rating: 9.8, reviews: 193
Country: Russia
Servers: Russia, USA, Belarus, Germany, Netherlands, Finland
Panels: ISPManager, cPanel, Plesk
Working: 12 years
Testing: 7 days is a hosting service provider that has left a positive impact on its customers. The customer support team is prompt in their responses and efficiently resolves any issues that arise. They offer reasonable prices for shared hosting and provide many free features, such as an SSL certificate. The interface is user-friendly, making it easy for customers to navigate. The hosting service also offers excellent speed and performance, with no interruptions or crashes. They have a highly skill.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

PromoISP Manager2 pcs-5 Gb$1.29
Start DEISP Manager5 pcs5 pcs5 Gb$1.61
Standart NLISP Manager10 pcs10 pcs6 Gb$3.23
ProISP Manager25 pcs-40 Gb$4.31
VipISP Manager50 pcs-60 Gb$6.26

Promo-2 Gb1 pcs30 Gb$3.77
Start NL-4 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$8.64
Micro De-2 Gb1 pcs20 Gb$17.38
WIN2-4 Gb2 pcs60 Gb$18.37

NL E3-1240v53.5 GHz32 Gb4 pcs250 Gb$70.26
DE-FSN-118 i7-67003.4 GHz32 Gb4 pcs8000 Gb$81.61
FI-HEL-307 AMD Ryzen 5 36003.6 GHz64 Gb6 pcs1000 Gb$88.1

Reviews on


Nikolay Nikolaev
I was attracted to this web host because they offer optimization for the 1C-Bitrix hosting platform. Another big plus is that their technical support assists with website migration from another platform. In case of any technical issues with the websi.. Read more »
Natalia Smykova
Great company. I used to use another service before. Based on the advice of acquaintances, I decided to try AdminBPS and was satisfied. All the questions and issues that arise are quickly resolved by the support team, which is very important now. Dep.. Read more »
Evgeniy Kutsenko
Good prices. Good VPS. Excellent support with quick response and understanding of all nuances. Flexible tariffs, convenient separate options. No failures during the entire period of use.
I switched to them from a European host in March 2022. One of the advantages of having a server in Russia is that the price, taking into account the exchange rate, turned out to be significantly more advantageous. One of the downsides is that ".. Read more »
Ansar Gaynanov
I have been familiar with this provider for 8 years, and throughout this time, my websites have never stopped functioning. If there are any questions, the technical support responds adequately and promptly, providing assistance.
Artur Dmitrakov
I have been using AdminVPS services since 2019 and have faced various issues during this time, which the technical support promptly resolved. I highly recommend this hosting to everyone.
Dmitriy Andreevich
Everything is great...the only downside of this hosting is that you can't host a game server on VPS/VDS. It's a very poorly thought-out move to prohibit such things.
AdminVPS helped to restore the traffic to my online auto parts store. The portal has been running for over 5 years and it started to slow down on a physical server. I switched to the minimum AdminVPS tariff on a virtual machine. The pages now load qu.. Read more »
Aleksey Gromov
I have been using AdminVPS for my websites for several months now and I am very pleased with their services and quality. Their technical support is always ready to help, providing quick responses to any questions that arise.
Anna Nikolaeva
I have been a client of AdminVPS for over a year now. During this time, I have been able to assess the quality of their services and level of customer support. Advantages of the company include: - Free basic administration: This means that I don&#.. Read more »
Oksana Olefirenko
I have been using AdminVPS for my websites for several months now and I am very satisfied with their services and prices. The technical support is competent and helpful - they quickly respond to any inquiries. Previously, I had occasional issues with.. Read more »
Natalya Kaliy
I wanted to create a website and found this company online. I liked that their customer support responds quickly to all inquiries, and it turns out they offer free basic administration for clients, which is definitely a plus. I am very satisfied with.. Read more »
Serega Volkov
AdminVPS provides all-inclusive services. My collaboration with AdminVPS turned out to be so positive and exceeded all expectations that I can't help but share my impression. First of all, it's worth noting the high level of professionalism.. Read more »
Aleksandr Bunegin
The prices are good, the website loads quickly, and the support team responds promptly. It's an excellent choice for my needs!
Aleksandr Fedorov
The support team is responsive, and there is an option to transfer Yandex mail.
I have been using this hosting service for quite a long time now. I have my game server on VPS hosting in Belarus, and throughout this time, there have been no complaints about the service from either me or the players who are on the server. The tech.. Read more »
Artem Boldyrev
I have been using this hosting for over 10 days, and everyone loves it. It is helpful in any situation, they respond quickly, and the prices are affordable.
Salomatin George
I have paid for hosting services, but the payment was deducted and I have not received the hosting. Dear hosting administration, please look into this matter and contact me.
Kristina Germanova
I am completely satisfied with the hosting. I have been using AdminVPS for six months now and have not encountered any issues during this period. The support is knowledgeable and responds quickly. You can reach out to them 24/7, and they are always w.. Read more »
Andrey Losyatinskiy
I have a good impression of AdminVPS as they provide excellent conditions: high website speed and reasonable cost. Their support is only available online, so you cannot call and talk to them, but they usually respond promptly, so for me, this is a mi.. Read more »
Dmitriy Titov
The technical support is very reliable, they have helped me out several times. Just a week ago, I was transferring a new, promising project and once again sought their assistance with the CMS. They provided me with comprehensive information in respon.. Read more »
Denis Kirichenko
I really liked the hosting. The relatively low prices caught my attention. I switched from another major host - I checked the website loading speed after that, and the speed even increased! The support team helped me transfer all the websites from th.. Read more »
Aleksey Leschinskiy
The website has been hosted on admin VPS for over a year now. I occasionally reach out to their technical support and they always try to assist. There was a misunderstanding once, but it was resolved later on! There are always bonuses available for.. Read more »
Aleksandr Simanov
A friend recommended ADMINVPS.RU to me, and I hadn't paid attention to it before. Turns out, I was wrong. The technical support responds quickly and all questions and requests are handled professionally. The price of their services is also very .. Read more »
I've tried many hosting providers, but I settled on AdminVPS because of their fast support team that helped me and explained everything I needed to know. Their prices are also affordable. Overall, I highly recommend them!
I moved my website to AdminVPS hosting in 2020. Currently, this provider fully satisfies my needs: round-the-clock customer support, reasonable cost of services, good website speed, reliability, user-friendly control panel, and multiple payment optio.. Read more »
Ivan Ilenkov
I have been using this service for about six months and it has been great. Whenever there are technical issues, the support team notifies you in advance. They also respond to your questions in the tickets quite promptly.
I have been using AdminVPS for over 3 years, one and a half years on virtual hosting, and one and a half years on VPS. I am not an expert in administration, so the support played a major role in assessing the quality. The speed and stability are sati.. Read more »
Evgeniy Shirokov
The provider has left a good impression in their work. The technical support responds quite quickly. The issue with the domain that arose at the beginning of the work was resolved in just a few minutes. The shared hosting has a reasonable price range.. Read more »
The issues with hosting were forgotten with AdminVPS. Previously, such a mess was constant, but now, with professionals taking care of it, everything is under control. The website is lightning fast, nothing freezes. If there are any misunderstandings.. Read more »
Dmitriy Nazarov
Hello! My experience with has been great so far, and I have received many positive outcomes. 1. The technical support is top-notch. 2. Everything works perfectly on the hosting. 3. The prices for their services are reasonable. 4. They off.. Read more »
At the end of last year, our website was hit hard by DDoS attacks. The series of attacks was so powerful that our previous provider couldn't handle the server requests, even with the help of CloudFlare. After trying several different providers, .. Read more »
Kirill Vitalich
Awful service and support at Admin VPS!! I contacted them about 3 times within a week regarding server issues and the inability to use the control panel in the support department, and each time I received responses stating that it's not a global.. Read more »
Ilona Karimova
I have been working with AdminVPS for several years now and I really enjoy our cooperation. I have no complaints or grievances because I am always confident in the security of my own data and the quality of service. I also want to highlight the affor.. Read more »
Dmitriy Shevchenko
I switched to this excellent hosting from another one because the performance of my website on the previous one was not satisfactory. In comparison to competitors, this hosting has one of the best combinations of speed, storage capacity, and price.
Sergey Malinin
I have been utilizing it for a few years already. I possess a basic information website, so my hosting needs are not extravagant. I am content with everything: there have been no interruptions, and the support provided is satisfactory. Overall, the h.. Read more »
Nikita Shestakov
Over the past year, we have begun collaborating with AdminVPS. It is evident from the start that the team at AdminVPS is highly skilled and experienced. Upon submitting our application, we received prompt and detailed communication. An added advantag.. Read more »
Kristina Dmitriyeva
We have been collaborating with AdminVPS for over 4 years. The things that we find satisfactory include: an affiliate program with a potential payout of up to 30%; a competent customer support team that provides assistance instead of simply ignoring .. Read more »
Tatyana Krasnoperova
I have been working with AdminVPS for a year now. I switched to them due to serious issues with another hosting provider. I really like the fast website performance, prompt customer support, and convenient personal account. And of course, the afforda.. Read more »
Aleksandr Orekhov
I have been utilizing it for an extended period, and I am satisfied with all aspects of it. The support provided and the prices offered are excellent.
Evgeniy Krovyakov
After moving to this hosting, the website has significantly sped up, with no more crashes. The tariffs are clearly explained and everything is very convenient to understand.
Elena Zhuykova
This excellent company is adept at resolving a majority of your issues. Occasionally, we sought their assistance in situations where we lacked permanent administrators and technical support. Their service has consistently been of remarkable quality, .. Read more »
Yevgeniy Krovyakov
Once the website is moved to this hosting service, it loads more quickly and no longer experiences crashes. The pricing options are explained thoroughly and are easily comprehensible, making everything highly convenient.
I host my project with AdminVPS and run my web business together with this excellent company. I have been trusting them completely for over two years, and I have never had any complaints! It's hard to believe, considering what I had to go throug.. Read more »
Anna Karpova
We have had a long-standing partnership with AdminVPS. I am satisfied with the quick performance of the websites and the user-friendly interface of the personal account, which is easy to comprehend. I highly recommend their services!
Anna Anisimova
I have recently started using this hosting service and so far I am enjoying it. They offer free basic administration and have great technical support. The prices are quite affordable and the speed is excellent. The website is user-friendly with a sim.. Read more »
Anna Anisimova
I recently started using this hosting service and so far I am satisfied with everything. It offers free basic administration and good technical support. The prices are affordable and the speed is excellent. The website is user-friendly with a simple .. Read more »
Sergey Usanov
Good day. It's time to leave a review about working with adminvps. It took me a while, as I have been collaborating with them for over 5 years. I'll say right away, during these 5 years, I never delved into website development, as there wa.. Read more »
Sergey Severov
Hello! I have recently started using the services of this hosting provider, and I have already grown to like this service.)) When I first visited the website, everything was open, accessible, and clear - the range of tariffs, domains, and more. The t.. Read more »
Merda Fjatov
I've been with AdminVPS for over 3 years now, and everything is great! The websites are lightning-fast. The technical support responds quickly and professionally. When we had to transfer the website, they provided immense help without charging u.. Read more »
Igor Hodakovskiy
Three months ago, I moved my website to the adminvps platform. The website includes a Yandex counter. During this time, there hasn't been a single failure. The technical support is excellent, solving everything quickly and professionally! The pr.. Read more »
Merda Fjatov
I have been a customer of AdminVPS for over 3 years and everything has been great. The websites load quickly and the support team is responsive and helpful. They even assisted with transferring my site without charging any extra fees. Whenever I need.. Read more »
Ilya Stokov
I bought hosting hoping to get a simple feature of remote access to the database. However, the remote access only worked for a week, after which, I believe due to resource savings, they simply turned it off on virtual hosting and now suggest buying a.. Read more »
Artem Naumenko-Zhivoy
Hosting is beneficial. This is my initial encounter with hosting. Prior to this, I had no prior experience in this field, so I approach everything from a beginner's standpoint. The service is easy to use, and I was able to quickly understand how.. Read more »
Vasily Mitin
I am new to this hosting service and so far, the speed is satisfactory. The technical support promptly assisted me in transferring my websites from another hosting provider. All the services I have reached out to have been providing fast and reliable.. Read more »
Anna Kozhina
Since our company started using AdminVPS to manage our portal, it has freed up a significant amount of time for me to focus on business development instead of site protection. The skilled specialists at AdminVPS efficiently and effectively handle all.. Read more »
They say that first impressions matter. We were working on WordPress and found ourselves in need of more disk space, so we decided to switch to AdminVPS based on the reviews. However, right from the start, we encountered issues with our old WordPress.. Read more »
Andrey Lysov
I recently switched to hosting. I want to note that the speed of the resource is truly satisfactory. The technical support is prompt and professional. They also have an optimal pricing policy, with the option to choose monthly payment and.. Read more »
Rustam Kovalev
AdminVPS hosting has been a good fit for our simple WP website. We started using it six months ago and so far, we're happy with it. We stumbled upon it accidentally while searching for reviews on AdminVPS when we needed to install a CMS. We didn.. Read more »
Rustam Kovalev
Our basic WordPress site has been operating smoothly on AdminVPS hosting for the past six months, and we are satisfied with its performance. We stumbled upon AdminVPS while browsing through internet reviews, and it turned out to be a great choice for.. Read more »
Anton Pershin
I have been collaborating with this hosting service for a year now! Everything is going smoothly :) The website works consistently and is always accessible. If there are any technical works planned, they inform us in advance. The technical support is.. Read more »
Anton Pershin
I have been working with this hosting provider for one year now! The speed is very fast and the website is always stable and accessible. They inform in advance if any technical maintenance is scheduled. The technical support is exceptional. They comm.. Read more »
Konstantin Mameyev
Litespeed hosting is excellent, I haven't encountered any issues for a whole year. The technical support is satisfactory, and I would highly recommend it.
Andrey Ilin
I rented a VDS Windows server. Overall impressions - the worst customer service. The main message is to block the service first and then figure things out. They even block it over trivial matters. For example, after six months of usage, they requeste.. Read more »
Aleks Krotkiy
I've had an excellent experience with this hosting service for approximately three months. Throughout this period, there was only one brief downtime incident. One aspect that I particularly appreciate is the DDoS protection feature. In case anyo.. Read more »
Andrey Andreev
I won't list all the advantages of AdminVPS, I'll just say one thing: On a five-point scale, it's a solid FIVE in terms of all functionalities! We have worked with many, but for many years now, we have been with AdminVPS. Thank you!
Sergey Verhovtsev
I haven't encountered any issues during my usage. The support team's response time is fast. I haven't tried other providers, so I can't compare. There haven't been any problems with the website.
This is not the first website on this hosting. It offers reliable performance and a fast customer support service. The servers are stable and I highly recommend it.
Igor Varchik
Everything is going smoothly. I am using virtual hosting, VPS, and a backup server. The support team is quick to help with any questions. The prices are average. The personal account is convenient.
Dmitriy Zaharov
I have been using AdminVPS virtual hosting for 4 months. Currently on the cheapest tariff (the project is still developing). Everything suits me. Everything is good. The prices are quite reasonable. I can't say anything about technical support b.. Read more »
Tamara Berezhnaya
The optimal combination of price, power, and convenience. The main thing that I like (besides stable performance and speed) is the responsive support. Maybe you can find something faster and/or cheaper, but I haven't seen such (prompt, knowledge.. Read more »
We have been hosting with adminvps for two years now and are extremely satisfied with the quality of their services and responsiveness of their support team. We highly recommend them, especially considering their reasonable prices compared to the mar.. Read more »
Aleksey Kurilovich
I have never made a mistake choosing this provider. The technical support is top-notch and the speed is excellent. The hosting is worth every penny.
I have been using hosting services for six months and I am completely satisfied with the quality and price. I have set up the ocstore CMS and the hosting control panel is convenient and trouble-free. I once reached out to customer support for some tr.. Read more »
Aleksandr Stepin
I have been using this hosting for about 8 months. During this time, there have been no outages or issues. The speed is excellent, and the support is fast (although I only contacted them once for a minor question, they responded almost instantly). It.. Read more »
Amazing VPS, always fast speeds, and of course, huge respect to customer support!
Anna Linnik
I have been using this hosting service for a loooong time! I have no complaints whatsoever! AdminVPS is amazing! They are always available and always helpful! I have never had to wait more than 10-15 minutes for a support response. They respond polit.. Read more »
Kirill Hromov
I've been searching for a decent, budget-friendly hosting for my website for a long time. Everywhere I looked, the prices were either inflated or the quality of services provided was poor. I stumbled upon this hosting purely by chance (either th.. Read more »
I express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who helped me. I was impressed by the professionalism of all the staff and the prompt response time. Thank you to the entire team. May your potential increase and the number of clients grow. Wishing you lu.. Read more »
I didn't even give a rating to the tech support in the comments! Why? Well, because in over three months of using the hosting service, I didn't even have the need to contact tech support! This is a first for me. Thank you for the quality se.. Read more »
Andrey Arhipov
I pay for a VPS with Debian 9 on board at AdminVPS. I have 4 websites hosted and one javascript-based application that constantly works with a database, which has been moved to the same server with MongoDB. The most important thing is that everything.. Read more »
AdminVPS is the best hosting provider I have ever worked with!!! I will recommend it to all my acquaintances!
Sergey Pipigin
I have had a positive experience with the hosting service over the past three months. The price is reasonable and the quality, especially the support, is high.
Chmil Nikita
I would like to express my gratitude to your company for the excellent and consistent work on my websites. I will continue to use your services in the future!
Natalya Kulikova
We have round-the-clock technical support. Our websites operate reliably. We offer affordable prices for hosting and other services. We have been partnering with AdminVPS since 2017.
Denis Varger
I have been using VPS hosting services for about half a year. It is important for me that the technical support works promptly and effectively. In terms of price, quality, and reliability, this is the optimal option.
Vladimir Mistman
We have been using their services for over a year now. It's not a record, but we have changed providers about a dozen times before. We have no plans to leave, which means our review is positive. If you set everything up correctly from the beginn.. Read more »
I spent a long time searching for hosting with a good price-quality ratio. I tested many hosting providers. In the end, I chose AdminVPS. Currently, everything is satisfactory. The price for the service is reasonable, and the support team promptly re.. Read more »
Viktor Halimonenko
I would like to draw attention to AdminVPS. Personally, I am satisfied with this server and have been using it for quite some time. Throughout this period, I have not had a single complaint. I appreciate the server's affordable cost. I also like.. Read more »
I have switched hosting providers twice before, but for the past 6 years, I have been using AdminVps for my website. What initially attracted me was that the hosting runs on SSD, and the price is reasonable. Throughout this time, I have not encounter.. Read more »
A reliable hosting provider with responsive technical support and excellent pricing plans for Bitrix websites. It is a pleasure to work with them.
Andrey Suslov
I've been using it for six months and everything is going smoothly. I am satisfied with everything. I plan on continuing our collaboration. Good luck with your business.
We moved to AdminVPS over a year ago from a major hosting provider. The speed, uptime, and support are all top-notch. I highly recommend it.
Alexandr Kotov
I started using hosting services about a year ago, and I haven't had any issues so far. The website loads quickly, and I haven't experienced any loading problems. I only had to reach out to customer support once, and that was for a question.. Read more »
Sevak Baghoyan
The service level is high and the support team is responsive. The website operates without any significant issues. Everything is functioning normally.
Evgeniy Sosnovskiy
I have been using their services for over 2 years. I like that they help with configuration issues. One time, my websites started crashing. They found the problem and set up an optimal configuration to reduce the load on the VPS, so I didn't hav.. Read more »
Igor Zhukov
I'm satisfied with everything, I set it up and forgot about it, the website is working. I appreciate the help with the migration.
Stanislav Topilin
AdminVPS website has been around for almost a year now. The site is consistently impressive, with no issues from the provider's end. The site speed is excellent, you can check it out, everything runs smoothly. The administration from AdminVPS is.. Read more »
Andrey Rabchevskiy
Great service and affordable price. It all suits us.
Vitaliy Mitenko
I spent a long time searching for a good and fast hosting provider, as I had been with Timeweb for 10 years before. The reason I left Timeweb was because of their restrictive limits. As for AdminVPS, I must say they have excellent customer support... Read more »
Ilshat Urazov
The technical support responded quickly and, moreover, helped me set up a third-party script. I will continue to host my websites with this company and will not search for a better one.
Sergey Lebedev
I have been using AdminVPS hosting since 2015. I would rate it 5 stars! The support team is prompt, knowledgeable, and polite. The "All inclusive" service includes administration, ISPmanager Lite, seamless migration, DNS support, and backup.. Read more »
Sergey Novikov
Great hosting - everything works perfectly. The technical support is prompt and professional. Half a year with them - the difference from the previous host is enormous.
Ruslan Banochkin
I have been hosting my primary and most important websites on AdminVPS servers for over 6 months now and I am very satisfied. There are no issues with speed or the hosting service's performance, and their support team is always available. I have.. Read more »
Denis Nevedrov
What I liked most about this hosting provider is their high-quality services and excellent technical support. They understand the issues at hand with just a few words and solve them in a matter of seconds., you are awesome.
Sergey Morozov
I have recently started using this provider. Previously, I used a different one which did not satisfy me with its speed and constant outages. With this provider, I truly appreciate the quality of service. The website is fast and stable. I highly reco.. Read more »
Konstantin Shepelev
I have been using this hosting for a year now, and I'm happy with everything except the cost. The customer support is the best!
Nikita Pavlovskiy
After two days of suffering with the previous hosting provider, we managed to migrate to a VPS in just 1.5 hours, thanks to the technical support. Not only did we solve the issue with the website lag, but we also increased performance by 35%! It'.. Read more »
Artur Dmitrakov
I have been using it for three months, and during this time, the hosting has only gone down once. Apart from that, there have been no other complaints.
I have been using this hosting for several years and I am very satisfied with it. The websites work flawlessly. A huge plus goes to the technical support team, they respond promptly and resolve any issues in a timely manner!
Kim Petrosyan
Great hosting! The support team responds very quickly. All issues were resolved in just a few hours!
Aleksandr Krutov
I have been using the hosting services of for almost 2 years now and I can only see a positive trend in the development of this organization. The main advantage for me compared to other hosting providers is the highly responsive 24/7 sup.. Read more »
Andrey Meleshko
The hosting with the best technical support that I have encountered in my 20 years of working with web. When I switched from, and in general, whenever I reach out, they always help solve questions that are not even related to hosting but to sy.. Read more »
Valentin Artemov
Hosting is ideal for those who are not very knowledgeable about server settings. The admins help with everything, while also explaining (with pictures) how it should work. Overall, I am satisfied.
Andrey Nikonorov
Hello everyone! I'm a newbie who has decided to delve into the topic that has been on my mind for 5 years - website creation. And here I am, on this website, after reviewing a bunch of options, I've decided to settle on this hosting service.. Read more »
Dmitriy Zahryapin
Great hosting. I have contacted their tech support several times, and each time they have tried their best to help me solve the problem promptly.
Leonid Dubinin
I recently decided to create a website and began searching for a suitable hosting service. I chose The advantages of this hosting service are its reliability and affordability. I am very pleased with my choice as the website runs smoothl.. Read more »
Great hosting! We have been using the services of for a long time and are completely satisfied with our cooperation. We especially appreciate their prompt 24/7 technical support. They are always available and help with most of the issues .. Read more »
Ivan Truhin
Excellent hosting provider for my WP blog. Very affordable prices. Customer support always helps. Highly recommend.
Aleksandr Labuzov
I ordered the VPS Micro plan, which costs only 299 rubles per month. I have my websites with a daily traffic of around 1000 people hosted on it. There have been significantly fewer bugs, and the websites are running much faster now. I am pleased wi.. Read more »
Mihail Sheynis
Very responsive support. All questions are solvable. I have been using it for about a year now - everything is going smoothly.
Darinka Gero
One of the main criteria is reliability, and it is excellent here!
Mokrinskaya Olga
Excellent hosting - the most advantageous rates. I have 2 websites on 1C Bitrix. It's convenient to use. I highly recommend it to everyone. The tech support is superb. I advise everyone to use it! Suitable for any purposes. A wide range of solut.. Read more »
Aleksandr Hohryakov
Based on a friend's recommendation, I rented a VPS (Start plan + additional RAM + additional HDD) in 2016. I switched from regular virtual hosting provided by another provider. The main difference, in my opinion, is the excellent technical suppo.. Read more »
Yuliya Melnikova
I have been a grateful customer of adminvps hosting for over two years. During this time, I have had 5 websites. I have been on two different plans at different times - the minimal Promo plan (for 1 website) and the Start plan (for 5 websites). Every.. Read more »
Grigoriy Chayanov
I am very satisfied with the hosting. The guys are great. They work excellently and help with everything. The servers are fast. It is affordable. There is something to compare it with!
Anatoliy Kochev
There's no need to elaborate much. One thing I can say for sure - these guys are great!
Alexey Denichenko
Excellent on all fronts, responsiveness and maximum customer orientation! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Aleksey Vladimirovich
Technical support can resolve any issue in under 5 minutes and they are capable of assisting in any scenario. As someone who has used various services prior to Adminvps, I have firsthand experience to make a comparison.
Aleksey Vladimirovich
Any problem can be solved through TP in 5 minutes. They are helpful in any situation. I have used other services before Adminvps, so I have something to compare it to.
Sasha Galko
For your money - great hosting. I use about ten VPS for production needs (i.e. for actively working systems) and have absolutely no complaints. According to the host tracker, the average annual uptime is 99.96%. Yes, there are occasional glitches, bu.. Read more »
David Voskanyan
Overall, I am very satisfied. If someone were to ask me, would I recommend the platform, the answer would definitely be yes.
Andrey Meleshko
The most responsive and best technical support I have encountered in my 16 years of using various hosting services.
Yan Gippenreyter
I have been involved in website creation and optimization since 2008, during which time I have used the services of many hosting providers and encountered many difficulties until I switched to Adminvps. I have been using their services for about 5 ye.. Read more »
Olga Volosnikova
We have been working with Adminvps for 2 years now. Prior to that, we had a very negative experience with Rusonix, where their tech support would take several days to respond and they were unable to resolve website issues that arose from errors on th.. Read more »
Igor Filippov
Definitely 5 stars, the customer support responds within 5-10 minutes. Any issues are resolved instantly. Keep it up, thank you for your work.
Vladislav Lazurchenko
Overall, everything is great. The support team is professional and they often help me with my silly modules.
Vladislav Altyncev
1. Profitable affiliate program up to 40%. 2. Free technical support and administration, quick response and action. 3. Free website migration from other hosting providers. 4. Free control panel. 5. Fast and reliable servers.
Andrio Pops
I have been using their services for over 1.5 years and I am satisfied with everything. There have been two instances when the website was down, but it was only for about an hour, so I would rate their reliability at 4. Overall, I am very pleased.
Aleksandr Repev
I have been using AdminVPS for two years now, and I switched from another hosting provider based on a recommendation, and I have not regretted it at all. My website runs on Opencart, an older version with filters and so on, and it works well. I reall.. Read more »
Yuliya Mamaeva
I have been using AdminVPS for almost five years now. I have built my own internet shop on Bitrix Small Business and recently, after the latest updates and the requirement for php7, I was struggling and considering switching to a lighter engine. Just.. Read more »
Evgeniy Emelyanov
I have been hosting websites on AdminVPS since early 2014. There have been occasional minor issues, but we always found a solution, even if it meant transferring the websites to another server. The technical support is excellent, the best I have ever.. Read more »
Rum Nalimov
About a year ago, I found out about this hosting service and only now have I decided to write a review because these guys have been consistently great. As a freelancer working with OpenCart, I have come across quite a few "hostings" with h.. Read more »
Andrey Poberezhnyy
It will soon be six months since I started using your hosting service, and overall, I am quite satisfied. There have been a couple of instances when my website was temporarily unavailable due to technical issues, but everything was quickly restored. .. Read more »
Ilya Kositsyn
Everything is working steadily with almost no glitches. Only once was the website unavailable.
Ansar Gaynanov
After an extensive search, I noticed the website AdminVPS and in November 2015, I decided to choose this provider, and I have no regrets about it. The technical support team is always polite and patient, providing solutions to all of my accumulated q.. Read more »
Vyacheslav Viktorovich
Great hosting, been using it for over a year and never worry. Websites on opencart, impeccable support, they even solve issues with the sites themselves. No fake load increases to push you to more expensive plans.
Anatoliy Rimar
Throughout my practice, I can mention three good providers. One of them is, while the other two have higher price tags for the same services. I rent a server with administration from them, and the team truly helps to solve any.. Read more »
Professional service at an affordable price with a bonus program and discounts. Moreover, they have a highly responsive support team with experts in their field. I highly recommend it.
Irina Nadezhdina
We have been using Adminvps services for over a year now, and we have no complaints. The technical support staff responds promptly, and the price is more than reasonable. We have several websites hosted on this platform, and everything runs smoothly... Read more »
Anton K.
I am pleased with the technical support. I have been using their hosting services for over 3 years, and all issues have been promptly resolved.
Sergey Chuhnin
Superb All-Inclusive Hosting! I have been using their services for over 3 years now, and everything works like clockwork. I highly recommend this hosting service!
Maxim Sychev
I needed a VPS. BUT! I could never do the transfer and setup myself. I searched for a long time, until I came across AdminVPS. Ta-da! It's a miracle! They transferred everything, set it up, and provide support! (And it's affordable too)!
Aleksandr Reshetnikov
Great hosting. Very responsive customer support. Highly recommend!
Andrey Smirnov
This hosting service is excellent, with fast SSD servers. Additionally, you have the option to choose between servers in Russia or Europe. The prices are very reasonable, and there is even the possibility of obtaining a free SSL certificate. Everythi.. Read more »
The transfer to VPS from another hosting provider went smoothly. The technical support promptly helped me even with technical issues that they were not obligated to assist with. The communication was polite and without unnecessary questions. At half .. Read more »
Mihail Vladimirov
The service is of very high quality. We received quick responses to our inquiries from the support team, the server is stable, and there have been no issues at all! They even offer a discount for the first month. We are extremely satisfied!
Evgeniy Kurenkov
We turned to these guys because we needed more than just hosting or a VPS. We needed to set up an infrastructure for our project, specifically creating a cluster of dedicated servers. We wanted to configure virtualization and install components such .. Read more »
We have been in reliable cooperation with this hosting provider for over 3 years now. We place our infrastructure with them both in Germany and Russia. There have been no complaints about their work. We also highly recommend hosting Bitrix websites w.. Read more »
Sergey Lisov
For me, finding a good hosting provider has been quite a saga. I've moved multiple times, but it never got better. Then, a programmer friend recommended AdminVPS, and their main selling point was that many other providers (at that time, I'm.. Read more »
Ansar Gaynanov
I have been using this hosting service since November 2015 and I am satisfied with it. The technical support team is always helpful and they have never refused to assist me (within reasonable limits). If I make a mistake, they quickly resolve the iss.. Read more »
Constantine Fedorov
I am developing my own project. The main part of the work is done locally on my computer, and only after the release all the developments are uploaded to the website. It's great that the hosting supports git. I asked for ssh access to interact w.. Read more »
Great virtual server! The tech support team solves all issues. Very satisfied with the choice.
Vladimir Zinenko
Great hosting! Everything is perfect for me: the price, the speed, and the customer support! I highly recommend it to everyone!
Ivan Fadeev
We have a mid-range online store (5000 unique visitors per day), and we also offer bonuses to our customers for leaving reviews. Without this motivation, many people won't leave a review. Only those who urgently need to vent their negativity wil.. Read more »
Ivan Bondarev
I am using the simplest hosting plan AdminVPS, and I have two of my websites hosted on it. I have not had any complaints during a year of using it. I was particularly pleased with their customer support team, as they helped me with website migration.
I transferred my website to adminvps. The technical support is active and caring. The technical support is always quick and efficient. A huge plus is the All-In-One system: the price already includes the control panel, backups, and .. Read more »
Grigorii Andreev
We have been using hosting for over 4 years. There are 3 online stores and a mathematical portal hosted on the VPS/VDS Standard plan (Germany). During this time, we have only experienced positive moments. Apart from regular maintenance work (website .. Read more »
Vladimir Dt
Once again, we are satisfied with the work of the hosting and have decided to write a review. We have been using this hosting for about 3 years and we are very happy with it. We use the SSD service in Germany. There are no complaints, the.. Read more »
Archi Cloy
Everything is satisfactory. Currently, there are 4 websites hosted on this platform. I have been using it for over 3 years and have never encountered any problems that they couldn't resolve. The technical support always responds promptly, profes.. Read more »
Andrio Pops
Great hosting. I have a cashback service called I was looking for a reliable and affordable VPS with administration at the start. AdminVPS has all of that. I have been using their services for 9 months now and I am very satisfied. I plan.. Read more »
Evgeniy Emelyanov
I have been using this hosting service since the beginning of 2014, almost 4 years. That's probably the best review I can give! The price/quality ratio is the best possible. The technical support team knows their stuff, they solve all issues pro.. Read more »
Alexey Vinogradov
I switched from shared hosting to AdminVPS. The main reason I chose this provider is because of their free technical support, which has been really helpful in setting up the server. Initially, I had no idea what to do with a VPS, but now I have some .. Read more »
Yuliya Klaos
I have been using this hosting service since the beginning of 2017. I am using regular virtual hosting and overall I am satisfied with it. There have been occasional issues with website availability (nothing is perfect), but the technical support tea.. Read more »
I am very satisfied with the provider. The technical support is efficient, the tariffs are reasonable, and there are no issues with access. The hosting is excellent.
Evgeniy Yatsenko
I have recently started using this hosting service, and so far I am enjoying it. There have been a few moments that were frustrating, such as when I was disconnected due to software complaints, and when I was disconnected for not responding to a tick.. Read more »
Aleksey Vladimirovich
Great hosting. The speed of the service is very impressive and it aligns perfectly with the cost of the services.
Evgeniya Nebova
I have been using this hosting for over five years and I am extremely satisfied. The customer support is fantastic, and all of our websites, which now include five stationary ones with ongoing development, run smoothly and reliably. I am actively try.. Read more »
Taras Karabaza
I have been using this hosting service for a long time and I am very satisfied with it. They have upgraded their control panels several times and each time it's a newer and better version. Moreover, they offer many free features, which is great.
Rustem Habirov
The technical support is very fast and the prices are reasonable. My VPS is lightning fast.
Manuchehr Sadulloev
I have been using my website,, for 4 months now and it has been running smoothly. The technical support team is responsive and quick to resolve any issues. So far, I haven't encountered any problems or had any questions. I.. Read more »
Ivan Nefedov
Hello, since this is my first experience with hosting, I have nothing to compare it to. However, I must say that I am pleased with everything and I will continue working with you.
Denis Dmitriev
The guys from adminvps definitely know their business. The main gratitude goes to their support team, who solve any issues very professionally and promptly. Adding to this their low cost and reliability, we get a practically perfect service in the en.. Read more »
Siarhei Burshyn
I have been using the services of this hosting provider for almost 2 years. Their customer support is fast and their specialists are very knowledgeable! There have been no DDoS attacks and my websites are always online. I am very happy that I switche.. Read more »
Konstantin Puteshestvenni
I'm not very knowledgeable about VPNs, but the support team is helpful and resolves any issues. The most advantageous combination is the "price-quality" one.
Valentin Savelev
The customer support is excellent, we have been using it for a year and they respond to any question within 10 minutes. They even solve issues with some websites themselves. Thank you so much for such a great service!
Valentin Artemov
We changed hosting providers twice before switching to AdminVps. Since I am only a "so-so" specialist, adequate and reliable technical support was a necessity. In the end, for the same price as our competitors, we received free ongoing supp.. Read more »
Vitaliy Savinov
I have been using VPS service for 3 months now, and the experience has been excellent!
One huge plus is the technical support. The guys there are very knowledgeable and solve issues very quickly. The website never crashes and there are no DDoS attacks, which is a significant advantage as we had a lot of trouble with previous servers. H.. Read more »
Maksim Shokin
I have been using this hosting service for 2 years now. The technical support is excellent, probably the best I have ever dealt with - always polite and responsive. The hosting speed and price are just outstanding.
Marina Gennadievna
I am very satisfied with the service of the AdminVPS provider. The technical support is excellent, they respond to questions in just 2-3 minutes, and all issues are resolved in favor of the client. The service works consistently without any complaint.. Read more »
Yuliya Smirnova
I want to share my impressions about AdminVPS hosting, I have been using it for almost a year and everything is satisfactory. They helped me set up and transfer my websites quickly and for free. Whenever there are issues, the support operators assist.. Read more »
Great service for a low fee! We have been using a dedicated server from Germany for 2 years and the ping is minimal. The technical support responds quickly at night and efficiently resolves our issues in a timely manner. In the past 2 years, the webs.. Read more »