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Servers: USA
Panels: cPanel
Working: 17 years
000webhost.com is a free hosting provider that offers basic website hosting services. It is a suitable choice for beginners, students, and developers who want to explore website creation without incurring any costs. The platform provides a user-friendly control panel, website builder, and WordPress installer, making it easy to set up a website swiftly.

While the free plan includes useful features such as Cpanel and the necessary requirements for hosting WordPress sites, it does have sev.. Read more »

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I was in need of a fast Wordpress solution for a Hackathon, and 000Webhost proved to be an excellent choice. I highly suggest using it for a swift installation of Wordpress.
000webhost is a provider of free hosting services that I used for my experimental projects. I would suggest utilizing 000webhost for trial purposes or college projects, as it offers a free service in the beginning and provides efficient website hosti.. Read more »
At some point, the rules changed without any notifications sent to the email. There was a requirement to log into the panel every 30 days, but the website and account were deleted.
I received free hosting from 000webhost: 1 website, 1 MySQL database. I created a simple poll for our volleyball group to indicate attendance: yes, no, and a list of those who signed up. They blocked me for supposedly violating some site rules. They .. Read more »
The web hosting offered is extremely basic and has limited features, but it does not come with a cost. I utilized their services for small projects but never upgraded to a paid plan. Unfortunately, the hosted site tends to be slow and experiences fre.. Read more »
I initially chose 000webhost.com as my hosting provider because it is free, which makes it a good option for those wanting to learn and understand how website hosting functions. Their free plan includes useful features like Cpanel, a website builder,.. Read more »
In the past, I utilized 000webhost.com to enhance my knowledge when I initially began. This platform permits you to register with a complimentary subdomain and even connect your primary domain. Nonetheless, since it is a free service, there are certa.. Read more »
I utilized their complimentary service, which exceeded my expectations. It is a suitable option for minor projects or for familiarizing oneself with web hosting. However, I had concerns about the safety of my data while using their services, so I pro.. Read more »
I have been using 000webhost for more than 4 years mainly for smaller wordpress sites. It offers free hosting and the speed is reliable, especially for a smaller number of visitors simultaneously. It is a good choice for designers or developers who w.. Read more »
It's quite amusing to mention, but I was actually searching for a complimentary domain when I stumbled upon 000webhost.com. Consequently, I decided to register, anticipating a free domain. I opted for a free trial but ultimately discontinued the.. Read more »
I utilized 000webhost for a period of three years. Initially, their service was satisfactory for the first two years. However, in the past year, my website encountered issues regarding its loading time. When I sought assistance from customer support,.. Read more »
What I appreciate about this hosting service is that it allows you to build your website completely free of charge, including the option to use your own custom domain. I found this incredibly helpful when starting out, as it gave me a platform to tes.. Read more »
Oh! It is widely known that when you are a novice starting a new website, 000webhost is an excellent option because it doesn't charge any fees. I personally utilized it during my early stages of web development, and it is remarkably uncomplicate.. Read more »
I utilized 000webhost on a temporary basis for a website. Their free package offers several beneficial features at no cost, including 1 GB of storage space, a traditional Cpanel, and a website builder. While suitable for small personal or business we.. Read more »
This hosting company is completely free of charge. When I began using it with limited funds, I must admit that despite a few limitations, I am currently enjoying my experience with this company. I have no complaints, as it would be unjust to complain.. Read more »
000webhost is the top choice for those seeking a free web hosting provider. It is ideal for beginners and those interested in exploring website creation. However, it is not suitable for hosting a production website due to inconsistent uptime and serv.. Read more »
I chose 000webhost.com as my first hosting provider because it is free and I needed it for a school project. It is user-friendly and straightforward to navigate. However, there are several limitations such as the absence of FTP access and reliance so.. Read more »
If you're looking to begin hosting your website and want to familiarize yourself with Cpanel, 000webhost.com is an excellent starting point. They provide a free Hosting package, albeit with limited resources and choices. I recommend utilizing th.. Read more »
In today's society, it is not advisable to depend on a free hosting provider. A few years ago, I utilized their complimentary service to evaluate the compatibility of my PHP applications and the outcomes were acceptable. However, the situation r.. Read more »
If you're new to hosting and looking for a free option, this company is a good choice. However, the free plan should not be used for important production sites due to significant limitations, which is expected. They only provide shared hosting a.. Read more »
Advantages of free accounts: - Code deployment is simple - File maintenance is straightforward - Site publishing is easy Disadvantages of free accounts: - Database queries are slow due to limited speed - Quality graphics are hindered by limited band.. Read more »
The reason why you are interested in this webhost is because they offer free hosting plans. However, these plans are not suitable for business use or hosting websites with high traffic. Although they provide several additional features to their basic.. Read more »
I recommend using this hosting service for individuals who want to test their design and development without any cost. 000webhost offers reliable free hosting, which I have personally used for the past five years. One of its advantages is the provisi.. Read more »
I have a positive opinion about this company and think it is worth considering. It is a hosting service that caters to users of free hostinger plans. I used it for a temporary event website, specifically for a wedding, and it worked quite well. The f.. Read more »
The hosting service is extremely poor. Initially, they were unable to locate the ftp for a duration of five hours. Subsequently, after the five-hour period, the website was abruptly removed from operation due to an overwhelming processor load and sim.. Read more »