rating: 5.8, reviews: 36
Country: Russia
Working: 22 years
1gb.ru is a hosting service that has received mixed reviews from its users. Some customers have had a highly favorable experience, finding the provider accommodating and convenient. They appreciate the ability to oversee a majority of operations and the ease of renewing their account. The technical support team is highly skilled and provides quick assistance, displaying professionalism and dedication to resolving issues. These positive aspects make 1gb.ru a standout choice among other hosting co.. Read more »

Reviews on 1gb.ru


On August 19, 2022, at around 3:00 AM MSK, both my website and 1gb.ru stopped functioning. I attempted to call the provided phone numbers, but was unable to get through; there was not even a dial tone. As of 7:00 AM, the issue still persists. I am cu.. Read more »
This is my first and only hosting that I switched to a long time ago from the free one on Yandex. I have been using it for many years now. I already have a gold account. Problems with the hosting are very rare and are quickly resolved. Support is alw.. Read more »
This is the shittiest service, absolutely terrible... The support is rude and even suggests paid assistance.
I was blocked because I paid for an expensive dedicated server that they didn't have in stock. I found out about this AFTER making the payment. Luckily, it wasn't for a year. I received a notification that they would update everything to th.. Read more »
The website experiences failures almost every day. The support team's assistance is limited to directing us to check the log files. However, this method is effective only until the website hosted on 1gb.ru crashes. The hosting service is not wea.. Read more »
I have a lot of websites hosted on this hosting provider, both my own (about 5) and client websites (about 15). I have been using this hosting service for a very long time, around 7 years I think. During this time, neither I nor my clients have encou.. Read more »
The MySQL performance of this hosting is too slow (10000 row insertions - 12.491376 seconds). If this is not critical for the project, the hosting is otherwise decent.
Unfortunately, the support is trash. I reached out once and they basically told me to figure it out myself, as if I was stupid. The website constantly exceeded the limits, which is why I wanted to talk to support, but it didn't work out. The act.. Read more »
I have been using it for many years. There have always been issues with stability and incompetent and rude support. Yesterday reached the peak with the statement "This is not a market, there's no need to negotiate." And I simply report.. Read more »
I have a highly favorable view. I was pleasantly taken aback by the capability to oversee a majority of operations. The hosting provider is accommodating with minor payment delays (a slight delay can be made via mail or phone). Renewing the account i.. Read more »
Initially, everything was going smoothly for the first couple of months. However, recently I have been consistently informed that the website's capacity has been surpassed, resulting in a significant decrease in daily visits to only 50-100. Addi.. Read more »
1GB offers incredibly quick and highly skilled technical support. They responded within a mere 5 minutes, displaying a level of professionalism that surpassed any money-driven motives. The team approached our issues with the dedication of experts rat.. Read more »
In general, hosting is beneficial, but only for individuals who have fewer than five visitors concurrently. Otherwise, the website becomes inaccessible due to exceeding the server's capacity. This inconvenience leads to customer loss. Personally.. Read more »
I have been using this hosting service since 2010, specifically since autumn. I must admit that I haven't had experience with other hosting companies, so I lack any basis for comparison. Initially, when it was a small online business, everything.. Read more »
I transferred a relatively big and outdated website (1.5 GB) with low visitor activity to this hosting service. However, the hosting had a significantly low threshold for CPU usage. Consequently, my website was frequently inaccessible, causing me to .. Read more »
I have had a negative experience with my hosting provider for the past three years. Initially, I had a static site for one and a half years, but when I switched to using Joomla, the issues began. Despite optimizing everything possible, my site consta.. Read more »
The website is frequently not available due to their ongoing server issues. The technical support team is impolite and unhelpful in resolving your issues.
Hosting has significantly deteriorated in the past three years. The speed of the website is extremely poor and there are frequent disruptions in the email service. I had been using this hosting service mainly because of the MS SQL SERVER, but now I a.. Read more »
The most awful hosting provider. We checked the website for security (at 9:00 PM) - the host suspected a DDOS attack and blocked the site. We couldn't respond for almost a day because the person who blocked it "won't come until 4-5 PM&.. Read more »
Terrible hosting. The payment system is inconvenient. The support service is completely unresponsive; they resort to personal attacks and then tell you to stick to official communication. They held onto my domain, so I had to change my website addres.. Read more »
We have been customers of 1gb hosting for a long time. We operate in the taxi industry, specifically Airport Taxi in Moscow. We have encountered some issues in the past, but they were usually resolved within 30-60 minutes. However, today feels like t.. Read more »
And it was not very good, but now it's just impossible. Websites constantly crash, sometimes once every two or three weeks, and there are even a couple of times a week, not for just 10 minutes, but for several hours. Threats are constantly being.. Read more »
1GB probably has the fastest and most professional technical support. We had some questions, and they were practically resolved in 5 minutes. What's more, the hosting company didn't have any financial incentive to solve our problems, but th.. Read more »
The customer support is absolutely illiterate, incompetent, and rude. Everything is constantly malfunctioning. We are leaving them; we have 12 websites.
The only hosting worse than this one is firsvds. But there it's all clear - resellers of Hetzner. But here, it's all about deception and draining money. You won't find such oversellers easily, both hosting and VPS work terribly slowly,.. Read more »
Unfortunately, I didn't check right away - CPU load is tied to the tariffs, and of course, everything is set up in a way that these loads are exceeded. The technical support is nonexistent - two weeks ago, the server was simply disconnected for .. Read more »
I have been using it for a long time - since the fall of 2010. I must say that I haven't had anything to compare it to because I haven't used any other hosting services. Initially, when I had a basic website, everything was fine. However, a.. Read more »
They said that the msql database exceeds the limit (supposed to be 100MB), but when I checked in the control panel, it only takes up 36MB. They suggest switching to a more expensive plan, tricking people out of their money (Article 159 of the Crimina.. Read more »
The website is constantly unavailable due to their endless server problems. The technical support is consistently rude and unwilling to resolve the issues.
The opinion is very positive. It is pleasantly surprising to see the monitoring of most processes. They are understanding about payment delays (a small extension is possible via email or phone). It is convenient to top up your account.
The first few months were fine, but now they are saying that there is an overload, and this is happening with just 50-100 daily requests! The website takes a very long time to load. I've started thinking about moving to another hosting provider.
The hosting is generally good, but it is only suitable for those who have no more than 5 visitors at the same time. Otherwise, the website crashes and exceeds the server load. It is very inconvenient and results in lost customers. However, I did purc.. Read more »
I transferred a quite large old website (1.5GB) with minimal traffic to this hosting. The hosting has a very low CPU load limit! As a result, the website was unavailable for almost half of the time. I had to move elsewhere. The performance was very s.. Read more »
Terrible hosting. I've been working with them for 3 years, 1.5 of which I had a static website, then switched to Joomla, and that's when the problems started. I optimized everything that could be optimized, but it keeps freezing constantly... Read more »
Over the past few years, the hosting service has deteriorated terribly. The website loading speed is awful, and there are frequent disruptions in email services. I read Sergey's review and I agree with everything he said about Mikhailov. However.. Read more »
The support team guys are awesome. They help us mere mortals as much as they can, 24 hours a day. But we need to get rid of the administrator, specifically Dmitry Mikhailov from your team. He will scare away all your customers. Just because of one ra.. Read more »