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Country: Philippines
Servers: Philippines
Working: 20 years
1pesohosting.com is a web hosting service that offers affordable plans, making it a suitable choice for small business owners or individuals on a budget. They provide various types of hosting, including shared, dedicated, virtual, and reseller hosting. The cost of their services is reasonable, and their speed is impressive, with no instances of downtime reported by customers.

However, there are areas that could be improved. The response time for ticket inquiries can be lengthy, taking .. Read more »

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I have been using 1pesohosting as a customer for the past three years, and although I am satisfied with their services, there are certain areas that could be improved. Advantages: - The cost is reasonable. - The speed of their services is impressiv.. Read more »
I have found 1pesohosting.com to be a trustworthy ally for my online business. I am grateful for the adaptable options they offer in their hosting plans. The user-friendly control panel simplifies the management of my websites, and the convenient one.. Read more »
Benefits This hosting service stands out in multiple ways, providing fast and expert assistance. From my perspective, it offers the most user-friendly web hosting control panel ever made, outperforming cPanel in terms of usability. Drawbacks The onl.. Read more »
I am disappointed with 1pesohosting's decision to reject my refund request. I recently purchased WordPress E-commerce hosting to create a testing environment for my online store. However, I faced difficulties with website migration using their t.. Read more »
In my previous experience with 1pesohosting, I found it to be an interesting hosting provider that caters to a specific audience. What stood out to me was their affordable pricing, making it a great choice for those on a budget. I decided to try one .. Read more »
The term "peso" in the name suggests that the pricing plans offered by 1PesoHosting are affordable, making them accessible to small business owners. They provide various types of hosting, including shared, dedicated, virtual, and reseller h.. Read more »
The customer support team at 1pesohosting hosting is unsatisfactory, unhelpful, and awful. Their control panel does not have the option to cancel domain names. Even after contacting their head office, my request to cancel the domain was ignored and t.. Read more »
In my sincere viewpoint, 1pesohosting is a superb option for hosting multiplayer Minecraft servers, even with a limited 2GB of memory. Their service has demonstrated greater reliability compared to Microsoft's official Realms service. Furthermor.. Read more »
When I utilized this hosting service, it was somewhat slow. I believe their support system requires an upgrade. However, considering its low price, it could be beneficial for individuals who cannot afford a higher rate. Overall, the interface is impr.. Read more »
In 2012, I bought a service from them, but I can't remember exactly what it was. It was very affordable, like a $1 domain. However, their server was quite small and slow, and at that time, they didn't provide free SSL. They also didn't.. Read more »