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Country: USA
Servers: USA, Germany, France, Canada, India, United Kingdom, Sweden, Korea, Japan, Brazil
Working: 14 years
Testing: 30 days is a cloud service provider that offers a comprehensive range of high-quality integrated cloud services. It is closely linked with popular tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Microsoft Windows OS. Azure competes directly with AWS in providing reliable, scalable web solutions for enterprises. Users have praised Azure DNS for its fantastic experience, and the CDN has surpassed expectations in terms of performance.

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VPS A1 v2-2 Gb1 pcs32 Gb$48.99
VPS A2 v2-4 Gb2 pcs32 Gb$68.83

VPS A1 v2-2 Gb1 pcs32 Gb$48.99
VPS A2 v2-4 Gb2 pcs32 Gb$68.83

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Working with Azure DNS was a fantastic experience, and the CDN surpassed expectations.
At my previous job, we utilized Azure VM for cloud computing and Blob Storage for storing documents and media. It was a positive experience as Azure offered reliable uptime of 95% and a competent support team. Additionally, Azure provides a free tria.. Read more »
This year, we transitioned our operations from Gsuite to Microsoft 365 and began using the Azure portal. It is important to understand and plan ahead for your team when utilizing this platform. There are several interesting features, such as Azure Se.. Read more »
Microsoft is unquestionably the top company in the industry that provides this specific service. The only issue I have is that the pricing is slightly expensive, as there are numerous additional features included. Nevertheless, you definitely get you.. Read more »
Microsoft Azure, similar to Google Cloud, is the global frontrunner in server hosting. It offers excellent performance, high security, and slightly cheaper prices compared to Google. It is a reliable and beneficial choice for your business, providing.. Read more »
Azure is renowned as a top-notch cloud service provider globally, offering valuable assistance through their free lifetime offer. This opportunity has greatly facilitated my comprehension of Azure architecture and enabled me to become well-acquainted.. Read more »
Currently, there is no strong competitor to AWS Lightsail within Microsoft Azure. Consequently, I have opted to host a small website on a Microsoft Azure Ubuntu Linux VM. Unfortunately, the website's performance is largely influenced by the amou.. Read more »
Microsoft's Hosting Service is highly commendable. It primarily caters to larger business clients rather than smaller ones, mainly due to its higher cost. It is advantageous that Azure, the hosting service, can scale up alongside the growth of a.. Read more »
Azure is a technology that offers a wide range of features and capabilities, but it requires proper setup and management skills to fully utilize its potential. It may not be suitable for novice developers, despite the availability of guides. However,.. Read more »
The aspect I appreciate the most about azure is its ability to easily adjust to different scales. I had the opportunity to utilize it for developing an AI application, and one of the challenges with AI is not knowing the exact amount of resources req.. Read more »
We utilized Azure for setting up infrastructures for various applications, in addition to other purposes. While the service itself is satisfactory, the prices are excessively high and the graphical user interface, features, and terminology frequently.. Read more »
I have had positive experiences with Microsoft Azure, a dependable cloud platform. The server uptime has been excellent and I have not encountered any problems. They also provide a free $100 credit that you can use, and it will not charge you automat.. Read more »
I attempted to utilize Azure's free plan and found my experience with Microsoft Azure to be impressive in terms of performance. Additionally, their customer service is top-notch. However, I cannot provide much insight into the pricing as I was o.. Read more »
Azure offers a wide range of high-quality integrated cloud services, including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web. It is closely linked with popular tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Microsoft Windows OS. .. Read more »
Advantages: - Compatibility with both Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as containers. - User-friendly frontend management interface. Disadvantages: - Performance is only average. - It comes with a high cost. Conclusion: Companies that a.. Read more »
While Microsoft Azure is not the most affordable or dependable option, it does offer strong support and is a well-known and sizable cloud provider, ranking second in the industry. It provides a comprehensive range of services for hosting and cloud co.. Read more »
I decided to go with this option because my friends recommended it. I appreciate its fast service and dedication to customer satisfaction. The terms are advantageous, and they have efficient technical support. The speed of the website is satisfactory.. Read more »
Managing a hosting service can be challenging, costly, and requires reliability. We did not seek assistance from the support team. The hosting service offered by Microsoft has a slight enhancement in usability, particularly appreciated by system admi.. Read more »