rating: 7.1, reviews: 36
Country: Ukraine
Servers: Ukraine, USA, Germany
Panels: DirectAdmin, Cpanel
Working: 21 years
Testing: 7 days is a hosting service that has received mixed reviews from its users. One customer shared their positive experience, stating that they purchased a VPS server and received assistance with transferring their website. They found the managers to be responsive and patient, and were impressed by the speed and performance of the servers.

Another user mentioned encountering issues with the service, such as website deactivation and unresponsive technical support. They advised other.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

UltraDirectAdmin5 pcs-10 Gb$5.06
LightDirectAdmin10 pcs-30 Gb$8.47
MediumDirectAdmin30 pcs-75 Gb$12.54
StrongDirectAdmin--200 Gb$26.29

SSD 50-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$10.9
NVME 50-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$19
SSD 100-4 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$19
SSD 200-8 Gb4 pcs200 Gb$32.9
SSD 400-16 Gb6 pcs400 Gb$58.2

Ryzen 5800U-16 Gb8 pcs480 Gb$49
i9-12900k-128 Gb16 pcs1920 Gb$197

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I read the reviews below and decided to leave mine. I ordered a VPS server from these guys. They helped me, set up the website on it, assisted with all the configurations, and answered 50,000 of my questions. Their response time is quick. I don'.. Read more »
During technical operations, the loading speed of pages may decrease. However, they provide advance notice of such works. Moreover, this drawback is insignificant and can be disregarded. Overall, everything is satisfactory.
I started using it just a couple of months ago, and I must say I'm satisfied. It works, and that's the most important thing!
Throughout my experience collaborating with hosters from various nations, I have never encountered such a subpar level of service. The hosters begin to deactivate your website two weeks prior to the completion of the payment cycle. Moreover, the tech.. Read more »
We are a web-based company and have been utilizing the services of this hosting provider for a considerable duration, specifically since 2009. Our account with them is for reselling purposes and consists of approximately 100 websites. Occasionally, m.. Read more »
I have utilized the services of BestHosting on two occasions. During the first experience, I was directed to a quarantine server due to high demand, which was not enjoyable. However, the second time I utilized their services, everything went smoothly.. Read more »
We transferred our website to Besthosting over six months ago without encountering any issues initially. However, things took a turn when we decided to upgrade to the "Ultra" plan. Suddenly, our site content would mysteriously disappear and.. Read more »
Hi there! I previously utilized for a few of my clients. We bought their hosting service at a discounted rate for a period of 2 years and were also promised a USB flash drive shaped like a key as a gift. Unfortunately, my clients did n.. Read more »
Some time ago, there were frequent failures with the databases server and hosting. As a result, I had to switch to a different hosting provider. It is possible that the issue has been resolved by now.
Perhaps I am not the most skilled webmaster, but I did not encounter any major issues with the hosting. The response time from the guys was satisfactory, and the girls provided helpful assistance over the phone with pleasant voices. Overall, I would .. Read more »
There were no specific issues for a few years when using the Ukrainian server with a dedicated IP. I want to emphasize the excellent speed of the support service and the hassle-free performance at a high level. However, a recent drawback is that back.. Read more »
I don't want to tempt fate, but things are running much better with my current hosting provider compared to my previous one. When I made the switch, I was worried about leaving behind not only the hoster but also their helpful technical support... Read more »
It feels like I am working with a completely new company. Nearly everything is at its highest quality. The speed of generating pages is three times faster compared to my previous hosting provider, which is impressive. The support team is even respons.. Read more »
I have been using their services for several years now and I am very satisfied with their work. This is the best hosting provider I have come across. The uptime is stable, and the customer support is competent and professional. I would love it if the.. Read more »
After transferring from one server to another, one website stopped working. There is a 404 error on all pages except the homepage. The technical support team has set the status to "Need to fix" - a very good status for a website that is not.. Read more »
I am satisfied with everything and I like everything: the promptness of the technical support and the quality of service. The only thing I would like to mention is the inconvenient Webmail email service.
Hosting, like any other hosting service, is neither worse nor better. The prices are average. The quality used to be almost perfect. This year, there have been some stability issues, which made it worse. But overall, it is worth the money.
There are no complaints about the service. We had some questions and the technical support employee explained everything competently and clearly. Special thanks for that. Everything is working well. We are satisfied. Thank you.
We have been customers since 2003. We are satisfied with both the quality of the hosting and the quality of the service. The price is reasonable, and we often receive promotional offers. We highly recommend it!
Besthosting has been hosting a couple of servers in a colocation for over 5 years now. I am most satisfied with their technical support - it operates 24/7 and responds quickly. Although I would prefer a lower price, it is worth it considering the qua.. Read more »
Of course, I don't want to jinx it, but compared to my previous hosting provider, everything here just flies - a standard phrase, of course. In general, when I switched, I was worried because I had to leave not only the host, but also the good T.. Read more »
It feels like I'm hosting with a different web host. Almost everything is top-notch. The page generation speed is three times faster than my previous host. It truly flies. The support team even responds during the night. I had some issues with B.. Read more »
I have been working with hosting providers from different countries for many years, and I have never seen such a poor service! They start shutting down your website two weeks before the payment deadline, and the technical support never answers the ph.. Read more »
Our website was moved to besthosting over half a year ago. At first, there were no issues. But then we decided to upgrade to the "Ultra" plan, and the problems started! The content of our site mysteriously disappeared and reappeared, and th.. Read more »
The hosting is terrible. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Suddenly, it turned out that the traffic dropped because our website became unavailable in Russia. Apparently, the cheap hosting is saving on traffic. They replaced the PHP version with.. Read more »
The technical support is fast, patient, and always helpful. But today, it's been already 9 hours on,, and - and their website too!!! It's impossible to access th.. Read more »
I have been a customer of this company since 2007. When I moved from one city to another, I didn't renew my hosting for a year and closed one website. After a year, I decided to purchase hosting from them again and they remembered me as an ".. Read more »
We are a web company and we have been with this hosting provider for a long time. More specifically, since 2009. We have a reseller account that hosts around 100 websites. Of course, there are occasional minor issues, such as temporary site unavailab.. Read more »
I have used BestHosting twice. The first time, due to high load, I was moved to a quarantine server, which was unpleasant. The second time went smoothly. The price and quality are appropriate.
I don't know, maybe I'm not that cool of a "webmaster," but I haven't had any major issues with the host. The guys there solve problems pretty quickly. And it's not just the Warsaw team, the girls also answered the phone.. Read more »
The hosting is unbearable! The ping is off the charts, the website either disappears or takes up to ten minutes to load! No one pays attention to my complaints. From what I've heard, all the employees from this company have scattered due to nume.. Read more »
Hello! I used the company for some of my clients. They purchased hosting for 2 years as part of a promotional offer, which included a USB flash drive shaped like a key as a gift. However, my clients never received the promised gift. As.. Read more »
During the couple of years of collaboration, there haven't been any major issues (the host is on a Ukrainian server with a dedicated IP), and I would like to highlight the high level of support service, speed, and reliability. The only recent dr.. Read more »
I will write a negative review because a few years ago I was simply kicked out of this hosting in a rude manner, citing "excessive load". I won't write anything more - those who need to know will draw their own conclusions.
The guys got carried away with "cool" hosting providers. The hosting quality is shit (at least in the USA). 1) It's fine for a week, then it starts - even Google bots can't load the website's homepage. Users bombarded us wi.. Read more »
A couple of years ago, there were frequent incidents when our database server and hosting would often fail, so we had to switch to a different hosting provider. Perhaps they have already resolved the issue.