rating: 6.6, reviews: 13
Country: Belarus
Servers: Belarus
Working: 15 years
bcr.by is a VPS hosting service that has been used by customers for the past 3 years without encountering any problems. However, there is a contrasting opinion expressed by Denis, who highlights the impolite nature of the staff and warns against solely considering the low cost as the services provided are of poor quality.

One customer shared their experience with the current hosting service, stating that it frequently experiences failures, happening approximately once or twice a month. .. Read more »

Reviews on bcr.by


I have been collaborating with this hosting company for several years now, and I have only positive emotions. I have never encountered any issues. The promptness of their technical support is impressive. When you ask a question on a Sunday evening, y.. Read more »
I left them because of their technical support. They don't respond immediately, they don't help solve problems, and they reply with sarcasm.
Very good and high-quality hosting. The most reasonable price. The customer support is always available, they even respond at night, help with everything, set up, change the version if needed. We have been with them for three years. Very satisfied.
We have been using a VPS for hosting for the past 3 years, and so far, we have not encountered any problems.
I wrote the website myself, so I didn't understand anything about website building and publishing before this. I wanted to switch from Hoster Bay to this hosting. I fell for the price. It was half the price. But the website didn't work on t.. Read more »
We have been using the services of this hosting provider for several years now. In terms of price and quality, the hosting is simply superb! Everything runs like clockwork! It's worth noting the high level of professionalism and expertise of the.. Read more »
Our company has been using this hosting for 4 years already, and we have no complaints. Everything works fine, and we could even rate the server's performance as a 5 out of 5. The only issue is that backups cannot be made through the website.. Read more »
Those are not employees, but idiots! Reading sentences filled with sarcasm and disrespect towards me from people who I pay money to. Needless to say, this is not the kind of business scheme that is necessary for a successful company. A special hello.. Read more »
I share the same opinion as Denis' review. Additionally, I must mention that I have never encountered a more impolite staff. It is not advisable to solely consider the low cost as the services provided are of equally poor quality.
Our current hosting service is virtual, but it frequently experiences failures, happening around once or twice a month. As a result, our websites are inaccessible for half of the day. Additionally, there are instances where the mysql databases exist .. Read more »
I agree with Denis's review. I would also like to add that I have never encountered more rude staff. People, don't be fooled by the low price, as it completely matches the quality of service provided.
On virtual hosting, there is a failure approximately once or twice a month, and websites are inaccessible for half a day. MySQL databases often get stuck and do not work. The support team's response is always the same - "our specialists are.. Read more »
We purchased a VPS hosting service, and it has been working well for the past three years.