rating: 9.5, reviews: 192
Panels: Hestia CP, Vesta CP
Working: 15 years
Testing: 30 days is a hosting provider that has been delivering reliable and trustworthy service since 2012. They have received high praise for their customer support, with a rating of 5 for their consistent assistance in resolving website errors and site transfers. One customer even mentioned how they promptly resolved a problem with restoring from an old backup within a day. The wide range of plans offered by caters to various needs, ensuring that there is a suitable plan for everyone. Cust.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

BlogCustom-built3 pcs-10 Gb$4.22
StartCustom-built10 pcs-30 Gb$5.95
NobleCustom-built15 pcs-40 Gb$7.46
GreatCustom-built30 pcs-50 Gb$9.62

VPS 6-12 Gb6 pcs150 Gb$29.19
VPS 8-16 Gb8 pcs220 Gb$55.14

Blade №1 E-22244.8 GHz32 Gb4 pcs480 Gb$128.11
Optimal E3-1275 V54 GHz32 Gb4 pcs960 Gb$136.22
Blade №2 E-22364.8 GHz32 Gb6 pcs960 Gb$160
Blade №3 E-2278GE4.7 GHz64 Gb8 pcs1920 Gb$221.62
Super Gold 6210U3.9 GHz128 Gb20 pcs4000 Gb$335.14

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On December 6th, our company's account was abruptly transferred to another server. However, the transfer was done without installing the necessary modules that were essential for the proper functioning of our websites. As a result, the websites .. Read more »
Hello everyone! I want to express my respect to Beget support team! Fantastic! They transferred my website from another provider without any loss in just a few hours. It was cool and professional. And the most important thing is that the website didn.. Read more »
I have been using their services for a good 6 years now. When I moved, they helped me transfer everything, which was a pleasant bonus. Over this time, I went through stages of having a biased attitude towards this high-quality host. What pleased me.. Read more »
I had been with my current web hosting provider for 9 years, but I had to part ways due to their unfriendly pricing policy. They would increase prices without any warning or consultation, and would add unnecessary features that many people didn'.. Read more »
To say that Beget has gone downhill is an understatement. The company has become another crappy hosting provider where tariffs are determined by greed, and the technical support has degraded to the level of hired moms on maternity leave and cheap stu.. Read more »
At the moment, my conclusions and impressions are as follows: The hosting is serious and truly professional. The technical support consists of experienced, educated, and reasonable specialists who can build relationships with clients correctly, rega.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service since 2012. I came across it through a recommendation from an online school. It has never let me down. The support team is always there to help, with a rating of 5+. They can assist in resolving website errors o.. Read more »
I really appreciate the quality of customer support on this platform. No matter how experienced you are, there can always be situations where unexpected issues arise and you are unable to find a solution on your own for some reason. It is very pleasa.. Read more »
I have tried many hosting services, both Russian, Kazakhstani, and European, and I like Beget the most. One of the main factors is their excellent customer support. They always help with any question and assist in finding solutions. The speed is fant.. Read more »
So I read some negative reviews about Beget and I can say that we have never had any problems with our websites. They have never gone down, unlike some other hosting providers that I won't mention. There's really nothing but positive thing.. Read more »
Leaving a review, in case it helps someone. Overall, the provider is good. The price, quality, and internet speed were all satisfactory, but I had to leave them. (Why?) Throughout December 2022, we were relentlessly DDoS attacked, and my colleague an.. Read more »
I had some problems with my website. I'm not a super expert in this field, so I reached out to the support team. My WordPress control panel completely disappeared. When I tried to log in, it gave me a message saying that such an address doesn�.. Read more »
A very good, reliable, and time-tested hosting service. What I like about it is the wide range of tariff packages available based on different needs. I have an account where over 10 websites are hosted, as well as some with just 1 or 2. For each webs.. Read more »
The hosting service has consistently provided excellent, trustworthy, and well-established service throughout the years. One aspect that I appreciate is the wide range of plans available to cater to various needs. Personally, I have an account with m.. Read more »
It's hard to imagine a better hosting than Beget. I've been using it for many years - no problems at all. Although the day before yesterday, there was a 500 error - the website simply disappeared, and I couldn't even access the admin p.. Read more »
Towards the night, I decided to update the plugins on my website when a critical error occurred. It froze. The support team at Beget is always available. They quickly and professionally provided assistance (even in the middle of the night) and resolv.. Read more »
I have been using Beget services for 3 years now. The provider is reliable and problem-free. I would like to express my gratitude to their customer support team! They always respond quickly and answer any questions. I give them a rating of 5 out of 5.. Read more »
Tamara is a highly reliable hosting provider. I have been using their services since 2018 and have been extremely satisfied. They offer excellent technical performance and a user-friendly control panel. The technical support team is also of top-no.. Read more »
I have been using BEGET hosting for many years. There is no extra stuff, no forced services, no intrusive advertising, everything is clear, convenient, and to the point. The technical support is attentive and responsive, always trying to help and res.. Read more »
I will add a spoonful of tar. I used the j95281wl account until spring 2022 (2017-2022). But in my opinion, the price of Beget hosting suddenly increased in the spring. It became unprofitable for me. I have small websites, so the disk space quota is .. Read more »
I have been using their services for over 2 years. At first, I was on shared hosting, then I switched to VPS because I needed to deploy a bot. The prices for such uptime and performance are good. I recommend Beget to everyone who asks which hosting t.. Read more »
Mixed impressions of hosting. On one hand, when switching to it, the support team does not configure anything immediately, they take a very long time to resolve issues, and different people handle a single ticket, who do not always read it from the b.. Read more »
The perception of hosting is not clear-cut. On one hand, the support team takes a long time to address issues and different individuals handle a single ticket, often without thoroughly reading it. On the other hand, once everything is properly set up.. Read more »
LLC "Profisketch" would like to express gratitude to LLC "Beget" for their high-quality hosting services, prompt technical support, and assistance in recovering lost data. Sincerely, Office Manager of LLC "Profisketch"
I have been using Beget since 2013. The support team resolves all issues very quickly, and sometimes there are quite complex tasks. There is a ticket system and a phone line. Both methods have no issues with response speed. There has never been an.. Read more »
These guys are the BEST! Support is like a GOD! Very prompt, eternal backups are always there, the speed is pleasing, and the prices are fantastic! I am extremely satisfied!
I want to leave a positive review about Beget hosting. It has a very modern and user-friendly interface. The pricing policy is good, and they don't push unnecessary services. I especially want to express my immense gratitude to the Beget hosting.. Read more »
Best service, instant support. No technical issues. I used to use other hosting providers, switched to Beget, and only positives. Highly recommended!
Computers used to receive a text string for PC configuration through a GET request. Suddenly, Bega decided to block it without any prior notification. Thanks, guys, for the simplicity that costs 12,000 rubles per hour. When asked questions in the tic.. Read more »
Beget is a great hosting provider. Their tariffs are self-explanatory, but not everyone offers free migration, regardless of the number of websites, throughout the entire hosting period. Their technical support is a godsend, especially for beginners,.. Read more »
The best hosting and the best customer support!
Amazing technical support! I have never encountered such customer orientation before, I am very impressed. The technical support operators answer the questions competently and politely. They have fulfilled several non-standard requests related to ac.. Read more »
I am currently satisfied with my communication with customer support and my work. Overall, I am pleased with my collaboration with the hosting company.
I have been using this hosting for over 5 years. Currently, more than 50 personal and client projects are hosted on it. Most clients are satisfied with the cheapest tariff: I personally use VIP hosting with high.. Read more »
Great hosting - pleasantly surprised! I came here based on a recommendation and throughout my acquaintance and work, I just can't stop marveling at how quickly and efficiently the support responds: I ask them a question - they provide me with a.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over 3 years. I switched to it and transferred all my clients from other hosting providers.
For over 5 years, I have been using and enjoying the services of Beget. The analytics in the control panel often saves me from problems. This hosting is perfect for serious projects.
For beginners, I definitely recommend starting with this hosting. It offers a 30-day trial period, affordable pricing, and a user-friendly and visually appealing control panel. The EDATOP project has been on Beget from the very beginning, and I real.. Read more »
Excellent hosting, with low prices and top-notch customer support. They fixed the bugs for me when I transferred my website, as half of it was not functioning properly.
Very functional and user-friendly account control panel. Interesting hosting offers. Good support and reliable security. I recommend it.
We are using VPS and are very satisfied with the technical support! The guys from the support team go the extra mile by performing tasks that are not part of their mandatory responsibilities. Those who have switched from hosting to VPS will understan.. Read more »
We hosted on shared hosting for several years, but a couple of years ago we switched to VPS. Pros: - Convenient interface - Stable hosting - Fast technical support Cons: - Inconvenient VPS tariffs - cannot purchase only CPU or disk separately - File .. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service since 2017. The quality is excellent, and the technical support responds quickly. Downtimes are rare. However, they increase prices without prior notification (as mentioned on their website). Be cautious.
Great service! The company "Crimeamediacom" provides website development and promotion services. For over 10 years, we have been using the services of and are very happy with our collaboration. It's a good service with afforda.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting a little over a year ago and I am very pleased with the prompt technical support they provide. I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to website settings and other technical details, so I often seek guidance from the.. Read more »
Recently, we encountered some issues while transferring the website from We needed to make some adjustments to the WordPress structure. I am very grateful to the guys from Breguet for their help. I wouldn't say that they solved the probl.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting provider from another well-known host. After the migration, I encountered an issue with receiving requests from my website, specifically with the incorrect display of the request sender. I reached out to support, and to my .. Read more »
Great hosting. We've been with Beget for several years now - no issues with performance, support, or documentation. Just recently, we accidentally deleted the Bitrix core along with our website. Everything disappeared, including the backup fold.. Read more »
Amazing customer support. I decided to change the design of my website, and since I am in self-isolation and all, I did it myself without any programmers or external help. The customer support team patiently assisted me even in matters that were not .. Read more »
Honestly, I really like Beget. I am familiar with most of the major Russian hosting providers and have something to compare it to. It has good speed and uptime. The control panel is user-friendly, with all the necessary statistics and settings. The b.. Read more »
Some time ago, I utilized Beget for a project at my company. Their servers demonstrate remarkable speed, and we never experienced any disruptions in service availability. Furthermore, their customer support is exceptional. The staff is highly knowle.. Read more »
The hosting plans offered by Beget are tailored to meet different needs. While I personally find the plans to be a bit pricey, the platform itself functions exceptionally well. Additionally, they provide a 30-day trial period for you to test their pr.. Read more »
I have been utilizing Beget for all of my projects. Presently, I am subscribed to the noble plan, which costs $6 per month. This comprehensive 25gb plan allows me to store up to 10 websites and includes a CMS installer. Considering all of its feature.. Read more »
The Russian company's exceptional performance is remarkable. They understand their clients' needs well, as their pricing plans are affordable in contrast to other companies that provide low-quality hosting services. In my opinion, Read more »
I have been using this hosting service for several years. I started with the free version for over a year until my website became self-sustaining. After that, I switched to the minimal starter package, which also had discounts. Additionally, every ye.. Read more »
Price equals quality, that's what you should keep in mind, guys. The support is absolutely amazing, I have never encountered such promptness and attentiveness before. I had some questions regarding the Cron setup, and the guys set it up exactly .. Read more »
Beget is a Russian hosting provider that offers a 30-day trial period for testing their products at no cost. This is advantageous because it allows users to try out their products without any financial commitment. However, their hosting plans are som.. Read more »
You are the coolest support I have ever dealt with! And the hosting service as a whole is satisfying, so I will continue to use it!
A good hosting provider with fast technical support. I faced the need to purchase hosting and a domain name for my wife's cosmetology website. We spent a long time researching which hosting provider to choose and ultimately settled on Beget. We .. Read more »
We have been using Beget hosting for over 3 years and we are absolutely thrilled with the quality of their services and, of course, their technical support. These guys are amazing! They respond within 15-20 minutes, always help with any questions and.. Read more »
I am very pleased with our three-year collaboration. The hosting is trouble-free. Everything is automatically renewed and taken care of. The technical support team works wonders. Well done, guys. I'm glad I found your company, and I feel secure .. Read more »
Beget web hosting providers originated in Russia and have been offering their services since 2007. They have provided good pricing throughout their almost 13-year journey. Their shared hosting plans are particularly appealing due to the inclusion of .. Read more »
I fell for the price, speed, and reviews. If you have a blogger page without any visitors, then this hosting is fantastic! But as soon as any kind of load appears, they start demanding money in an ultimatum form from you. 65 SR per day, man! We'.. Read more »
I am very glad that I chose to host my first website with them. We have been together for two years now and everything just works great. The website has never crashed and the support team always responds within 1-2 hours. These guys simply do their j.. Read more »
In my opinion, it's an excellent hosting service. We have been using it for over 8 years, I believe. What is pleasing about it is the support, website loading speed, and stability. The only downside is probably the cost, as I know there are host.. Read more »
It took me a while to get used to the panel, and there are some inconveniences in the file manager. But other than that, everything seems fine.
As many before me have already said, these guys know what they're doing. Most of our clients have already migrated to Beget servers and they are satisfied. Let's go through the evaluation points: Prices. I can't say anything bad abou.. Read more »
Sheena provides cost-effective shared hosting options that offer great value for money. They ensure excellent website performance, reliable security, and uptime. I have never encountered any issues with my website being down. Their customer suppor.. Read more »
Beget was a valuable resource for me when I needed to transfer a client's blog for free. They successfully migrated it themselves, and no data was lost. What impressed me even more was their incredibly affordable prices, especially considering t.. Read more »
Hello everyone. Yesterday I unsuccessfully updated the theme on my website. I couldn't fix the error myself. I reached out to Beget Technical Support. Today, in the afternoon, the website was restored. They responded very quickly to my request. .. Read more »
The tech support is terrible. There is an issue on their side: when delegating a domain to another hosting provider's services for a website hosted with them, the function only works sporadically. In other words, there are situations where a cor.. Read more »
I was involved in a significant project for, an Australian brand's website, which required frequent updates to its plugins and scripts. It was crucial for the website to have a reliable server response and uptime in order to ens.. Read more »
Based on extensive research, including reading reviews and consulting reputable online sources, I made the decision to try out a particular hosting provider. To test its performance, I uploaded a complex and high-traffic website on the platform, with.. Read more »
Great hosting. It's fast, there are no long downtimes, maximum downtime is 3 minutes once a year. The support team is amazing! They always try to help and their response time is just 5 minutes, which is very important when something goes wrong. .. Read more »
I have been using BEGET as my hosting provider and registrar for over 5 years. After hearing about the poor technical support in other companies, I was initially hesitant to seek assistance from BEGET's support team. However, to my surprise, I d.. Read more »
I wasn't shocked when I opened the link to Beget and saw that it was labeled as GOOD. In fact, I would go as far as saying that this company is excellent! Although they may be a bit expensive, they make up for it with their extensive range of ad.. Read more »
I have been using various hosting services for over 20 years, so I have something to compare with, and Beget is the best. I have been using their services for 3 years and have never had any issues (User ID 498645). Everything is fast, clear, and affo.. Read more »
The most helpful support I have ever encountered on the Internet! These guys assisted me with every question I had!
I have been using it for my projects for several years now and often recommend it to clients! In my opinion, the advantages include a convenient and user-friendly control panel, availability of a mobile application for monitoring, and of course, a go.. Read more »
The technical support team is excellent! They respond promptly to all requests, help and answer all questions. I have been using this hosting service for many years and have contacted them many times during this time. They have always been helpful, n.. Read more »
The fastest and most dependable option available. If you encounter any problems, the support team responds almost immediately. However, the top-tier hosting service is costly, and the basic plans offer limited features. Ideal for medium-sized busines.. Read more »
Excellent server! I absolutely have no regrets. And the technical support is just amazing, they help really quickly, both with their actions and explanations of what to do. Such service is rarely found. Moreover, when I read some negative reviews abo.. Read more »
The support I have received has been exceptional and I have always received great assistance whenever I needed it. My websites have never experienced any periods of inactivity. Unlike other hosting providers with similar pricing, they have managed to.. Read more »
In my opinion, Beget has a straightforward website which makes it easier to find what you're looking for compared to other similar websites. Their web hosting service has been reliable for me, and their support team was prompt in assisting with .. Read more »
The technical support was very helpful with setting up and adjusting my website, the staff themselves are pleasant, and the hosting is user-friendly!
My online store website was inaccessible for almost a week! From 09.05.2019 to 13.05.2019. The website completely disappeared from Yandex search index. The number of new calls and orders decreased by 90%! And it's unclear when everything will be.. Read more »
Everyone was happy with the hosting, but recently I was surprised by a new feature - it turns out that for newly registered domains, it is not possible to issue/receive an SSL certificate within 48 hours of domain registration. This was confirmed mul.. Read more »
Our company has been using Beeget services for over 3 years. And during this time, we have had no complaints whatsoever, on the contrary, only the most positive feedback for working with the Beeget service. Special thanks to the technical support tea.. Read more »
I've been using this hosting for about 7 years now. At first, it was the best, but lately I've noticed that the websites have been running slowly (I'm not sure if it's because the websites have become heavy or if the hosting has g.. Read more »
It's impressive to see that a company that originated as a Russian hosting service has expanded into an international one. I must mention that my personal experience with this company was a few years ago, around three years to be exact, but even.. Read more »
Based on my experience, I know that people rarely write good reviews when everything is working fine because they don't have time for it. That's why I want to support the Beget service. We have been using Beget for almost 10 years now. Arou.. Read more »
Excellent hosting with a good affiliate program. It's not expensive compared to other hosts, but if you register 2-3 acquaintances in the affiliate program, it will be completely free. I really liked their hosting control panel, especially the .. Read more »
My first hosting - I have been using it for two years without any complaints. I have also used other hosting services concurrently and in the past, so I have something to compare it to. The technical support always responds promptly and thoughtfully.. Read more »
Great hosting. Domain renewal at the same price as registration. Fast support and free SSL certificate.
So, Beget. I've been with them for a few years now. Overall rating: 8 out of 10 Pros + affordable + good control panel + gives the impression of a reputable and serious company + provides VAT invoices to legal entities, bonuses apply to legal e.. Read more »
I have been a customer of Beget hosting since 2014, and all of my friends switched here from ****** hosting. I have never encountered any difficulties with the hosting. The technical support is instant. The uptime is 99.99% of the time. I highly reco.. Read more »
The hosting service is quite odd. By default, the prices are listed for a two-year term, but when you actually select the hosting, the price ends up being significantly higher. When I asked the support team how to delete my account, they immediatel.. Read more »
Our SEO web studio, "Handreg," has been operating in the web design market for quite some time. We have created over 600 websites and hosted them on various platforms. Last year, we discovered Beget hosting. It is currently the most reliabl.. Read more »
This virtual hosting is quite convenient and reliable. We have hosted a large number of our clients' websites on it. We really liked the backup storage and recovery system. Drush is installed in the console for websites on CMS Drupal. The techn.. Read more »
I've used many hosting and domain registration services (, Hostinger, makhost, modhost) and I can say one thing. After switching to Beget, I won't use anything else at all! The support team is just amazing (love you guys!), they respo.. Read more »
The support is completely absent. They don't solve any problems. Not a single one. The only answer is: VPS under your control, do whatever you want. And through their control panel, you can only reboot the server, nothing more. I deeply regret g.. Read more »
I struggled a lot with different hosting providers until I found Beget. It's a reliable and affordable option that I highly recommend.
I have been using this hosting service for several years and constantly monitor competitors, so I can confidently say that their conditions are worse! I switched to paid hosting from a free one because I ran out of space on the free disk! The support.. Read more »
The hosting is really great. I have been using it for many years and I recommend it to others on my blog and to my acquaintances. The customer support service is very impressive - super fast responses to questions, you can even call and they will ans.. Read more »
My friends and I are all satisfied. It is very convenient and user-friendly. With just one click, you can install a CMS. And don't get me started on the tech support, they go above and beyond what you ask of them. I'm thrilled to have trie.. Read more »
Everything is fine. When my friends have problems with other hosting providers, I always migrate them to Beget.
I have been very pleased with hosting for about three years now. I switched to them after using, where I paid around 500-700 rubles for the first year (can't remember exactly), but they charged me four times more for the second y.. Read more »
Initially, everything functioned smoothly. However, over the past two months, there have been frequent occurrences of "504 Gateway Time-out" errors multiple times daily. The technical support team promptly acknowledges the problem but offer.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for over 3 years now. I have two main websites and a bunch of different demos and test sites. It's quite convenient and user-friendly. The support team is very responsive and helpful. Occasionally, there are some g.. Read more »
I have been using it since 2011, the great tariff plan, the technical support is awesome, with one-click installation of any CMS along with creating a database, SSD servers. I can't even say that there are any issues, because in these 7 years, t.. Read more »
zael's technical support was unable to resolve the problem for over three weeks, but the team at fixed it in less than an hour. Therefore, I have decided to stick with
We have a major project called, which is an interactive news line. Throughout the project, we have switched providers multiple times. We first left Majordomo, then said goodbye to Jino, and finally settled with TimeWeb and Beget. We u.. Read more »
The hosting service is average. The interface of the administrative panel is surprisingly minimalistic. Compared to Cpanel, it appears to lack certain features. I haven't needed to contact technical support yet. The website functions smoothly an.. Read more »
I selected this hosting company by evaluating ratings, comments, and reviews. Ultimately, I chose Beget based on its price/service ratio and the availability of a 30-day free trial period. I am currently subscribed to the Start plan and made my payme.. Read more »
The text emphasizes the positive experience of using Beget as a hosting provider. It mentions that the support provided by Beget is exceptional, with quick responses, friendly attitudes, and patience especially for beginners. The technical support is.. Read more »
I have been using it since 2010, and I have not encountered any issues. Customer support promptly resolves all inquiries with admirable patience, even for silly questions. Wishing the company continued success and prosperity! I highly recommend it to.. Read more »
I appreciate your efforts. 5+
You can have a trial period of one month without any cost, during which you can easily install, delete, copy, or transfer the complete program. The previous year was particularly bothersome because of the occurrence of DDOS attacks, resulting in the .. Read more »
I have been satisfied with their hosting services for the past 3 months and have no intention of switching. The benefits include a user-friendly control panel, prompt and friendly customer support, efficient website speed, affordable pricing plans, a.. Read more »
This is the best hosting I have ever used. The control panel, customer support, and speed are all top-notch. If it were possible to host commercial websites in Belarus on Russian hosting, I would transfer all my sites here, 100%! Everything is simple.. Read more »
Everything is functioning flawlessly. The customer support team responds in a prompt manner, typically within 20 minutes (I reached out to them only due to my own error). The free trial period operated exactly as stated. Overall, everything is functi.. Read more »
I have been with Beget for approximately one year, and throughout this time, I have not encountered any major issues. Whenever minor problems arose, they were promptly resolved by reaching out to the support team via email. Beget is an excellent host.. Read more »
The hosting service is functioning well as per usual. I have been using it for a duration of two years. The support team promptly responds to inquiries, specifically through ICQ. I have not encountered any issues or unexpected disruptions. I am pleas.. Read more »
A week ago, I changed my hosting provider and now everything is functioning perfectly.
I started using this hosting service 7 years ago when I was still a young apprentice in development, for personal needs. I moved my client projects there after a notable incident with mistakenly deleting a website and two databases. The support team .. Read more »
We hosted a small project on this hosting service and overall we are satisfied. The only difficulty we encountered was with the non-standard control panel, and there were a couple of instances when we had issues accessing the servers. But overall, th.. Read more »
Overall, I am satisfied with the hosting. I have been using it since 2007. However, after the recent update of the control panel, it has been noticeably slower.
I unintentionally became a customer due to an urgent need to switch hosting providers. Fortunately, everything is functioning flawlessly, and the technical support team promptly assisted me in resolving the issue when my site went offline. Considerin.. Read more »
Great hosting, fast and convenient. I encountered a small issue though. My passport is not Russian, and when registering through Beget domain, the corresponding form for passport details only allows for the Russian format of series and passport numbe.. Read more »
Hosting is fantastic! It signifies effective leadership and healthy competition. However, there is one drawback that prevents me from visiting Ukraine: their policy and legal system are complicated and indecisive. It seems they are trying to please e.. Read more »
I have been using it for a couple of years. - Working with domains is troublesome; - The file manager has issues, as it is unable to extract large archives. We need to seek assistance. Currently, our website experiences frequent downtime.
It is clear right away that the remarks are made by inexperienced individuals. There are numerous issues with it, but I will only mention a few fundamental ones. 1) Scripts can be executed in higher directories. 2) My website frequently experiences .. Read more »
I think hosting is good, although I may not have experienced bad hosting before since this is my first time. Overall, everything is convenient except for the Personal cabinet. I find the floating control panel to be quite inconvenient, especially bec.. Read more »
I have been utilizing Beget hosting for a duration of 10 months so far. Initially, there was a one-month trial period that was free of charge. The support team consistently responds promptly and assists clients in comprehending the issue, even if it .. Read more »
Great job! They deserve a rating of 5 out of 5.
I have been with Beget for the second year already. When other hosting providers call and offer me to switch to them, I ask, "What makes you better than Beget?" None of them have provided any convincing arguments. That's why I stick wi.. Read more »
I switched hosting providers multiple times before discovering What I particularly appreciated was their generous free trial period, which proved to be extremely helpful. The control panel is user-friendly, and the inclusion of tron.beget f.. Read more »
Hello! One day I came across Beget hosting online and decided to give their services a try. I must say, I was impressed with the company's service. Whenever I had to reach out to their technical support, they always responded promptly, with wait.. Read more »
I am not an expert in IT technologies and solutions. I am an average user with no specific knowledge of databases, PHP, SQL, and other words that IT professionals use. And that's exactly why I appreciate Beget. Their responsive and knowledgeabl.. Read more »
The service is excellent, the support is top-notch, and the prices are not high. Thanks to the support, everything is always timely and without delay. Whether over the phone or through tickets, they always help to understand the problem. Overall, the.. Read more »
I am glad that I stumbled upon the hosting by chance on the internet. I registered and they offer a free month to try out all the functionalities (at least on the "Start" tariff plan that I chose). Everything is satisfactory - the .. Read more »
1. Excellent tech support. They even helped in situations where I thought I should have been the one to solve them, not them. Of course, for free hosting, the "services" of tech support are limited, but they still respond and provide releva.. Read more »
All websites hosted on sooner or later end up infected. And right away, there is a paid tool to confirm this and treatment for it. Great, isn't it? Instead of such questionable hosting, it would be better to work on protecting the websi.. Read more »
I signed up for hosting about a year ago. The pros: excellent control panel, great technical support. The cons: there were some issues with website availability. The technical support suggested changing servers, and after the replacement, the problem.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting for several years and it has been great. It satisfies all my needs completely. If you are unsure which hosting to choose, I recommend trying Beget hosting for free (30 days) and then deciding whether to continue using i.. Read more »
We have tried many different hosting providers, and Beget is the best of them. Firstly, it is affordable. Secondly, their customer support is top-notch. They transferred our website to their hosting for free, and they respond to tickets and provide h.. Read more »
The website has been on a free plan for the past three years. Occasionally, there were issues with website availability. However, after the provider installed additional DNS servers, the website has been running smoothly.
Very reliable hosting. No failures noticed in 4 months. The technical support is reasonable - I recommend it.
I was really disappointed that when I bought a domain, I ended up buying hosting as well :( And after wasting time trying to figure out the situation, I learned that it is not possible to purchase a domain separately from hosting. It seems rather unf.. Read more »
The hosting is good, everything is convenient and easy to understand. The only downside is the mail server. I couldn't set it up myself, and emails are not being sent. Additionally, when using the mail() function, they attach their own sender ad.. Read more »
Good evening, everyone! Sorry for the confusion, but... After another interaction with the hosting support, I want to express my utmost respect to them! They are very responsive and always delve into the essence of the problem and provide assistance!.. Read more »
Hello everyone, I want to leave a positive review! Responsive technical support. I want to express my gratitude to the hosting team. The hosting completely justifies its cost, with a convenient and user-friendly interface, additional simplified funct.. Read more »
Great host! The support has been top-notch so far, even helping promptly on the free plan! The only drawback is the limited disk space, which becomes inconvenient as the website grows - constant upgrading of the plan is required.
No downsides
There haven't been any serious complaints for over two years. There are several websites hosted on the platform. So far, everything is going smoothly.
The excellent technical support helped migrate the website from another hosting provider. They always respond and assist. Well done!
Great hosting! They promptly resolve any issues and we switched to them from another hosting provider. It's very convenient and they even assist regular users without specialized knowledge. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! Plus, the prices are excellent an.. Read more »
Hello everyone! I have a website called, and it has been up for 4 months now. So far, I have only experienced the positives - it functions well and provides fast assistance in case of any questions or issues. The technica.. Read more »
I haven't been using this hosting service for long, but so far I am satisfied with everything. It works consistently, has reasonable prices, and the support team is responsive. I hope that everything will continue to be great in the future.
There are 2 websites on the Blog tariff. Everything runs smoothly. The control panel is user-friendly, the hosting pricing policy is satisfactory, and nothing crashes or hangs. Definitely a solid 5.
I have been using this hosting for two months now, and it's still on a free basis. Everything suits me perfectly. It's the best option you can find for small projects. There are no banners or advertisements, and having free hosting is just .. Read more »
I switched to this hosting provider a year ago. I haven't noticed any major issues, to be honest. What's pleasing is that their customer support works 24/7 and responds promptly, although they all seem to be trying to sell a dedicated IP fo.. Read more »
Excellent hosting. It offers a wide range of services and has a user-friendly interface. I was very impressed with the professionalism and speed of the customer support team.
Great hosting
This hosting service is quite decent and offers free trial periods.
Great hassle-free hosting, excellent customer support. The guys really know their job and were very helpful!
It's a pretty decent hosting service. I've been using them for several months now, and my websites are lightning fast. I haven't experienced any downtime yet, which is great. The tech support is really impressive too - they helped me t.. Read more »
A reliable hosting for MODx. Automated CSS installation.
I recently switched hosting providers and started looking for a new one. I must say, I don't trust what is written in the comments, so I conducted a survey among acquaintances. More than 80% of people use this particular host. I reached out and .. Read more »
I am satisfied with the hosting, I have been using it for almost 2 years. Everything is simple and clear, with excellent control panel. It works fast and stable. The PHP Memory Limit is 256M, which is twice as much as the Belarusian providers like A... Read more »
Hosting! It's what true leadership and competition policy mean. Just one downside, we need to get into Ukraine: the truth is, our politics and jurisprudence are cunning, wanting to sit on two chairs. But I believe that the specialists at Beget w.. Read more »
Good hosting, everything is intuitive and easy to grasp. I can't say anything about reliability and speed because my website is only 2 months old and I haven't had any issues so far. I hope my review will help someone else make a decision.
I have been using Beget virtual hosting for several months. The admin panel is convenient. Support always answers questions, especially quickly over the phone. The 30-day trial period is great! I was able to test the performance of my scripts. The pr.. Read more »
Everything was fine with me until one beautiful Sunday when all the websites from my account disappeared. I have been offline for over an hour now and it is uncertain when the problem will be resolved and how it will affect the indexing of the websit.. Read more »
I have tried this hosting in a test mode for now. It worked perfectly well, even with Bitrix. However, I used the CITY version, but now I will try working in the regular mode and will write another review after some time...Well, if I don't forge.. Read more »
We have a challenging project - the interactive news feed Scripts, updates every minute, and a high volume of traffic. We went through several providers. We tried out Majordomo, said goodbye to Gina, and settled on TimeWeb and Beget... Read more »
The hosting is quite decent. The admin panel is unusually concise. After Cpanel, it seems a bit lacking. I haven't encountered any technical support issues, so there haven't been any reasons to reach out. The website doesn't lag. The p.. Read more »
For a whole month in 2010, it was possible to train for free - install, delete, copy, transfer, and have a full program. The most annoying year was 2011 due to DDoS attacks, which caused the website to be unavailable for several hours. However, there.. Read more »
Good hosting. I have been using it for 3 months and have no desire to switch. The pros include a good control panel, fast and polite customer support, good website speed, affordable pricing plans, and a month of free trial. The cons are the fixed loa.. Read more »
I have been working with him for about a year, and during this period, I haven't noticed any serious problems. Any minor issues were promptly resolved by contacting their customer support via email. It is a very good hosting service, and I highl.. Read more »
The hosting is great! I've been using it for the second year already. The support team responds immediately (I only contact them via instant messaging). I haven't noticed any issues or unplanned outages. I'm pleased with the wide selec.. Read more »
I switched to this hosting a week ago and so far everything is satisfactory!
I became a client by accident, needing urgent hosting for my website. As a result, everything works perfectly and the technical support team helped me quickly, even during non-working hours. It's more than reasonable for the price. Currently, I&.. Read more »
I have been using it for several years. - It is inconvenient to work with domains. - There are problems with the file manager - it does not unpack large archives. I have to ask for support. Currently, the page is often unavailable.
Good hosting (maybe I don't know what bad hosting is) - this is my first hosting! Everything is generally convenient. Except for the control panel! In my opinion, the floating control panel is not very user-friendly (I have a weak notebook, so i.. Read more »
I have been using Beget hosting for 10 months already. There was a 1-month trial period. The support team always responds quickly and helps with any issues, even those not directly related to the hosting service. The prices are very affordable and yo.. Read more »
I changed several hosting providers until I found hosting. I liked it because of the long trial period - it's a wonderful gift! The control panel is convenient, and even the ftp login goes to tron.beget... - it looks beautiful))) The qu.. Read more »
Everything was working fine at first. But for the past 2 months, I've been experiencing constant "504 Gateway Time-out" errors multiple times a day. The customer support responds quickly, but it's always an automated response sayi.. Read more »
I was choosing a hosting provider among many options, reading ratings, reviews, and feedback. As a result, I chose Beget because of the price/service ratio, plus the availability of a 30-day trial period. I went with the "Start" package. I .. Read more »
No words, just emotions! Everyone who plans to switch to or already uses Beget hosting is really lucky! The support is just superb! Instant responses, friendly attitude towards customers, and o-o-o-o-o-so patient with beginners who need to be (litera.. Read more »
Thank you for the excellent job!
Everything works great. The support team responds within 20 minutes (I only contacted them because of my mistake). They actually provided a free trial period for 1 month. So far, everything is satisfactory.