rating: 10, reviews: 25
Country: Latvia
Servers: Latvia
Panels: cPanel, ISPmanager, DirectAdmin, VestaCP
Working: 9 years
Testing: 5 days
2cloud.eu is a highly recommended hosting provider that offers exceptional services and outstanding customer support. Their platform is particularly well-suited for Magento, delivering excellent performance. The support team is prompt in addressing any issues, even when they are not at fault, and they are always helpful unlike other providers. Many customers have switched to 2cloud.eu after experiencing downtime and lack of support from their previous providers, and they have been extremely sati.. Read more »

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I visited 2cloud.eu based on a recommendation and I have complete faith in suggesting their services to others. Their platform excels in performance when using Magento, and their support team promptly addresses issues, even if they are usually not th.. Read more »
I switched from a previous hosting provider that caused me over 3 days of downtime without any apology. A friend recommended 2cloud to me and I have been with them for the past 7 months without experiencing any problems. I wish I had made this switch.. Read more »
I am extremely amazed by the VPS hosting service provided by 2cloud. They have gone above and beyond by offering certain services without charge, even though they are technically supposed to charge for them. In general, it is an excellent offer. The .. Read more »
I am really happy that I discovered 2cloud hosting provider. Thank you once again for offering such an excellent offer on hosting services. I anticipate maintaining a long-lasting business partnership with this provider. I would like to reiterate how.. Read more »
I consider myself fortunate to have discovered 2Cloud web host as they are highly skilled and experienced. The tools they provide are excellent, although I believe they could offer more for the prices they charge. The pricing is reasonably fair. The .. Read more »
I have mainly relied on their support desk for assistance, but I have also reached out to their tech support representative through MSN and phone calls when I couldn't access a computer. They have consistently provided excellent help. I highly r.. Read more »
When I assumed the task of locating a new hosting company and managing website uploads on my own, I sought assistance and the individuals at 2cloud were extremely understanding. Recently, one of my websites was compromised due to a lack of backups on.. Read more »
During my experience with 2Cloud provider, I have been incredibly impressed with their customer support. Initially, I had concerns about relying on online tech support, but I consistently receive responses within a timeframe of 5-10 minutes, and at m.. Read more »
I am highly satisfied with the speed and reliability of my website thanks to 2Cloud dedicated hosting. Even at odd hours on weekends, I have never had to wait longer than 30 minutes for support. They have exceeded my expectations and I am completely .. Read more »
I want to mention that the website's design is user-friendly and there is a reasonable amount of upselling compared to other hosting companies. So far, I am satisfied with the performance and reliability of 2cloud's service. I consider this.. Read more »
2Cloud is an exceptional hosting provider that has exceeded expectations in assisting me with setting up my website. Their support is excellent, their pricing is affordable, and there has been no downtime experienced. As a reliable SSD hosting provid.. Read more »
I have to admit that the service provided by 2Cloud is outstanding. This includes the software they offer as well as their personalized customer support. Whenever I have any inquiries, their support staff is always patient and helpful, regardless of .. Read more »
I am enthusiastic about discovering the various impressive offerings you provide, especially considering the reasonable cost. I must admit that after experiencing disappointment three times before, we had low expectations for 2Cloud. However, right f.. Read more »
I simply want to express my satisfaction with 2cloud. I hope their team maintains their excellent services and strives to improve them further. I can confidently say that my websites are well taken care of, and I highly recommend this web hosting pro.. Read more »
I am grateful to 2Cloud Web Host for consistently being there to support me with my inquiries throughout our collaboration. Their exceptional customer service and their dedication to helping me comprehend the processes of web hosting, design, and dev.. Read more »
I would like to mention that the pricing offered by 2Cloud is very attractive. It is considerably lower than what my previous hosting provider charged. The main reason I opted for their services is because I wanted to enhance the ranking of my websit.. Read more »
They will provide excellent care and support, just as they have done for me. This web host has consistently offered exceptional service and assistance. Since 2020, I have trusted them to host all my websites. In addition to their fast and dependable .. Read more »
I would wholeheartedly suggest 2cloud.eu's hosting service to anyone. Through my experience with their web hosting, I have found that their hosting panel is exceptional and they have mastered it in order to effectively guide users through the ad.. Read more »
In 2cloud, the support service is exceptional, consistently providing honest and prompt assistance. Typically, inquiries are responded to within thirty minutes and resolved within the same day. My experience with this hosting provider has been seamle.. Read more »
The overall value for the price is difficult to find elsewhere. The performance is exceptional, with upload and download speeds twice as fast as our previous host. You can verify this by pinging their domain and comparing it with others. The reliabil.. Read more »
I want to express my satisfaction with 2cloud, a highly dependable web hosting company that prioritizes customer satisfaction. I experienced no issues, prompting me to upgrade to their 2cloud VPS hosting plan for a monthly fee of 11.65 euros. Their c.. Read more »
Over the past 7+ months, I have been extremely impressed with the outstanding knowledge and consistently friendly service provided by 2cloud web host, who have been hosting my business website. As my business heavily relies on my website, I am immens.. Read more »
2cloud is an outstanding VPS hosting company! I have experimented with many European web hosting providers who provide reasonably priced hosting, but they always disappoint me with their service and their promised 100% uptime. I am happy that I switc.. Read more »
So far, the 2cloud VPS service has been outstanding and top-notch. I am impressed with the fast loading speed of the website, the reliable uptime, the rarely needed but helpful support, and the range of features offered. As my previous host had a dif.. Read more »
I will suggest 2cloud to all of my acquaintances. It is the most dependable service provider for web hosting that I have encountered. I want to emphasize that throughout my extensive years of running an online business, I have never encountered suppo.. Read more »