rating: 10, reviews: 4
Country: Vietnam
Servers: USA, Vietnam
Panels: cPanel, DirectAdmin
Working: 12 years
Testing: 7 days
123Host.vn is a highly recommended hosting service that provides affordable plans and excellent protection against DDoS attacks. Users have found the service to be impressive, dependable, and efficient. The WordPress hosting service is particularly popular among users, who have praised it for its swift and reliable performance. The Rocket Cloud VPS Service is also highly regarded, with a skilled technical support team readily available to assist with any issues. Clients have expressed satisfacti.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Host OnecPanel1 pcs-1 Gb$1.84
Host TwocPanel1 pcs-2 Gb$2.63
Host ThreecPanel1 pcs-4 Gb$5.26
Host FourcPanel1 pcs-8 Gb$11.05

Rocket Cloud 1-1 Gb1 pcs12 Gb$6.32
Rocket Cloud 2-3 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$11.05
Rocket Cloud 4-6 Gb2 pcs40 Gb$22.11
Rocket Cloud 6-6 Gb2 pcs50 Gb$27.37
Rocket Cloud 8-9 Gb4 pcs64 Gb$34.21

Super Server 1A-8 Gb8 pcs1200 Gb$83.68
Super Server 3-32 Gb12 pcs1200 Gb$200

Reviews on 123Host.vn


Hạnh Vũ
I utilized the hosting services at 123host.vn recommended by a friend. The hosting is affordable and offers excellent protection against DDoS attacks. It is definitely worth investing in.
An Nguyễn
My friends consistently utilize 123HOST's WordPress hosting service to construct websites for their clients. This service is exceptionally impressive and dependable. The website operates swiftly and efficiently. I am grateful to 123HOST for prov.. Read more »
Đào Nguyễn
The Rocket Cloud VPS Service is exceptionally flawless and remarkable. The technical support team is highly skilled and passionate in assisting me with any problems I encounter.
Hoài Đức
I am extremely pleased with the affordable rocket hosting package from 123HOST. It has significantly improved the loading speed of my website and provides ample IPs for effective implementation of SEO strategies. I am grateful to 123HOST for their ex.. Read more »