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rating: 7.4, reviews: 56
Servers: Spain, USA, Germany, United Kingdom
Panels: Custom built, Plesk, cPanel
Working: 36 years
Testing: 30 days
1&1 IONOS.com is a web hosting provider that offers a range of hosting plans, including WordPress hosting and shared hosting. They have competitive and affordable pricing, with various plans to cater to different needs. The entry-level plan even includes a free domain for the first year. Their pricing is transparent, with no hidden fees or surprises.

In terms of speed, 1&1 IONOS.com provides fast and responsive hosting. Websites load quickly, and there are no significant instances of do.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

Essential-1 pcs10 pcs10 Gb$6
Starter-10 pcs50 pcs100 Gb$8

VPS Linux XS-1 Gb1 pcs10 Gb$2
VPS Linux S-2 Gb2 pcs80 Gb$5
Cloud Server S-1 Gb1 pcs40 Gb$5
VPS Linux M-4 Gb2 pcs160 Gb$9
VPS Linux XXL-24 Gb12 pcs640 Gb$50

L4i HDD3.1 GHz12 Gb4 pcs1000 Gb$47
L-16 SSD3.5 GHz16 Gb4 pcs480 Gb$90
XL-32 SSD3.8 GHz32 Gb4 pcs800 Gb$130

Reviews on 1&1 IONOS.com


I recently had the opportunity to use Ionos WordPress hosting, and I must say I am quite impressed with the overall experience. Firstly, their pricing is competitive and affordable, offering various plans to cater to different needs. The entry-level .. Read more »
I had a satisfactory experience with IONOS (previously known as 1and1.com) during my time working with it. The speed of the platform is decent, although not exceptional. I have never encountered any instances where the website went offline. The inter.. Read more »
The level of customer support is extremely poor.
I had a negative experience with this hosting provider two years ago. Their interface is overly complex, making it difficult to navigate their file manager and databases. While their services are inexpensive, they are challenging to manage. Additiona.. Read more »
I primarily utilize 1&1 for domain management, as their control panel offers exceptional features. It is possibly the most impressive I have come across, particularly in recent years. However, based on my experience, their support can be somewhat.. Read more »
I have had multiple experiences with 1&1 and their technical assistance is superb. I usually receive prompt support without any waiting time or queues. They consistently stay updated with their services and servers, making them an exceptional pro.. Read more »
I have had a positive experience with ionos (1&1) web hosting. Their customer support is helpful, knowledgeable, and polite. Their pricing is affordable. I have been using them for several years and have not experienced any downtime or major .. Read more »
There is no technical support available. They do not respond to emails. If you have declined their services within the 30-day free trial period, you will not get your money back. They state in their terms that the first month is free, but then they i.. Read more »
When I observe consistency within a company, it shows me how well its management is performing. Therefore, I would like to honestly share my experience with IONOS. I have had to reach out to their customer support on four different occasions, includi.. Read more »
The hosting plans offered by 1&1 are affordable and include a complimentary SSL certificate, along with consistently reliable server uptime. However, my concern lies with their technical support representatives who are attempting to sell unnecess.. Read more »
The support provided by 1&1 is extremely inadequate. Additionally, the user interface and experience are of very low quality, and the various portals are quite perplexing. I would not suggest using it.
In general, they have performed well, although my exposure to them is limited to a small number of customers. I have not encountered any periods of website unavailability and their sites load promptly. In terms of pricing, I believe they are typicall.. Read more »
1&1 Ionos offers a daily backup service, which is considered affordable. However, there are additional costs that are not initially apparent, making it more expensive than expected. Furthermore, the server requires an update and may not be us.. Read more »
I have encountered numerous problems with the software installed on this server. The software was not up to date, leading to issues with my website. The situation was worsened by the complicated and inefficient backend system, which made the experien.. Read more »
The company claims to be the fastest, but the truth is far from what we observe. I have been using this company for my client since 2009 and they used to be good, but not anymore. Their chat team used to be quick and responsive, but now they do not p.. Read more »
I initially intended to purchase a low-cost domain but ended up being enticed into their inexpensive hosting packages. It is important to be cautious about what you pay for, as my experience with their services was unpleasant, particularly with the b.. Read more »
Although the initial price of 1 & 1 is affordable (especially with a sign-up promotion), it doubles after the first year. The control panel and overall backend system of 1 & 1 are disorganized and confusing, particularly for those with limite.. Read more »
I highly recommend their WordPress hosting, as their starting price of just $1 is very reasonable. I personally started using their hosting two years ago and have continued to do so. Their server is incredibly fast and secure, and their customer supp.. Read more »
I currently use their services for a single website because the majority of users are in the UK. The registration, purchasing, and account setup process went smoothly. The interface is attractive, user-friendly, and responsive. There are some options.. Read more »
I used 1&1 to buy an inexpensive domain and hosting plan for a project. However, I never completed the project and forgot about the domain and hosting. When the domain was about to expire a year later, I had to pay for the hosting again becau.. Read more »
1&1 is a long-standing hosting company that we used to be customers of for their shared services for a significant period of time. In general, the server is dependable. We seldom experienced unexpected periods of downtime, and our website did.. Read more »
Hosting is not satisfactory. The customer support is slow and it takes a considerable amount of time to connect with someone knowledgeable about your issue. The backend is somewhat overloaded, which may be excessive for individuals hosting their own .. Read more »
Are they really offering hosting for just one dollar per month? No, they are not. In my years of experience, 1&1 is a strong contender for the worst hosting service. I have had the unfortunate experience of working with clients who believe in get.. Read more »
They provide three straightforward hosting packages. I would avoid using the basic option due to its 1gb limitation on the database. The second package is recommended as it offers nearly limitless resources. However, it is important to note that the .. Read more »
I was searching on the internet and found this provider. I was surprised by the prices and decided to sign up. Everything was going smoothly, but as soon as I topped up my account, the contracts were blocked. Yes, it's exactly written on the web.. Read more »
I had a terrible experience with 1&1 and feel compelled to share my negative review. Initially, I registered a domain with them but received no updates or confirmation. Despite being charged for the registration, I couldn't access the domain.. Read more »
I would not endorse or recommend 1&1 IONOS as they do not provide a dependable service. Their technical support team is also inadequate and incapable of resolving server issues. The support team appears to be unhelpful and indifferent towards cus.. Read more »
The hosting packages provided by 1and1 IONOS are competitively priced. If you prefer to have both your domain and hosting managed in one place, they are a reliable option (and they also provide a free domain name when you purchase hosting). It is rec.. Read more »
1&1 Ionos is a reliable and satisfactory web hosting provider that excels in managing domains and web hosting through a unified dashboard. Instead of using the chargeable cPanel, they have developed their own control panel with enhanced featu.. Read more »
1&1 Ions is a budget-friendly hosting provider, but it has some undisclosed charges and excessive attempts to sell unnecessary products. Initially, they promote their essential shared plan as costing $1 per month, but this is only applicable for .. Read more »
My opinion on IONOS (formerly known as 1&1) is somewhat contradictory due to their past experiences as 1&1. Previously, I encountered a situation where my domain registration vanished without any explanation, leaving me perplexed and swearing.. Read more »
1&1 is a hosting company that is not highly regarded, particularly for websites using CMS platforms like WordPress or eCommerce sites. While they may be adequate for static websites, they perform poorly in terms of speed and are slower compar.. Read more »
I had the opportunity to try out ionos VPS services and my experience with them was excellent. The speed I encountered was remarkable and unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I encountered no issues whatsoever. The only drawback was the hig.. Read more »
1&1 IONOS.com is a hosting provider known for its affordability and excellent user interface. Although it is considered sophisticated and reliable, it lacks in terms of customer support.
1&1 Ionos is a reputable choice for individuals seeking to conveniently manage their domains and hosting together. Their updated control panel offers numerous enhancements, which I find enjoyable when working on my clients' websites. The.. Read more »
I have been a customer of 1and1 for approximately 7 years. Initially, I bought their starter shared hosting package which had good services and features. However, they constantly try to convince you to buy additional products. So, I switched to anoth.. Read more »
Advantages: - This hosting provider is among the most affordable options available - All customers are assigned a dedicated support assistant for assistance Disadvantages: - The control panel for managing the backend is outdated and not user-friendl.. Read more »
IONOS offers excellent prices for .com domains. I recently started using their product, and I am satisfied with its quality. Given the fierce competition in the hosting industry, I appreciate that IONOS provided me with a reliable experience. However.. Read more »
To begin with, the price is the first aspect to consider. I find that their introductory offer for a 12-month period is the most affordable in the market. Paying only $10 for one year is highly beneficial for startups and individuals who want to test.. Read more »
Firstly, the pricing is excellent. However, there are some limitations in certain areas. The cheapest pricing plan provides standard hosting, but the page load speeds are not impressive, making it suitable for small static HTML5 non CMS websites. If .. Read more »
The hosting company offers appealing packages that are more affordable than those of other companies. Additionally, they have a special offer for business packages, allowing new users to try it for a month at a cost of $1 and cancel if not satisfied... Read more »
1&1 offers affordable web hosting plans with a wide range of options. The speed and reliability of their servers are satisfactory, but it is important to keep page sizes small. Although they provide 24/7 customer support, their complex interf.. Read more »
I switched from 1&1 IONOS because their customer service was unsatisfactory and their technical support was subpar. The website's loading speed and backend performance were extremely sluggish. Although their pricing is affordable and app.. Read more »
Although ionos.com is widely used in Europe, I personally have a negative opinion of it. The platform's interface is sluggish and lacks user-friendliness. My experience with their cloud hosting plan was unpleasant, as their support team showed l.. Read more »
The small details that are often overlooked by larger companies are what sets 1&1 IONOS.com apart. Their plans do not include any advertisements, virus or spam software, and they offer a guarantee of uninterrupted service as well as a 30-day .. Read more »
I have been using 1and1 for three years and my main focus has been on their support system. Initially, I purchased their basic hosting plan and was pleasantly surprised when they called me on my cellphone to provide information about my hosting plan... Read more »
Advantages: - The hosting packages they provide are more affordable compared to other hosting companies I am familiar with. - They also offer inexpensive domain registrations for the first year. - They have a 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you.. Read more »
Many people have expressed a desire to switch their hosting to 1&1, but I now regretfully sympathize with them. 1&1 successfully attracts new customers with their advertising of $1 hosting. However, people often overlook the phrase "star.. Read more »
If you are willing to pay for quality service, I advise you to carefully consider whether it is worth risking your reputation. The response time for inquiries is lengthy—I had to wait 32 hours for my account! Additionally, if you want to confir.. Read more »
I honestly don't understand why people choose to use this hosting service. I have had to go through numerous difficulties just to install something here, which has taken up hours of my time. Recently, I tried setting up a Joomla website using th.. Read more »
I signed up for the cheapest plan for a year ($12) and read that a money-back guarantee is guaranteed within a month. I worked with the hosting admin panel and realized that it was slow/glitchy and subjectively inconvenient for me to work with. And b.. Read more »
Great hosting! I was pleased with the free SSL certificate. The quality of the services provided is comparable to the price. I recommend it to all users!
The price is truly impressive!
Absolutely terrible! The admin panel is incredibly confusing. The website constantly lags, and various errors keep appearing. Support doesn't respond for days, and they might not even answer at all. I contacted them three times about the same .. Read more »
I have recently decided to create my own website and needed to choose a suitable hosting platform. Since the website is still in the testing phase, the information is currently being uploaded to the cloud. Therefore, the question arose about finding .. Read more »
I liked the provider. Six months ago, we hosted a website for the American market with them. They offered a good price and servers worldwide. The ping was not an issue, and the website opened quickly for Americans. I didn't have to contact their.. Read more »