rating: 8, reviews: 10
Panels: cPanel, Plesk
Working: 27 years
Testing: 30 days
1-grid.com is a web hosting provider that offers a variety of services to meet the needs of its customers. They have received mixed reviews from users, with some praising their competitive pricing, user-friendly interface, and commitment to customer satisfaction. However, others have expressed frustration with their customer support, slow response times, and difficulties navigating their user interface.

Despite these mixed reviews, 1-grid.com is known for its high uptime and a range of.. Read more »

Plans and Pricing

SmallPlesk1 pcs1 pcs10 Gb$4.85
Small WindowsPlesk1 pcs1 pcs5 Gb$5.39
MediumPlesk200 pcs100 pcs25 Gb$7.02
LargePlesk--50 Gb$13.59

VPS Small-2 Gb1 pcs50 Gb$11.38
VPS Medium-4 Gb2 pcs100 Gb$21.18
VPS Large-6 Gb3 pcs150 Gb$30.98

Server E5 26031.8 GHz32 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$95.12
Managed E5 26031.8 GHz32 Gb4 pcs2000 Gb$155.69
Server + E5 26202 GHz64 Gb6 pcs4000 Gb$155.69
Managed + E5 2620 2.02 GHz64 Gb6 pcs4000 Gb$216.27

Reviews on 1-grid.com


I used to have a lot of respect for 1-grid hosting. Their customer support was excellent, especially when it came to helping people new to WordPress. But lately, I've noticed a drop in the quality of their service, and it's really disappoi.. Read more »
Grid provides a user-friendly interface which is particularly suitable for beginners in hosting. They have a satisfactory uptime and offer a variety of useful tools. However, there were times when the server speed seemed slow. Their customer service .. Read more »
My experience with 1 grid has been a mixture of positives and negatives. While their pricing is competitive, navigating their user interface in the client area can be difficult and requires a learning curve to fully understand its features. It can al.. Read more »
Their customer support is not their strong point, but they excel in other areas. Their pricing is fair, starting at R89 per month, and their website is impressive, staying unaffected by high traffic, which is crucial for my high volume websites. Howe.. Read more »
I have created multiple websites on 1-grid and compared to my past experiences with other hosting companies, their support has been exceptional. I have no issues or complaints with them.
I am extremely happy and satisfied with my experience with 1-grid. I have multiple domains registered with them, but mainly use their hosting services for personal email. They offer competitive prices in the South African market. One major advantage .. Read more »
The service provider I encountered is extremely unsatisfactory! I strongly advise against recommending them at all. They do not respond to emails, tickets, or even their supposed "live chat" platform. It typically takes around 20 minutes fo.. Read more »
As soon as I came across WebAfrica in the review section, I immediately disregarded them. We have been using WebAfrica as our internet service provider (ISP), and I find it hard to believe the previous review. They falsely advertise their Fibre speed.. Read more »
Gridhost.co.za has been rebranded as 1-grid.com following Webafrica's separation of its web hosting, web development, and internet access business models in 2019. Despite the change, customers can still expect the same high level of technical su.. Read more »
WebAfrica is a well-regarded internet service provider in South Africa that I have been a loyal customer of for several years. Their management team is highly competent and they consistently demonstrate innovation. What impresses me is their ability .. Read more »