rating: 8.6, reviews: 16
Servers: United Kingdom
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 24 years
Testing: 30 days
123-reg.co.uk is a web hosting service based in the United Kingdom. They offer a range of services for website hosting and domains, serving as a convenient one-stop shop for users. Their user-friendly dashboard layout and inclusion of cPanel make it effortless to manage your website.

Customers have praised the speed and reliability of their hosting services. Websites hosted on 123-reg.co.uk load quickly, even with heavy content and animations. Their free CDN and SSL certificate contrib.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

StartercPanel1 pcs10 pcs100 Gb$3.78
StandardcPanel-25 pcs-$5.05

Starter-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$12.65
L-1 Gb1 pcs70 Gb$36.7
XL-2 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$37.96
XXL-3 Gb3 pcs150 Gb$56.95

Starter-1 Gb1 pcs25 Gb$12.65
L-1 Gb1 pcs70 Gb$36.7
XL-2 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$37.96
XXL-3 Gb3 pcs150 Gb$56.95

Reviews on 123-reg.co.uk


Vladimir Vasilev-Yanyshev
I reached out to 123-reg.co.uk support to request the removal of my service. However, I encountered difficulties and a lack of willingness on their part to promptly assist me. The following is my correspondence with them: April 18, 2023 @ 01:50 I do.. Read more »
Vladimir Vasilev-Yanyshev
I contacted 123-reg.co.uk support service to request the deletion of my service, but I encountered difficulties and unwillingness to help me promptly. Below is our correspondence: April 18, 2023, at 01:50 I don't want to use your service. Accou.. Read more »
Pawan Singh
I have had a positive experience with 123-reg when serving my clients in the UK. Their user-friendly dashboard layout and inclusion of cPanel make it effortless to manage your website. Additionally, their customer support is exceptional, readily avai.. Read more »
Lorienz Galarpe
I have had experience using 123-reg.co.uk with a freelancer client from the PPH marketplace. We created a basic yet professional pet care website with around 10 webpages. Despite being on their Starter managed WordPress hosting plan, the website load.. Read more »
Naeem Saiyed
I am greatly amazed by the hosting services provided by 123 Reg. They have simplified the process of creating my website and provided me with abundant resources for a smooth start. The customer support is exceptional as they are readily available to .. Read more »
Tariq Ahmed
123-reg offers a comprehensive range of services for website hosting and domains, serving as a convenient one-stop shop. However, there are some drawbacks. Their live support is often overwhelmed and contacting them can be difficult. Additionally, al.. Read more »
Jordan Jones
123-reg is a widely recognized company that is familiar to almost anyone who has utilized a web hosting service. The company has faced criticism from past customers, primarily because of a notorious incident related to VPS backups at a sister company.. Read more »
Phil Robins
One of my clients used this host, choosing a VPS plan, and it worked well. We used a Linux-based plan with MySQL to host a special application that provided centralized communication between teachers and students. We needed a reliable host, and we di.. Read more »
Scott Rigby
I have been using host 123 for several years. The prices are great, but compared to other companies, their services are a bit limited. For example, the £5 package only offers 2 email accounts, which is very few. The support team is good, but s.. Read more »
Zena Bratcher
I have been using 123-reg for many years, both for myself and for some of my clients, because it is a British company and I needed reliability and ease of use. I haven't had any major issues with them, although a couple of years ago, several of.. Read more »
Russell Pearce
I have been using the services of 123-Reg for many years, mostly for domain registration and DNS. Their DNS manager is very user-friendly, any changes made in it are immediately saved and updated. They recently had an issue with the DNS manager, but .. Read more »
Hayden Sweet
123 Reg is no longer the cheapest, but it is a very good hosting provider if you are a beginner in web hosting. In my opinion, the support is not the best.
Jordan Donegan
I chose to use the services of 123Reg to launch my online grocery website. The ordering process, as well as the control panel, are both very straightforward. The pricing is reasonable and offers good value for money. After registering, I received a c.. Read more »
Scott Rigby
For several years now, I have relied on 123 as my preferred host. While their pricing is attractive, I do feel that their offerings are somewhat lacking in comparison to other hosts. For example, their £5 plan only allows for 2 mailboxes, which.. Read more »
Phil Robins
When I started working as a web app developer for a customer, they chose this particular hosting service. They opted for the VPS option and it functioned effectively. We utilized a Linux-based host with MySQL databases to host a customized applicatio.. Read more »
Martin Cleverley
I migrated to 123 from another host, but their promised speed and reliability did not live up to expectations. Hosting for my 13 WordPress websites turned into a constant struggle. They claimed the issues were caused by our plugins, while we insisted.. Read more »
Martin Cleverley
After transferring our websites to 123, we were extremely disappointed with their lack of speed and reliability, which fell far below what they had promised. Managing 13 WordPress sites for our clients became a constant struggle as they would blame p.. Read more »
Zena Bratcher
I have been a customer of 123-reg for a long time, using their services for both myself and my clients. One of the reasons I chose them is because they are a UK company, which makes it easy to contact them and rely on their services. Throughout the .. Read more »
Russell Pearce
I have been a customer of 123-Reg for many years, primarily using their services as a domain registrar and DNS provider. Their DNS manager is easy to navigate and any changes made are immediately propagated. The support team, based in the UK, is inc.. Read more »
Hayden Sweet
123 Reg is not the most affordable option available, but it is a highly recommended hosting provider for beginners. Although the support may not be top-notch, it is still a reliable provider.
Jordan Donegan
I bought services from 123Reg in order to launch a grocery website. The process of placing the order was uncomplicated, and their control panel was user-friendly. Their pricing is competitive with the market, making it a worthwhile investment. Shortl.. Read more »
We helped our friends set up their website on the hosting platform. It wasn't our first time dealing with this hosting service. One of the things that sets it apart is the option of a toll-free phone number (8800....) in addition to the support .. Read more »
Nathan Kerridge
The pricing is fair and transparent, with no hidden fees. The website is user-friendly and organized, but free SSL is only available with their unlimited and premium plus packages. Their customer support team is excellent and usually provides prompt .. Read more »
Adeel ALI
123-reg-co-uk is a highly acclaimed web hosting service in the United Kingdom, which I have been utilizing for a decade. Their services are both cost-effective and dependable, particularly suitable for hosting modest WordPress websites. However, simi.. Read more »
shiela saballa
Advantages: - Their uptime rate is extremely high at 99.99% due to the implementation of load balancing. This means that even if any issues arise, your website will continue to operate. - The performance is excellent as their data center is located i.. Read more »