rating: 6.9, reviews: 14
Country: USA
Servers: USA
Panels: cPanel
Working: 21 years
Testing: 45 days is a hosting company that has been in business for almost twenty years. While there have been some declines in their support quality over the years, they still surpass competitors in their price range when it comes to uptime and the incorporation of new technologies. One satisfied customer, who has been monitoring their servers and websites for ten years, attests that Arvixe consistently fulfills its service level agreement and has achieved over 99% uptime for five consecutive years.<.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

PersonalClass LinucPanel6 pcs--$9.32
PersonalClassPlesk1 pcs5 pcs-$11.62
PersonalClassPro LinucPanel---$13.31
BusinessClasscPanel6 pcs--$33.28

VPS CLASS-2 Gb4 pcs50 Gb$57.23
VPS CLASS PRO-3 Gb8 pcs100 Gb$97.16

VPS CLASS-2 Gb4 pcs50 Gb$57.23
VPS CLASS PRO-3 Gb8 pcs100 Gb$97.16

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I have been a customer of Arvixe, a hosting company, for almost twenty years. Although their support has significantly declined in quality over the years, their uptime and incorporation of new technologies surpass competitors at their price range. Fo.. Read more »
Following my unfortunate experience with, I decided to transfer my websites to As a member of the Drupal Association, I was fortunate to receive a consistent 30% discount using the coupon code Drupal30 over the years. Through.. Read more »
Arvixe was once highly regarded, but their quality declined after being acquired by EIG. When seeking assistance, I experienced frustrating back-and-forth communication with the support agent. Their control panel is satisfactory due to the use of cPa.. Read more »
I am writing this review to warn others who are still deciding, so that they don't make the same mistake I did. I was recommended Arvixe by a friend and purchased a decent service plan (VPS), but encountered issues right from the first week. My .. Read more »
Fortunately, I terminated their services before I planned to buy hosting. Initially, I was only testing their services for domains, and that's where the first issue occurred. I bought a domain, but it didn't appear in their system, yet they.. Read more »
Undoubtedly, Arvixe is one of the swiftest web hosting options currently available. However, the issue lies in their exorbitant prices for such services. Consequently, I cannot confidently endorse their service. Furthermore, their technical support i.. Read more »
I worked for this company for 2 years, and it was a positive beginning. The cost was reasonable, and the assistance provided was satisfactory. However, I faced a setback when all the data was lost in a single day, and the support team was unable to r.. Read more »
Arvixe was once highly regarded for its personal approach and excellent service. However, after being acquired by EIG, the company has changed dramatically. They now use overcrowded servers, resulting in slow website performance and frequent memory l.. Read more »
To start with, the organization's website appears cluttered and complicates the process of finding desired information. Additionally, customers are required to pay for a two-year subscription upfront, which gives the impression of being locked i.. Read more »
Arvixe has become another casualty of the EIG conglomerate's negative impact. Formerly known as one of the top providers of shared hosting, Arvixe's reputation suffered after being acquired by EIG (Endurance International Group), a company .. Read more »
If your website has not gained enough popularity to generate significant revenue and you only require a small amount of disk space, you can obtain a free account from Arvixe hosting. This hosting service offers high-quality equipment, experienced sta.. Read more »
Arvixe should not be considered as they falsely boast about their uptime, which is far from the 99.9% they claim. A simple search for "Arvixe uptime tests" will reveal the truth, showing that their actual uptime is around 92%. Although they.. Read more »
Arvixe, established in 2003, excels in the field of hosting services. They boast excellent uptime, a user-friendly control panel, impressive speed, and high reliability. The support team goes above and beyond to provide assistance.
I had trouble deciding on a hosting provider for a while. The main requirement was for the server to be located in Europe, have cPanel, unlimited packages, and a reasonable price. I found this hosting provider. I am satisfied with the quality of the .. Read more »