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Working: 16 years is an extremely reliable hosting service that offers the perfect balance between affordability and performance. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the cluster hosting service, citing no issues or complaints during their nearly year-long usage. Minor problems that do arise are promptly resolved by the excellent support team, who often go above and beyond without charging extra. One customer specifically mentioned encountering problems with Joomla modules, but the support.. Read more »

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Good day. We have been using hosting for over 7 years. Fast and user-friendly interface. Hosting equipment is constantly updated. Quick responses to all questions. Issues are resolved instantly. Technical support responds quickly. Wishing you growth.. Read more »
Yuliya Samankova
We have been collaborating with BestHost for many years. Their support is always prompt and knowledgeable. The cost is more than reasonable. With BestHost, I am confident that my website is in reliable hands.
Kamila Denesheva
Today, I urgently needed a domain + SSL certificate. I searched everywhere, but the prices were outrageous and the minimum purchase was for 3 months. To be honest, I've never dealt with websites before. So, on this hosting platform, I found the.. Read more »
Kristina Tyshkevich
We have been using hosting services for a long time, previously we only had issues due to insufficient space, but we bought a different plan and everything was fine. Until we added another website (allowed by the tariff plan) and the site's load.. Read more »
Aliaksandr Auchynnikau
I have been working with this hosting provider for a long time. I can definitely say that it is the best hosting provider in Belarus.
Good day! I've been hosting for a while now and I've noticed that I often encounter a 503 error - I can't figure out what it's related to and it's starting to frustrate me. Sometimes I calm down, but when the site starts to s.. Read more »
Anatoliy Shevchenko
We have been working with the company for almost a year. Prior to that, we switched three providers, including the largest Belarusian ones. The attitude seemed attentive, but whenever there were problems, they would offer us one solution - increase d.. Read more »
Probably the best Belarusian hosting. I have been using for almost three years now. First and foremost, I am impressed by the high server uptime (close to 100%). Whenever maintenance is carried out, the host notifies me by email, for whic.. Read more »
Alisa Fiadulava
We would like to thank for their reliable hosting services and professional work. In 2010, the decision was made by OJSC "VITEBSDREV" to migrate the website to the new web hosting provider, In 2014, we upgraded to t.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over two years. I host my personal website on the lowest tariff plan. Everything is satisfactory. It's great that the guys help with installing SSL certificates, and I'm also pleased with the fact that the.. Read more »
Nazar Makatrov
I can say that the hosting service is of very high quality! The technical support is top-notch, they help and advise. Other hosting providers don't offer such assistance. The pricing is pleasant and there is a good loyalty program for clients. I.. Read more »
Yaўgen Slyaptsoў
I have been hosted for almost 6 years and I'm satisfied with everything. The support is adequate. Sometimes there are minor issues, and I also wish they offered domain registration for .by. Overall, it's a great hosting service and I recomm.. Read more »
Danila Sudnikovich
Thank you so much to for their work. I have been using their services for a year now and everything is perfect. They offer reasonable prices and provide excellent technical support. In short, they are not just a hosting provider, but a dr.. Read more »
Egor Komarovskiy
I am sharing my personal website for videography. I have no complaints about the hosting service. Everything is satisfactory and I have not found any downsides to the hosting. Personally, I recommend using for hosting.
I have been hosting my project for 7 months now. During this time, there have been no issues or complaints, only positive experiences with the hosting. Everything runs smoothly. Thank you for providing the only reliable hosting service in our country.. Read more »
Elena Verigo
I have been hosting my website with this hosting provider for 4 years now. I can say that I am completely satisfied with everything. Every year, the guys install a free SSL certificate and the hosting discount increases with each year, which is very .. Read more »
I can say that offers high quality, reasonable prices, and excellent support. Buy a tariff and you won't regret it.
Olgerd Baranskiy
Great hosting, responsive support, they respond within 10-15 minutes. I host many applications on it. I used to host on another hosting provider, but my VPS kept crashing and they didn't help with restoring it. They helped with the migration and.. Read more »
Andrey Kramar
There is a really cool and affordable web hosting in Belarus that is even better than some other Belarusian hosts who don't care at all about their customers and don't strive for good service and quality. BestHost is the best, believe an ol.. Read more »
The guys went out of their way and provided free hosting services for a charitable project. The website is running smoothly and flawlessly! Thank you for not staying on the sidelines!
Andrey Kazhan
I highly recommend it! Excellent technical support. Regular updates. Great speed, I use it and I am very satisfied.))))
Aleksandr Scherba
The best hosting with high quality and affordable price. The technical support works very quickly. Probably only with this hosting you can easily reach them and promptly resolve any urgent issue.
Mariya Zyl
We have been hosting our website for three years now. The hosting provider always pleases us with its reliability and performance. Our company recommends this hosting, you won't regret it.
Elena Militsina
Affordable prices, comprehensive support (even adequately answering questions from those who are not very knowledgeable), timely notifications about technical maintenance, etc. The best hosting is the one you only remember when it's time to make.. Read more »
Anya Klimova
Great hosting. Paid and forgot. Just what I needed. There is a trial period, excellent technical support.
Aleksandr Petrov
Great hosting service with excellent quality and affordable prices. We have been hosting with them for over a year and I can say that our website has never experienced any downtime. Yes, there were a couple of instances where maintenance work was car.. Read more »
Anastasiya Samoylo
I am hosting my website on a hosting service. I am very satisfied with the performance of the hosting, as everything runs smoothly without any interruptions, and the price for hosting is reasonable. I highly recommend it!
Evgeniy Derkach
The best hosting for a website. Affordable price, excellent quality. I don't see any drawbacks. I'm satisfied.
Yuriy Vyshinskiy
I have been hosting my website for over 2 years now. There has never been a single instance where something went down or crashed. I am completely satisfied with the hosting service and I highly recommend it to everyone!
Sergey Verigo
Excellent hosting. I switched to them a year ago and I am completely satisfied. On my old hosting, there were constant technical issues or something else, but here it is almost half the price and the quality is much better!!! I recommend it to everyo.. Read more »
Muhammad Suhail Ajma
This hosting service is extremely reliable and offers the best balance between affordability and performance.
In my experience, the hosting service has been outstanding. Our website, which is built on Joomla, has never experienced any downtime. Their prices are the most affordable compared to other providers in the region. For the same specifications that ho.. Read more »
Sergey Hohlov
I have been using this hosting service for nearly a year, specifically their cluster hosting. I have had no issues or complaints. Occasionally, minor problems arise, but they are promptly resolved. The support team is excellent and often goes above a.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for almost a year and I have no complaints about the clustered hosting. There are sometimes minor issues, but their technical support promptly fixes them and is quite helpful, often providing assistance for free. I had .. Read more »
I have had a great experience with this hosting provider. My Joomla website has never crashed. Their prices are the lowest in Belarus (36,000 for the same features that charges 70,000 for). I was worried that the quality might be compromise.. Read more »
This hosting is highly stable. It offers the best price-quality ratio.