were using this hosting service for over 2 years, everything was working fine and we were satisfied. However, we needed to buy a virtual server, which Bluehost doesn't offer. So, we have now moved to a VDS in Ukraine. During the entire time, .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service since 2008 and have not encountered any major problems. However, the tariff plan is not unlimited in the true sense: there are limitations on the number of tables in the SQL databases (which is quite large), and.. Read more »